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35+ Awesome Ways To Make Money Homesteading [Some you might not know exist]

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If you are wondering how to make money on 5, 10, or 20 acres of land. Or many you don’t have quite that much. Maybe you are wanting to make money homesteading on a small acreage in your back yard. 

Whatever size property you have. You can make money homesteading on it. Building income streams on your hobby farm work from the same principles and skills. 

You just have to be more selective on how you go about it.  

Since we are in a “new world” of sorts after all the issues that came with 2020. Local farmer’s markets are not as feasible as they once were. You can defiantly get a higher price by selling at your local (bigger city) farmer’s market buuut if that is not an option for you I am going to share some unique income ideas in just a sec that will help you increase your income without adding any physical labor. 

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Make Sure WANT To Make Money Homesteading

It is exciting to hear that you can make extra cash on the side. It’s even better when it is something you enjoy. You get so fired up you could bust from the inside out. You make a list of everything you need and get to work.

Once you are knee-deep in ahem… well I’ll leave it up to you to fill in the blank. 

You realize that the income stream is not something you love doing. Maybe it takes more time than you thought and it’s not worth the money you get for the time it takes. I found this out the hard way when I was selling dried herbs for people to use with their rabbits. It just wasn’t worth the time I was putting in. 

Just make sure you consider all the angles. 

Make Sure There Is A Need

You need to make sure there are people that want (or need) what you have to offer. Whether it is a product, livestock, or service it really doesn’t matter.

Let me give you an example…

Horses are beautiful creatures and were in high demand for a time when they were used for work and as a means of transportation.

Now that market has dried up. Unless you have a foot in the show world or racing and will pay top dollar for your breeding animals.

If you are in an area where a car or truck can’t go. They now have ATVs and four-wheelers that can sit in the garage that don’t need to be fed regardless of if they did a job that day. 

See where I am going with this. There are some avenues of income that just don’t make sense to invest in.

Get Creative & Become Known

If you are set on a certain product or service then you have to get creative.

Let’s go with raising a rabbit breed that is VERY common. Ummm, let’s say Californians. 

Cals are probably one of the most popular breeds around. They are also one of the breeds you could buy or hardly anything if you didn’t care about the quality.

So how could you stand out in what we would call a saturated market in the business world? You have to get creative and become more popular than the other guy. 

You could sell rabbits to 4-hr’s, as meat rabbits, show rabbits, sell rabbits as pets. BUT you also have to give people a reason to want them from YOU! You may not be the best. But you are known.

People know you exist. They trust you. And they have a connection with you. You won’t make money on your farm if people don’t know you exist. 

This one is hard for some people but its necessary.

Read more about how to promote your rabbitry and hobby farm on social media here.

Your imagination, creativity and skills are the limit.

Modern homesteaders have loads of advantages over previous generations. There are infinite resources available at our fingertips. If we don’t know how to do something, and there is no one to show us the way, all we have to do is search online, watch a video, read an article, and feel empowered to go out and do it! (ruralsprout.com)

As soon as you can start making money from your land, do it. At first, it may be difficult, forcing you outside of your comfort zone, but the rewards are very real and tangible. And when the money starts trickling, then flowing in, you’ll feel so empowered to keep going – and living a simple life like your ancestors before you, only different. (ruralsprout.com)

Things You Can Make On Your Hobby Farm

These are income ideas that you can do even if you don’t have animals or even land to raise them on. If you like making things and are crafty but don’t what to feel like you are wasting your time then this group of income ideas is for you.

  1. Make and sell cheese and homemade soaps. (Even if you can not raise a dairy goat, you could ask around and see who would be willing to sell you excess milk).
  2. Allergy free beauty products.
  3. Allergy free foods.
  4. Hand paintings.
  5. Home decor items.
  6. Baskets.
  7. Knit/Crocheted items.
  8. Jewelry – Find Supplies Here on Amazon
  9. Beauty Products.
  10. Furniture.
  11. Candles – Find all the supplies you need on amazon.
  12. Handmade decor for weddings.
  13. Birthday themed baskets.
  14. Gift baskets.

How To Make Money Homseading From The Land

These ways are more suited to make money on a small acreage, though some of the above livestock like chickens, goats, and even pigs will work on smaller acreage 5. Sell the produce. (melissaknorris.com)

There’s multiple ways you can do this, from a farmer’s market booth, a mini CSA (Community Supported Agriculture- where people pay you a set amount for the month and you deliver them fresh produce every week), a little stand/sign at the end of the road right at your homestead. (melissaknorris.com)

  1. Plant extra in your garden and sell fresh produce. (especially if you are in the city and can have a patio garden City people eat that stuff up no offence)
  2. Start extra seedlings in the spring and sell as mature plants. – Here are 100 Pcs 4″ Plastic Plants Nursery Pot from Amazon
  3. Split your overgrown plants and sell them. These same posts will also work well for that. 100 Pcs 4″ Plastic Plants Nursery Pot from Amazon
  4. Heirloom seeds at the end of the season.
  5. Sell your own dried herb blends, tea/tincture blends, dip mixes, teas or salves. – Food Dehydrator Machine – This one has temperature control and a timer.
  6. Sell fresh herbs.
  7. Fresh Flowers
  8. Dried Flowers
  9. Start A Pumpkin Patch and have the pumpkins ready to go right at the fall season.
  10. Vegetable Crops.
  11. Plant fruit trees and sell the fruit.

Income Ideas For Raising Poultry 

chickens eating

If you want to raise chickens, turkeys, or any other kind of pointry this will get you started. Remember like any smart busienss person you need to get as many income streams for one type of animal speacies. Go deep before you go wide. 

