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Established in 2009 – Location 35 min south of Dayton ohio

I only raise show quality French lop rabbits. Breeding them as close to the American Rabbit Breeders Association breed standard as possible while keeping the calm temperament that is true to the breed.

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Hey there,

I’m Leah

With over two decades of rabbit-raising experience, I have found what works and what doesn’t and do my best to share that with everyone who comes to us.

Conformation and good temperaments are my main focus with the French Lops I raise.

The French Lop rabbitry is small with only 12-15 rabbits at any given time but being small helps us stay focused on improving the breed.

Quick Note

About The French Lop Breed

  • The breed is very laid back and always ready for head rubs. Buuuut sometimes opinionated. The French Lop needs a strong confidant handler — who is unafraid to make rules clear and won’t put up with shenanigans.
  • Like any other rabbit, prefer a calm environment. Rabbits are not a fan of screaming or rowdy households.
  • The ARBA Standard of Perfection only gives a minimum weight of 11 pounds for bucks and 11.5 pounds for does. Which is why you can see varying sizes. On average my rabbits will weigh 12-14lbs. If you hear someone say their French Lop weighed more than that I would be skeptical and only believe it if you weighed them yourself. – It’s kind of like people and dogs. They want something to brag about.
  • On average 12-13 pounds for the breed occasionally up to 15lbs. French lops can measure as long as 30 inches if they are kicking their feet back and chill’n.
  • Rabbits don’t need a buddy. – I can not tell you how many times I have seen in Facebook groups people on the verge of a breakdown that their “sweet little bunnies” are fighting. Think of it this way rabbits don’t come together in the wild except to mate.
  • You don’t have to keep your rabbit indoors – Gasp! Put a muzzle on me and call me a rabbit hater. Rabbits are most sensitive to the heat (especially french lops), not the cold. The ideal temperature for a rabbit is 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have a shaded area you can put your hutch under they will be completely fine.

Learn more about the breed in this full guide about the french lop rabbit.

Current French Lops

(not for sale)

Even though I have the colors of rabbits shown below does not mean I can promise a baby in the same color. French lops will have all different colors in a litter and sometimes colors that are not even on their pedigree. Keep that in mind when you are looking to buy a french lop.

Our French Lop Bucks

Click the arrows beside any of the first pictures to see posed pictures of the rabbits so you can see the confirmation.

LL’s Jet Black

Color: Solid Gold Tipped Steel

Swipe to see a posed picture for conformation.

Image Comming Soon

Color: Broken Blue Chinchilla

Will be picking him up the first week of May.

Swipe to see a posed picture for conformation.

Our French Lop Does

Fletcher’s Anya

Call Name: Anya
Color: Solid Gold Tipped Steel

LL’s Maggie

Call Name: Maggie
Color: Broken Black Steel

Swipe to see a posed picture for conformation.

LL’s Ava

Call Name: Ava
Color: Broken Cream

Swipe to see a posed picture for conformation.

BB’s Millie

Call Name: Millie
Color: Solid Opal

Swipe to see a posed picture for conformation.

CM Farm’s CMF7

Call Name: Willow

Swipe to see a posed picture for conformation.

CM Farm’s CMF4

Call Name: DaisyMae
Color: Broken Chestnut

Swipe to see a posed picture for conformation.

LL’s Brooke

Call Name: Brooke
Color: Broken Black Steel Doe

LL’s Bailey

Color: Solid Blue

Sire:LL’s Jet Black

Dam: BB’s Millie

LL’s Faith

Color: Fawn

Sire:LL’s Jet Black

Dam: LL’s Ava

LL’s Dahlia

Color: Solid chestnut

Ready To Bring A French Lop Home?

We are located 1 hr south of Columbus Ohio and 1 hr north of Cincinnati Ohio.