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Helping you cultivate a country lifestyle that doesn’t leave you broke and burnt out.

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Being broke and burnt out isn’t required to live a country lifestyle.

⏩You have the “normal life stuff” of getting dinner on the table,👕 laundry, **keeping the house livable**, make sure school work gets done, being a decent human and showering every once in a while, and getting the dog fed…

✅Oh and you are supposed to make your own bread, can all your own vegetables, supply your own meat, get rid of all the toxins in your home…. all the while hoping you don’t break the bank.

⚡Adding more to your plate and stretching your wallet until it is tissue paper thin isn’t the answer ⚡

Stop trading your joy, money, and time for stress, an empty bank account —and create a country lifestyle that has you looking forward to the next day. Not dreading it

Because in today’s highlight reel, it can seem like having 50 chickens, a garden bigger than your living room, dairy goats, and being broke is normal.

If you are nodding your head and starting to get excited you are in the right place.

My whole purpose of being here is to give you the steps to tame your to-do list and build financial stability for your small farm.

Through affordable, real-life tested tools, and streamlined systems. It’s time to cultivate the country lifestyle you’ve always wanted that doesn’t break the bank.

Profitable Backyard Farm Tools To Get You Started

productive and profitable backyard farm course

Productive & Profitable Backyard Farm course

Your country lifestyle dreams don’t have to drain your bank account.

Learn how to turn your money-sucking time-draining hobby into a business that pays for itself.

Profitable Backyard Farm Kickstart

The Profitable Backyard Farm Playbook is your guide to taking your backyard farm from money sucking hobby to a profitable business. Everything from how to choose income streams, tracking income and expenses, to using the internet to make an income doing what you love.

9 keys to more farm sales

Grab my free guide with 9 secrets to making more money in your homestead.

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Hey there, I’m Leah

Midwest content creator, 🐰show quality French Lop rabbit raiser, 🌱rebel gardener,👩🏽‍🍳 shoot from the hip cook, 💻business loving, total introvert. (Seriously, I need to hide on my little one-acre farm for a week after Christmas is over to recover)

If you are looking to have the county life you have always dreamed about but don’t want it to leave you broke or burnt out you’re right where you need to be.

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