Getting the word out about your business can seem like a task that is almost impossible. You are competing with people who have thousands of followers. How in the world can you gain traction with that? I am going to share with you a few simple ways to help others find out about you and what you do. I want you to choose three ways and do them consistently. That is key! So many people love the idea of being a blogger or having their own business but they give up after six months because they don’t see the reward just yet. When starting your online journey do not consider giving up till you have put a solid 12 months into it. Even then you are still learning. It’s a process and does not happen overnight.

Word Through Websites

This might sound like a lot of work and trust me it is. You will be trying out different themes, tweaking the copy, changing imagery and so much more… The beauty of having your own site is it’s yours. No one can tell you how to set it up or limit who sees your content. Anyone who comes to your site can visit everything.

It is yours to make beautiful.

Setting the right words to a page can seem scary and don’t get me started about learning the tech. To be honest, my brain hurt when I was trying to understand hosting and how the backend of WordPress worked. Now it’s a breeze and I can figure out something if I have an issue. While you might be tempted to start with something like Webley, or wixs (which are not hosted sites) I encourage you not to. If you can afford it (ehost is only $2 a month for hosting) please give a hosted site a chance. You will have far less headache down the road if you want to do more with your site later.

Word Through Social Media

Socal media is a beast all on its own. While there are many that you can use the top two that I would recommend are Facebook and Pinterest. Now keep in mind that these two platforms work very differently. However, both can do great things for your site.


I am only going to cover Facebook business pages here, groups will come in a later post. That said a Facebook business page will help you gain clout with your audience. You can share your blog posts, sales, and events. Out of Twitter and Instagram, it is one of the better ways to get people to your site. Reach (how many people see your page content) is extremely low at this time in the game when it comes to business pages. Now I know I just said it is one of the better ways to get people to your site but hear me out. All it takes is for one person to share your post or comment on your page to get your reach up. Engagement is the name of the game on Facebook and with 2 BILLION people on that platform why would you not give it a try?


Pinterest is a search engine they do not work like a social media platform and they do not want to be thought of as one. People are starting to add Pinterest to their platforms due to the fact that Facebook is reducing the reach of business pages. If used correctly you can direct people back to your site through your pins. They are like mini links to your site with pictures for other people to pass around for you.


Getting featured is anything from getting on a podcast to finding an article and offering advice where they will give you credit is considered a feature. One of my favorite places to find articles is HARO or all you have to do is create an account with them and they will send you emails with a list of topics that reporters and bloggers that are looking for people to fill their need.        

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