How To Promote Your Blog For Free (For Beginning Small Farmers)

Financial stress is a great way to kill your dreams. So knowing how to promote your blog for free is defiantly a must.

When you are trying to build your small farm your budget isn’t huge. Am I right?

Having a home base for your farm is so important because you own it. You have no control over social media and if you build your business (which is what your farm is) on someone else’s land it could go away and no way to contact your customers.

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Now, this goes for social or any other way you are promoting your blog and small farm.

What & How Are People SEARCHING For What You Have!

This is a huge mistake that I made and it took a long time to rectify. Your content has to be keyworded for topics people are actually typing in the search bar. 

Getting found in search will help your small farm get more business and also give you authority over the people who don’t have a site. Whether you are creating a Facebook page, Instagram account, or wanting to get found in search you need to do your best to phrase it how people are searching for it.

How To Research Keywords

I am going to keep this as short as possible but if you want a full SEO guide read this post.

SEO Tools 

There are a lot of different tools out there that you can use. But here are the most budget-friendly. 

Google – Go to the search bar and type in what you want to make a piece of content around and see what comes up.  See what Google suggests as you start typing. Take that into consideration.  Also, scroll down to the bottom of the page. What tags are at the bottom? 

Bottom of the page search results for how to raise dairy goats.

Keywords Everywhere – This is a Google Chrome extension. See the numbers by the black line. If you have the extension turned on it will give you the search results for any phrase you type into google. It is only $10 for 100k words searched. It is by far the best price you will find. I have used it for quite a few years now and I have no intention of changing. 

Keywords everywhere search results for finding key words

Ubersuggest – is another option that will give you a ballpark of how many searches the phrase is being searched. However, you only get 3 free searches each day.  The tool itself is pretty affordable compared to other search tools. It is currently $25 a month whereas other search tools are $99 a month. 

Ubersugges results for how to raise dairy goats

Social Media Research This will work best for Facebook but go to Facebook and search your key phrase. See what comes up.  Look at how did people title the content that came up. How old are the posts. While social media is more of a popularity contest they are starting to become more search-friendly.

How To Promote Your Blog

When it comes to promoting your blog you need to do it unashamedly. You can never do it too much. No matter how your choose to do it. Not all of your followers will see every single post on social media, read all of your emails, or find all of your guest posts.

So don’t hold back.

Don’t Stretch Yourself Too Thin Promoting Your Blog

If you don’t have all of these social media platforms I talk about that’s ok.

DO NOT feel like you have to create an account with all of the Social Media Sites. First, think about where your ideal reader and target audience actually hang out. Which platforms are they most likely to use.

Here is the other side of the coin. Don’t use platforms you don’t like. 

Personally, I don’t like Tik-Tok. I couldn’t get out of the app fast enough when I tried it out. It’s so obnoxious. ( Also being owned by China I don’t think any US citizen should have that app on their phone. But that’s beside the point)

If you hate using a platform to promote your blog content it’s going to feel like pushing a boulder uphill. 

Use 1-2 platforms you have already or enjoy and create a posting schedule and strategy to fit the platforms you are using.

And if you don’t have any social platforms you promote your blog on then start with just one! It takes a while to get used to posting content regularly.

Don’t frustrate yourself with trying to do too much at once.

How To Promote Your Blog For Free On Pinterest

As of fall 2021, Pinterest is not the traffic-sharing platform it once was.

It used to be THE PLACE you should be to get traffic. But things have changed and they are moving more and more to a social media platform rather than the usual ideas and “how-to” resources that would lead to a blog post. 

Some people are still having great luck with it but the majority are losing traffic by the day.

Take A New Approach To Pinterest

Like most social media platforms Pinterest is now more of an awareness tool rather than a traffic driver. You get great reach but don’t expect a lot of clicks through to your blog.

Users of Pinterest are still going to the platform to get the same ideas and resources. They just aren’t leaving the platform to get the answers they want. 

People go to Pinterest to find one of three things.

