How to Repurpose Content

Do you know how to repurpose your content? No? It’s all good cause I got you covered.

But first, let’s get a handle on where you want to post. I think if you manage well you can get a lot of places.

First, where do you can to post? Write it out on a piece of paper.

Create more, more, more… Post on all the social media platforms. Write a blog post, have a youtube channel and podcast… all the things.

It can feel impossible to do all of that. But here is the catch. If you know how to repurpose content. Content being those big pieces and you break them down and distribute them across all the social channels you will win.

I want to show you how to maximize your time and create a system so you can do just that.

Create A System

This words system is thrown around the online space so much it will make your head spin. It is also made to sound more complicated then it needs to be.

A system simply put is “is many parts making up a complex whole.”

To create a system all you have to is start with one area of your business at a time and figure out all the moving parts of that one area and how it all works. Make it run as smoothly as possible. Maybe you rearrange the order you do things if it could be running more efficiently. That’s it. It’s not any more complicated than that.

How to repurpose content across your platforms both from blog and video content to social.

Now there is a part of automation in the sense that you need to automate what you can but don’t lose the human aspect to where your social accounts are on auto-post and people see the same post every so often. That’s not great in my opinion. If life is getting crazy and you need to set it on autopilot for a while that’s fine but don’t let it go for months and months without a fresh look.

One thing you can do that will help with automation and not having to schedule EVERYTHING is having the knowledge pieces on auto-post and then only add the fun behind the scenes posts.

How to repurpose content example system

If you are not comfortable being on camera then that’s ok. This first “big piece” or pillar piece of content could be a video, blog post, or podcast. Do whatever you can handle for your personality and topic.

Below is a very rough idea of what I mean about repurposing and breaking down the big piece of content into smaller pieces.

diagram showing how to repurpose content.

Repurposing is simply taking an article, video, or podcast and making it smaller for the different social platforms. There is no limit to what you can do. Just get creative. Make it a game and see how much you can come up with.

If you have a podcast you can have your audio on record while doing your FB live and get both done at the same time without having to record twice. Or some will take videos and extract the audio and post it from a video to their podcast.

Use the blog post and convert it into a YouTube video script.

Same with imagery take the same blog post and create images for each platform. The image for Twitter, Facebook Pinterest, Instagram etc… grab a snippet of text from the blog and schedule out all of those posts.

It’s ok to talk about the same thing on all platforms

Having the same topic across all your platforms will save you time and emotional stress. Not every person follows you on each social platform and the posts are not going to come out the same on each place.

You don’t leave the copy (text) the same, you tweak the wording so it fits the social platform but promotes the same post.

If you are only writing one post a week you can choose another post in your archives that supports the same idea as the new post or chose something that is totally different.

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