Love The Country Lifestyle But You’re Running Out Of Time, Energy,… and if we’re being honest. Money.

It’s time to stop burning your candle at both ends.

Being broke and burnt out isn’t required to live a country lifestyle.

And it doesn’t make you any more “legit”.

If 10hrs out of your day is spent working (at a 9-5, homeschooling kids, running a business), 8hrs of it sleeping, that only gives you with 6hrs left in your day!

Not to mention your normal life routine of showering, eating, cooking, keeping the house livable, getting kiddos settled, and the dog fed…

Now you’re down to just a few hours left in the day if you’re lucky.

Adding more to your plate, homestead, or farm isn’t the answer to enjoying your life.

If you are feeling stretched too thin these posts below will help you bring more peace back into your life.

Stop trading your joy, money, and time for stress, an empty bank account —and create a country lifestyle that has you ready for more.

Because in today’s highlight reel, it can seem like working every waking moment and being broke is normal.

It’s time to be excited about your farm and be able to look at with without an ounce of weight on your shoulders….

It’s time to build the country lifestyle you’ve always wanted… all with a mapped-out game plan for how to *actually* get it done.”

I’ll give you the steps to tame your to-do list and build financial stability for your small farm to live the guilt-free country lifestyle you’ve dreamed of.


Easy to do action items to manage your projects and country lifestyle you love.


Knowing that your hobbies aren’t draining your bank account.


Spend more time doing the things that make your heart happy.

Create a country lifestyle that doesn’t leave you broke and burnt out. — in 3 simple steps.

1 | Recognize You Need A Change

Living the country lifestyle isn’t easy. Raising animals and growing crops on top of managing your home requires persistence and skill — the kind that has to be cultivated. I’ll help you map out your plan, develop your action steps, and implement them with ease.

2 | Follow The Process

I’ve learned my fair share of lessons the hard way—taking action without a plan is a sure-fire way to end up in over your head. Instead, having the action steps in front of you will help create clarity and the peace you crave.

3 | Enjoy Your Life

Fast forward to just a few short weeks when your streamlined farm and home run like a well-oiled machine. You’ll be spending your summer nights sipping sweet tea and watching the fireflies instead of stressing over your endless to-do list. — sound good? Let’s do this!

leah lynch standing by a tree outside

You need someone on your side who understands what’s involved with raising animals, growing crops, and living the country life. 

Everywhere I looked, I saw people telling me how to manage a life that was COMPLETELY different than mine.

No one shows you how to keep up with the animals, garden, self-sustaining tasks, and create income… ON TOP OF your home, marriage, and life.

Living the country life isn’t for the faint of heart – it isn’t all butterflies, rainbows, and Peter Cotton Tails…

Even on the best days when the baby animals are born without a hitch and the garden is busting at the seams the work is hard and the days are long.

That’s exactly why I am here. 

I create systems and processes for the country lifestyle lovers who need just a bit of help saving their sanity –  just like you- so you can live the life you love without being broke and burnt out.

Small Farmers Productivity Kit

Grab this free 9-page guide with a daily planner page, tips to get more done, and easy crock pot recipes to get you out of the kitchen faster and back doing what you love.

The Farmhouse Planner

farmhouse planner mockup

Grab the planner created by a small farmer for small farmers. Monthly, quarterly, daily planning pages, budget tracking, garden planning, livestock health records, and more.

What Others Are Saying

Leah is a pleasure to work with! She is very easy to talk to and also a great listener. After just one conversation with her, I had several written pages full of ideas on ways to improve my business. I look forward to implementing her strategies and seeing the positive results!

–Charis Endicott

leah lynch standing by a tree outside

Hey there, I’m Leah

Midwest content creator, 🐰show quality French Lop rabbit raiser, country living, 🌱rebel gardener,👩🏽‍🍳 shoot from the hip cook, 💻business loving, total introvert. (Seriously, I need to hide on my little one-acre farm for a week after Christmas is over to recover)

If you are looking to have the county life you have always dreamed about but don’t want it to leave you broke or burnt out then keep on scrolling. I’ve got loads of blog posts, free guides, courses, and ebooks to help you along the way. You’re in the right place.

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