  1. Raise chickens for eggs and sell the extras.
  2. Organic eggs – If you raise your birds in a run and get the occasional free roam time. Then they would also count as “cage-free” Enabling you to sell eggs for at least $4-6 a dozen. IF you are in the right area. Remember what I said about people WANTING what you have to sell. If you live where everyone and their brother has chickens you are going to have a hard time selling farm fresh eggs for that much.
  3. Raise Meat Chickens (broilers) for yourslef and others.
  4. Sell the old chickens as stewing hens.
  5. If you have a rooster, fertilized eggs for hatching. (You will get more money if you are able to have pur-breed chickens) People don’t buy eggs from two different breeds to hatch out. Its often becuase buying a chick of one particuler breed or type of poultry costs a lot more and hatching eggs out is a more budget friendly option.
  6. Raise chickens to laying age and sell them as layers. (Personally, I would start selling them at 6-12 weeks old. If you hold on to them any longer than that you will start eating into your profit very quickly).
  7. Sell Day Old Chicks – You will get more if you keep one breed so they are purebred.

Places To Sell Your Own Products

It can be overwelming to figure out how to sell your products. 

I don’t want to overwhelm you so here are a few places to get your creative juces flowing. I have put them in order of least amount of effort as far as ease of listing and lack of spam. 

  • Etsy (.20 per listing for 4 months) 
  • Mercari
  • Facebook market place
  • Craigslist – Easy to list but depending on what you list. Spam bots are pretty rampit on CL
  • Your own site

Affiliate Income For Your Hobby Farm

So you may not have any idea what being an “affiliate” is. So let me tell ya.

Being a part of an affiliate program means that IF someone buys someting through a link giving espeshaly to you so the seller knows where that buyer came from. You will get a persentage of that sale.

You can share the products you love with your followers, readers, or repeat buyers and make an income.

That is one of the easiest ways to “sell” something and make a little extra cash.

While it may not be as much as if you would have sold a product of your own, selling someone else’s product is far less stressful and easier to do early on while your audience is small.

There are many different programs out there. Rather then signing up for 30 different programs before you even get started, think about the top 5 things you will use all the time. Just type in google, affiliate program for x to see if there is one.

Here is a post to help you learn more about affiliate income.

Teach Others How To Do What You’re Good At

Don’t be so quick to dismiss the online world because you make products or are

in the country and want to teach about the animals you raise or skills you have. There is so much you can do to make money from home. You just have to get creative with it.

Don’t be afraid to try things out and give it time to work. Start a blog and make money selling online. Start an email list and create a relationship with those people who will eventually buy your products. This is a great way to make sales if you don’t like social media.

desktop, note book and a pen sitting on a desk.

Set up a class that people will pay for through thinkific. Just like you would teach someone how to do something you start at the very beginning and move forward.

  1. Teach people how to care for the animal you own. Even if you have 1 horse you can teach people how to ride.
  2. Have a dog you have trained? Teach people how to train their dogs.
  3. Teach them how to make bread, can food, or garden. There are so many skills that people just don’t know how to do.

What Makes You Different?

This is someting I tell my teach my profitable rabbitry playbook students often. You have to find a way to be different if you want to raise something that there is already a lot of. You have to stand out in a saturated market.

Build community around what you do.

The good thing is that homesteaders, farmers, hobbiest, and livestock raisers are pretty far behind the online business world.

Simple things like setting up a Facebook page or having an up to date website will help you stand out lighears above the rest.

Find ways to do things differently and better then others do it. Even if it might seem wired to them at first. Things like autmating how they can get in touch with you and get answers to their questions quickly even if its not in person. 

Research Your Area

Whether you are just starting out or are considering adding a new species of livestock to your urban farm or homestead. Take the time to research what is common in your area.

  • Look through breed lists and find three to five different breeds that interest you. Also, list the ways that the animal can be useful (jobs it could do or something it could product) and this will help you come up with different income ideas.

For example. The angora rabbit could be for show, pet, wool, or meat. Yes, even meat. But you get the idea lots of income streams for one animal.

  • Reasearch your local area. Go to Craig’s list or facebook market place and pick 2 cities close to you and type in the species of animal you are wanting to get into THEN do it AGAIN for the breeds you are thinking about in a completely new search. Note how much they are selling for and the quality of the animal.

Do this again but on google. The only difference being, check to make sure the website is up to date. Some breeders will have sold out but rarely close down their websites.

If you want to raise a certain species of livestock, consider finding a breed that is a little harder to find but also something that a lot of people would want.

If there are a lot of people raising the breed you really want and don’t want to consider another breed the come up with a different avenue or approach to selling them. It just takes a little creativity.

Research Possible Income Streams For ONE Skill Or Speaces 

Let’s use the example of starting to breed German shepherds.

There are many options for “marketing” this breed. They are great for home protection and also make great family dogs (if trianed right). German shepherds are also herding dogs, you would be able to appeal to the herdsman in your area if you have them.

Side income options are things like getting the best quality you can afford so you could appeal to the show circuit. Or you could have the option of starting the basic training for the puppies bought from you for an extra fee.

The idea is to go deep with what you have and don’t stretch yourself so thin doing too much. I see this ALL THE TIME and the people who try to do too much don’t last more then a few years because they just get tired. And that is compleatly understandable. 

It is going to take time to get the income coming in. You have to be patient and persistent. But it will come. 

Is your backyard farm costing way more than you thought?

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