  • How to make something
  • How to fix something or solve a problem
  • To be entertained or see beautiful things like décor and images.

Tailwind Tribes To Promote Your Blog

Tailwind is a scheduler that is a Pinterest Partner and has their own “groups” within the scheduler. While these are a great way to get other bloggers to help you promote your blog you do have to pay to use the tool. 

  • Find niche-specific tribes to join. 
  • Find active yet not overcrowded tribes to participate in.
  • Re-evaluate each month and create new pin images for your old posts.

How To Promote A Blog On Facebook

Again remember that most of social media is going to be an awareness tool not so much expecting traffic from the platforms. If you work with a social media platform with the right kind of expectation then you will see better results. People need to hear what you have to say multiple times before it will stick. You are still going to link to your site in posts every so often. But engagement on the post is key. 

Learning how to promote your blog and what kind of content your followers want takes time. 

People need to know what your blog is about so you have to tell them often. 

When you publish blog content you need to take that blog post and turn it into multiple kinds of content for your Facebook page

  • Make a text post out of a small chunk of your blog post. Then at the end say something like ” want to learn more —>[LINK HERE]” 
  • Take that seam piece of content and turn it into a quote.
  • Make a short video about that topic and post it to the feed.
  • Go live on that topic and use the post as the script. Saying if you want all of this info written down here is the blog post. 

 A Quick Word On Facebook Groups

If you create your own group do what you like.

BUT going into someone else’s group and posting your blog post even in a nice what is a good way to get kicked out.

But if you are in a group and you see someone who asked a question and you have a blog post that will answer. It would be ok to answer the question with some detail than say “I have this blog post with the full info here.”

Above all else CHECK THE GROUP RULES. They are often cracking down on people leaving links so if you see in the group rules not to do that then this is not the group for you.

How To Promote Your Blog On Twitter

Twitter has its own unique user base. People like politicians, authors, public figures have accounts there.

But like any platform, there are people who simply like how it works and you can find other people in your niche there. 

For homesteaders and farmers. Instagram or Facebook are probably your better choices. 

Twitter is a very face-paced platform. So posting more often is better. I do think you will attract an older audience if you choose to make this your platform. 

Instagram For Homstead/Lifestyle Bloggers

Remember, social media sites are awareness tools. They are not the best tools to increase your blogs active users. 

There are only a few ways to get people to click links that will take them off the social media platform. 

The link in you bio. Or the swipe up/link sticker on your Instagram stories.

If you don’t have the swipe-up feature make sure to get a Linktree account so you can create a button that links to your blog feed page. That way you don’t have to constantly be changing the link to the latest post. If they click the button the latest post will be at the top of the list.

  • 1 post the day it goes live.
  • 1-3 instastories all from different points the week it goes live

You can choose to post again a few months later but if you don’t have the swipe up feature you can’t link directly to the post so the reader will have to go hunt for it. I ALWAYS have the link in the promotional post even though it is not clickable. If someone is intrigued enough they will copy and past the link to read the post.

That is the promotion schedule I follow for every post I put out and I see great results. Don’t let your content die and use schedulers to save you time and effort

None Social Media Methods To Promote Your Blog

As much as I would love to say you can do it without social media. You are going to take WAY longer if you try it that way. 

Can you do it? Yes. But they will take more time and effort.

How To Promote Your Blog With An Email List 

If you are building an email list (if not you should be) then don’t forget to let your list know about it.

People who have given you their email address have already taken quite the commitment with you. They aren’t just visiting they are saying, “I have a bit of trust in you. I want to stay in contact.”

PSA: You do have to have a website OR pay for a business email through google for this to work. 

Tools To Use For Your Email List

You will need an email service tool to send your emails. You can not use regular old gmail. 

With that said I personally would use the tool that allows you to have the most email subscribers but also has a decent amount of email sends per day. 

Right now that is Sender 

They have THE BEST pricing I have seen in a LONG TIME.

