Grow Your Farm Social Media Quickly With These 4 Easy Tips

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Growing your farm social media can feel like a daunting task. Everyone is selling the latest tactic that will surely get you fast growth. But there are four things that will stay timeless. No matter the algorithm changes or content style shifts.

Social media is not so much about building traffic any more. It’s about building relationships, and connections, and educating your customers.  But more than that you are there to entertain or educate your ideal customer on the platform. You make them aware of your business but constantly trying to sell to them or push them off the platform will not do you any favors.

When I first started blogging the whole reason we would invest time into social media was to get people back to our website. But that just doesn’t work anymore. If you go into social with that goal you will be disappointed and quit. 

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I want you to think of it as an awareness tool where you can occasionally share a link to your site but that is not the goal.

Social media is an amazing invention that puts word-of-mouth marketing on steroids. It’s like having a coffee shop, community center, and chitchat during fair week all from the comfort of your home where you can talk to a wide variety of people about almost any topic you can think of. That’s why, at its heart, social media is a relationship-building tool. 

Building relationships online takes a little time and effort but the payoff is huge. Especially considering you don’t have to pay a penny to do it. 

Let’s look at some ways you can use social media to build relationships.

Be Authentic

No one likes to find out someone they admired lied or didn’t represent themselves truthfully. Don’t make it out like you have more animals than you do or do more homesteading projects than you do. 

People will figure it out. Instead, just be who you are, because that’s so much easier. You won’t ever have to feel fake or get nervous because you are who you are. People will resonate with that more. 

On the flip side if you don’t agree with something say so. There are a lot of things in the rabbit world that I don’t do or don’t agree with and I will state my true opinion if asked.

Understand Your Niche

Every single day keep studying your niche and your audience. Killer apps come along every single day and disrupt businesses all across the world. It can happen to you too if you’re not keeping your ear to the ground and paying attention to what people are talking about. 

Plus, when you show a deep understanding of what you do you can better engage with your audience.

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Think Twice Post Once

I don’t believe customers are always right because that can mean the health and safety of an animal. But if a customer has an issue do your best to fix it if possible. 

Don’t fight with customers on social media and if someone publicly comments on your content in a mean way ask them to message you privately. When you find a harsh comment or message it can be scary. Take a step back and think about what you can say about something. 

Maybe they are not thinking about your side of the story and will understand if you explain your reasons for whatever their issue is.

Create Engagement On Social Media

Getting your followers to engage in some way with your content is key. But how do you do that? Before you think you know what to expect think about your behavior on the platform. Do you make an effort to comment on things or are you more likely to like a post instead? 

On Facebook, you are probably lucky to do anything even if you like the post if we are being honest right?

Here are some things you can do to get a response from your followers.

  • Share projects with them that aren’t complete, ask their advice. 
  • Use social media to communicate directly with your audience. 
  • Post short videos showing what you are doing even if it seems small.
  • Make them feel as if they’re part of your small farm because you listen to them so much that the products you offer.
  • Take a poll on which veggies to grow when you are picking seeds. 
  • Respond to each comment you get. 
  • If you are able depending on the account go to THEIR profile and leave meaningful comments on a few things.
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Building relationships with your audience can take some time. But, once you set up a process for succeeding and growing with social media marketing to build your farm business if you don’t skip the engagement portion of social media marketing you will see results.