Helping You Create A Country Life On Purpose

Hey There! I’m Leah

Wife, Mom, Backyard farmer, four-figure rabbitry business owner, big dog lover, and content creator here to help you build the country life on purpose. I will get to a bit more about me in a sec but I wanted to let you know what you can find on this site if you choose to stick around. (And I really hope you do)

In a world where we are told we have to keep 45 chickens, make our own sourdough bread, and wear prairie-style dresses I want you to know you don’t have to do all of those things to be “legit”. — You can take the pieces you love and create a country life that makes up the life YOU want to live.

Intentional Backyard Farming

Create Intentional Goals For Your Backyard Farm

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If you don’t have a clear plan to start your backyard farm you are going to struggle and feel pulled in 50 different directions. BUT if you have a plan and know where you are going you can tame the chaos. Get your free guide now!

Quick run about me! I had my first herd of rabbits at 10 years old. While it was a different breed than what I have now I did what I could to earn money from it. After I grew up a bit and the internet turned into a whole different world I got French Lops at the age of 17 and less than a year later the rabbitry was paying for itself. Then soon after it paid for my schooling and I got my associate degree debt-free.

Today that rabbitry alone makes multiple four figures a year and I use my knowledge to help other backyard farmers create a country lifestyle that pays for itself and keeps them from burning out.

Come alongside me as we continue to build our dream country lifestyle – Where we can strive for new goals and create in intentional country lifestyle on purpose.


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Introducing my new Book

Intentional Backyard Farm Strategy Guide

Walking you through setting actionable goals for your backyard farm.

It seems like you should be keeping 40+ chickens, a half-acre garden, have a dairy animal, plus 25 other skills you need to learn… But that seems exhausting.If you want to start a backyard farm that fits YOUR dream lifestyle, the Backyard Farm Foundation is the answer to setting a clear plan and achievable goals for starting your dream backyard farm or homestead.

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