They are less than half the cost of the oh so popular convert kit. They alow you to have 2500 email subscribers and 15,000 email sends per month. Which is great because that means if you have the full amount of subscribers you can still send them a weekly email with no problems. 

What To Do With Your Email List

Often times people who sign up for email lists are not the people who like social media all that much. What ever you send them. Try to keep it friendly and story based. 

Tell a story that you can tie back to your blog post you are telling them about. Or the affiliate product you are selling.

You could put it in your p.s. Section of your weekly email and even do a roundup email of all your posts you published at the end of each month.

It takes some practice to learn how to promote a blog post the right way to your readers. Always start every email with a story and give value/tips and tricks. Before you ask them to click to the blog post.

Comment on Relevant Blogs

Commenting on relevant blogs will not only let you be up-to-date on all the latest trends of your area of interest, but you’ll also help attract some additional traffic. If you want to become a professional commenter and effectively build relations, start with by reading this article:

13 Not-So-Scary-Ways to Become a Master at Blog Commenting


Guest Posts

Before using this blog marketing tool, figure out who the big players in your niche are. After that, offer them your content as a guest post. They receive the benefit of your work for free, your blog’s readership visiting for the day, and your particular take on the subject. If it’s unique and helpful, there is a big possibility that “hot” bloggers would want to share your post with readers.


Link Building

Consider this strategy if you really want your traffic to explode, but be prepared to spend a good part of time for the link building campaign. Link building is actually a process of getting external websites to link to your content. The easiest way to get an external link is comment on another blog related to your topic with the link to your own blog post.

In order to keep your blog alive and popular, you have to keep in your mind two main things. First, do not forget to update the content on your blog on a regular basis. And second, promote it passionately using as many of the blog marketing tools we discussed above as you can.

And what about you? Do you have any ideas how to promote your blog posts? If yes, feel free to share your tips for blog marketing below in the comments. We would love to hear what you have to say.

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RSS Feed

One of the most effective ways for blog promotion to date has been RSS Feeds. RSS is a common platform which is a hub for a large number of users worldwide. An effective RSS feed can show up to the world audience and increase the chances of new readers by seeing your content.

In the early stages of social media, RSS feeds were very effective in promoting your blog content. Even today, RSS feed has got its own importance in blog advertising and promotions.


Post Frequently

What can be more upsetting than a blog that does not post regularly?

One of the things bloggers do not get is that they need to have some content for their regular users. If they do not have content for their users to read, what are they even promoting?

Although this is an indirect thing, it is very important for any blog. It helps your readers to stay updated with your posts and also help them get to a conclusion that how updated are you.

By showing some blog activity with some content regularly, it will help the readers whether to stick with your blog or not. Also, the new readers would see how frequent are you with the posts and choose as per that. Be it, daily, weekly, fortnight or monthly there should be a consistent time frame upon which the readers and subscribers can rely upon.

Quick Tip: Create a content calendar and follow it religiously. Set aside some time for your blog writing so that you can keep up with your blog publishing and do not get mixed up in other activities.


Quora Commenting

This might sound new to most people, but one can actually promote their blog effectively using Quora This can easily be done by answering the questions that are being asked around your blog niche. When you are answering this single question, you are definitely not answering to a single person.

If you have used quora, you must have noticed the view count under each comment, and that is what changes the game.

Also, since Quora is not just a forum any more. The questions asked in quora are the first one to appear in search engine page results, and that will help in building your brand by answering the question there.

Quora also has topic-related questions. Selecting such topics and answering with links to your blog is a really a cool idea. But you have to make sure that, you have all the needed information to answer the question.

Quick Tip: Google up the questions you think your blog works around. Ask the questions that you think can lead the users to your blog. Once you do that, comment a nicely crafted response in the thread. This will help you eliminate the mediocre questions.



Youtube is another great platform to promote your blog through videos. Although not a surprise, when you are regular on your youtube promotions, you can actually pull significant traffic from the video sharing platform.

