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Hey I'm Leah

Stay at home wife, herd mom, dog wrangler,blogger, and lover of checking off the boxes...

Welcome to the rabbitry, chicken coop, home opporations headquarters, and my (little corner of the living room) office.

If you love farm life, business, boots, and hair spray then welcome! Grab a coffee and keep on scrolling.

Thats It, Keep Going...

Helping rural say at home wives live with purpose. and work with intention.

I tend to do things a liiittle, well different...

I don't think you can fit anyone into a box so I decided to break the mold with my blog. I'm here to help you,
  • Run A Profitable Small Farm
  • Have An Intentional Home You Love
  • And be the best dirt slinging, make-up wearing, business running, awesomely complicated women you can be.

Ready to do this thing?

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Like to look your best?

Me too! There is no reason why a girl can't love to raise animals and look nice too!

There is this little app called Like To Know It. It makes it super easy to share all of my favorite home, beauty, and style finds with you. So if you see someting you want you can get it super easy! I never share things that are outragously expencive. Promice. See you there!

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I've got a page full of resourses for everything form beauty, business, and farm life.

Check out all of my current obsessions, what I like about them and how to know if you are ready for them.

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I've got educational resourses for all levels of homsteaders. From learning more about the animals you want to raise. To becomming more organized and turning your money sucking hobby into a profitable online business.
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