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8 Money Making Ideas To Have A Profitable Hobby Farm

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Before I can give you some profitable hobby farm ideas I need to first share some of the possible income stream options that are out there.

If you do not what to have anything to do with the online world then well sorry I am not for you. The online space is where this world is going and most of America spends a lot of their time. So if you want to have a successful business then you have to get the attention where the people are.

Ok, enough ranting.

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Income Stream Ideas To Have A Profitable Hobby Farm

Here is a short definition of what different income streams are so you can get your creative juices flowing around the type of hobby farm you have so you can make it profitable.

Physical Products

This one might seem kind of obvious but let me cover all the bases. Your livestock would be considered a physical product. Because it is a thing people have to come pick or ship to their location. And they take up physical space. There is a cap to how much you can raise and sell.

But you also have the option of creating things that you could sell. Some things you might consider a crafty but could also be a part of the hobby farm.

Things like leatherworking knitting crocheting. Soaps bathroom products. The options are endless to the physical products you can create.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are something that you get a percentage of the sale price when someone buys something through your link online.

Companies like Amazon give a very small percentage if someone buys a product you linked to on your site.

Being an affiliate for products it’s something that can be beneficial if you talk about things around your home or farm. The reason Amazon works well is that everyone knows and trusts Amazon. People recognize the company and most people buy from the site often.

If you want to learn more about affiliate income or see a few programs you could join read this post.

These books are my absolute favorite books for homesteading. They get right to the point and no searching for the information you are looking for.

This book covers all things farm animals. From how to pick the best breed to simple care.

This book covers more of the land/gardening and food side of homesteading.

This planner is the coolest thing I have seen!

Affiliate For Online Products

This is where you are an affiliate for someone else’s product. Not a huge company. On average you will see 30 to 40% affiliate commission on these types of products.

If you take a course online or purchase an Ebook. It might have an affiliate program. Sometimes it is right in the course or ebook and sometimes you need to ask to be added to the program.

Onsite Ads

You probably know what these are but here we go.

On-site odds are something that you get a VERY small amount of money for. BUT people don’t have to buy the product to get paid. It is based on how many people simply see the ad.

This is why you will find some websites with so many ads is hard to tell what is the content and what is an ad but this is one of the first ways that a blogger will make money so sometimes they will go a bit overboard when placing the ads.

Again and is a very small amount that you get paid per 1000 visitors to your site but it is something that will get you a start. Google ads are something like $5-$6 per 1000 people seeing that add depending on the time of year.

Digital Products

This is a term the encompasses all of the following things I will talk about when it comes to products.

Digital products are things that will teach you a skill or be a guide on how to do something. They can be taught through text, video, or audio format.


Courses can be a combination of videos text workbooks quizzes and many other forms of teaching. There are many ways you can deliver your course you can do it through email only or there are course platforms that post your course and even provide a way for you to sell it through them.


Ebooks are a PDF that someone pays for and is typically 35 Pages or longer but not too long because people are going to be overwhelmed when they seek a 300-page book they have to read. 150 or less is good. The purchaser can print it out or just read it on their digital device.

Digital Downloads

Digital downloads can be anything that is a file on your computer creating Lightroom mobile presets is considered a digital download if you are unaware of what those are those are quick ways to make your images look good.

But most often digital downloads are something that is on the lower price point under $27.

It could be a planner worksheets guides inspirational quotes paintings or honestly like I said anything you can put in a digital format.

Ok Now Let’s Get Into A Few Profitable Hobby Farm Ideas

I am going to tailor this to a species of animal and you can go from there. But if you want a full list of income ideas across the board read this post.

Starting With Dairy Goats

  • Raise and sell the kids.
  • Use the milk to make products.
  • Sell the milk.


  • Blog about raising goats.
  • Get onside ad income to start.
  • Link to products that you use on amazon.
  • Create an ebook around dairy goat care.
  • Create a course around goat care in general.
goat on a profitable hobby farm

If you can put it in a document and use a system like Paypal and an email service provider to deliver the product then you are all set.

The ski is the limit when it comes to creating income streams for your profitable hobby farm. Just us your imagination and start with one income stream at a time. get good at that then set up another.

If you want it bad enough you can do it.

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