It is much better if you have an account on the name of your blog, through which you can stay connected to your readers uniquely through your blog channel on youtube.

Some find it easy to do video sharing, and some find it difficult. It all depends on the niche as well. If you are going with a niche like travel, it definitely is easy, but you will be facing much more competition, but again the video that you need to upload will require good footages and production quality.

On the other hand, if you are blogging on a niche which is difficult to handle on video formats like an investment, you need to think more on how you can display the video in a much more engaging way. But again, you will face lesser competition.

Quick Tip: Start making normal videos which do not eat up a lot of your time. When you see the gears moving, and the subscribers rising, improve your video quality and extend the time you give to your videos.

Link other Blogs in own posts

This is an effective and a potential blog promotion tip which can increase the exposure of your blog. While writing a blog article of your interest, you can give the link of a blog post, which you can relate to the current article.

Links like these may trigger other bloggers to notice your blogs and refer your blog posts in their blogs. In this way, it helps your blog receive exposure from other bloggers and helps in the overall promotion.

You also need to understand the quality of the blogs you are promoting. If you are promoting blogs that are at the same level as of yours, it might not help that much, but if you are promoting blogs that are useful to the readers, it will help them in understanding your piece of content in a better format.

Quick Tip: When you are promoting your blog by linking other blogs in your content, make sure you are actually linking some strong blogs that can actually be useful to the end user. You should not force the linking. A good way is to quote your sources of information and add them to the context of the blog.


Online Forums

Joining online forums can help you promote your blog in a bigger perspective. There are many online forums available based on different interests of the people. These are platforms where bloggers unite to discuss topics of common interest, and there are platforms where the fans of the bloggers connect to interact with each other.

To join these online forums, select the topic that you are interested in and with which you can relate your blog. Most of these forums are free to join, and you can join them easily by providing you mail and creating your profile.

Quick Tip: Join the forums and share the links of your blog posts in the online forums. This can have long term result on your blogs as the promotion goes passively with your one-time participation.


Social Media Plugins

Taking help of social media plugins such as social media buttons will help the readers to share your content on other platforms easily. If your content is compelling or encouraging the readers to share with their friends and family, social media buttons can be of great help.

It is highly recommended to employ social media plugins, to get your blog promoted among different circles.

Quick tip: There are loads of Social Media plugins available for free on the WordPress plugins repository . You can install any one of them you like and start using it.



Very fewer people have that affinity to read through all the text written by you.

Actually, data in the form of infographics helps the readers greatly to get interested in the information being provided in the blog.

You also get the advantage if someone shares the infographic on their website or on their social media.

Investing time in Infographics to create additional value to the blog is something that you need to do if you want to rise above the crowd.

Quick Tip: there are tools available online which can help you in designing the infographics easily. Give them a try, and you can save a lot of time which would have been wasted in designing.

Get help and find motivation as we build our intentional backyard farm together.

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Develop a blogger outreach plan

Many bloggers fail to get traffic because they take a passive approach to blogging; if you simply publish your article, rest and wait for traffic to come then nothing will happen.

For every article you publish, make sure you have a solid blogger outreach plan; compile a list of dozens of relevant bloggers that you can email your article to and ask them to share or link to your article.

This article is a good place to learn how to do blogger outreach.


Look for opportunities to be included in link roundups

Every niche has at least a dozen blogs that do weekly or monthly roundups; at the end of the week, or month, these blogs will publish an article with a summary of the most interesting content they read in a particular month. You can get some nice exposure by emailing these bloggers and asking them to include your article in their next roundup.


Enable trackbacks on your blog

Anytime you publish a new article on a blog hosted with WordPress, it gives you an option to enable comments and trackbacks; a “trackback” is an automatic notification sent to any website you link to, allowing your link to be featured in their comments section as well if approved.

If you link to top blogs in your article and you and the blogs you linked to both have trackbacks enabled, a link to your article will appear in their comments section; this will ensure people seeing comments on their blog can see a link to your articles, and it’ll eventually lead to more traffic for you.


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