All About Starting Your Intentional Life In The Country

This page is packed with practical advice to help you start a country lifestyle with intention. From caring for livestock, generating income, productivity, and having an intentional home this guide will help you find exactly what you need.

Action Step: Create your country lifestyle goals with the free farm goals planner. It’s more than farm goals but can be used for any area of life. Creating an intentional life doesn’t happen by accident.

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Learn All About Homesteading

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Farm Goal Planner

This can be used for any size homestead, rabbitry, or backyard farm because it is all about YOU and creating goals that you want to achieve. You have to put the address in the GPS before you drive the first mile. This farm goal planner is your GPS for living your dream country lifestyle. Get Your Copy Now!

Here you’ll find essential content on choosing the right land for your homestead and understanding the legal considerations involved. This section offers valuable insights into property rights, zoning laws, and land assessment, crucial for any aspiring homesteader. It’s the perfect starting point to ensure your homesteading dream is built on a solid and legally sound foundation.

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Backyard Farm Strategy Guide

Walking you through setting actionable goals for your backyard farm.

It seems like you should be keeping 40+ chickens, a half-acre garden, have a dairy animal, plus 25 other skills you need to learn… But that seems exhausting.If you want to start a backyard farm that fits YOUR dream lifestyle, the Backyard Farm Foundation is the answer to setting a clear plan and achievable goals for starting your dream backyard farm or homestead.


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Income Generation

No one has infinity symbols in their bank accounts. It might seem harsh but even the animals need to earn their keep or serve a purpose but you owe it to the animals you do have to be financially secure. Imagine never having to care what the economy is doing because you knew you could afford to keep your farm animals. They were supporting you not draining your income. That is the ultimate freedom.

Beginners Guide To Container Gardening

Profitable Backyard Farm Kickstart

rabbit care ebook

Beginners Guide To Rabbit Care


Here, I help you learn more about planning and productivity which is essential for creating an intentional country lifestyle that serves you and doesn’t leave you burnt out. From goal and project planning, to setting priorities, and even being productive as a stay-at-home wife, this section equips you with the knowledge to live a more enjoyable country lifestyle.