leah lynch standing by a tree outside

Hey There! I’m Leah

Small farmer, four-figure rabbitry business owner, big dog lover, and content creator here to help you build the country life you love that doesn’t leave you broke and burnt out.

I will get to a bit more about me in a sec but I wanted to let you know what you can find on this site if you choose to stick around. (And I really hope you do)

The core topics you will find here are:

  • Building income from your small farm.
  • Small livestock care.
  • Tips on how to manage your time well.
  • … And building a peace-filled home that you love.
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Still want to know a bit about me?

Ok, I will try my best not to bore you.

I’m Tall

No, I mean like really tall. 5’11” in my bare feet so with boots on… well, I’m over 6 feet. While I see the occasional taller female I stell get people asking how tall I am in public🙄

Teen Biz Owner

Clearly, I’m not a teen anymore but I started my rabbitry at 17 and less than a year later it was profitable. I used the income from my rabbitry to graduate debt free from college.

Don’t Stream TV

We don’t have cable or stream any form of TV 😲 I know right! But to be honest I don’t want the temptation in front of me. When I am willing to give the time to watch a show we do have an antenna and sometimes I will go to the library.


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My Favorite Things

Storage Trunk

This is perfect if you have your rabbitry outside or even inside to keep all of your rabbitry supplies contained and not a mess all over the place. This was the best thing I ever did was get one of these for the rabbitry.

Check Out The Trunk On Amazon

Winter Hat

This is THE warmest hat I have ever had and can not recommend it enough. It has FLEACE LINEING! I mean come on! And it’s cute too!

Ok, I’m just a little bit in love.

Check it out on amazon

Must Have Vacuum

With three dogs and small farm animals dirt is forever trying to find its way inside this house. If you live on a farm you know… This sweeper is still going strong after two years Iand I couldn’t be happier.

Check This Sweeper out on Amazon, It’s less than $200