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Show Quality French Lops

Located one hour south of Columbus Ohio and 35mins southeast of Dayton Ohio

French Lop Rabbit Pricing

All french lops come with a full pedigree and are showable unless otherwise stated.

Jr Bucks (male rabbits) under 12 weeks old priced at $150

Jr Does (female rabbit) under 12 weeks old priced at $150

We now have a paid waiting list.

To get on the list you simply pay your deposit ahead of time through Paypal or Venmo. After the deposit is paid I will send you a link to fill out a form to tell me what you are looking for in a rabbit. Sex, color, unrelated breeding pair extra…

The list is capped at 15 people.

Want to get on the list? Email [email protected] or DM the Facebook page.

If there are any rabbits available after all of the people on the paid waiting list are contacted, the rabbits will be listed here on the page.

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    Available Rabbits

    The rabbits do not have a set name. I like to let the new owners name them so all you have to do is write the name of your rabbit in the designated spot on their pedigree.

    The remaining french lop rabbits will be made available to the public AFTER everyone on the paid waiting list has made their choice. A date will be set soon after for them to be made available to the public.

    Upcoming Litters

    Next litters will be bred in the spring of 2022.

    To Be Bred Feb 11th 2022

    BB’s June

    Color: Solid Chestnut

    LL’s Maggie

    Color: Broken Gold Tipped Steel

    Sold – Color: Solid Chestnut

    SOLD – Buck #2 – Color: Broken Chinchilla

    SOLD – Buck #3 – Color: Broken Blue Chinchilla

    SOLD – Doe – Color: Broken Blue Chinchilla

    want to know

    How The Process Works

    Steps To Place A Deposit

    • We now have a paid waiting list so if you know you would like a rabbit a $75 non-refundable deposit must be placed to hold your spot. If for any reason I CAN NOT get you a rabbit your deposit will be fully refunded.
    • After a litter is born and I know the sex of the rabbits around 3 weeks old and will start messaging the people on the paid waiting list about the available rabbits in order.
    • Once the rabbit is chosen I will send you a link to schedule the pickup date to be set on or after your chosen rabbit is 8 weeks old.
    • The remaining amount is due at pick-up. **no personal checks**
    • Communication must be done through email, or Facebook messenger through the business page linked here – or email, or my business phone number.

    Why French Lops Might Not Be Right For You

    French lops are very forgiving when it comes to learning how to handle them and not acting out if they don’t like what you are doing.

    However, they are big and need to feel secure when you are holding them. So you do need to have a strong grip and be big enough to hold handle them. They do make good pets for younger children but it would be best if a parent was there to help move them around.

    Also, on the whole, the breed tends to prefer to sit on the ground and be petted. They don’t love for you to be standing and holding them because of their size. It’s just not comfortable for them.

    Wanting a rabbit for a pet?

    I have heard of people having success with does after they are spayed but I do not have any experience with this.

    In general, bucks make the best pets. If a doe does not have a litter about once a year. She can get a bit grumpy due to hormones.


    Do you take rabbits to re-home?

    It is my responsibility to care for the animals I own well. If you are looking to re-home a rabbit you got from us I will help connect you to someone who might be interested but I do not have the space to take back a rabbit.

    Do you work with transportation?

    I do work with an animal transport but they must come to my home to pick up the rabbit. As of the fall of 2020 airlines are not shipping animals so I can not ship french lop rabbits through airlines. 

    Do you sell Proven Rabbits?

    Very, VERY rarely. If I have taken the time to grow a rabbit to a full year I intend to keep it. 

    Do you meet buyers?

    Sorry no I do not meet buyers. You must pick up or arrange for transportation from my home. 

    Issues They Have

    There is not much that I have to complain about with this breed except they do struggle with weepy eye. While a little is normal the breed can have it get pretty bad.

    The eyelashes can rub on the eye and you might have to keep them trimmed and there are some cases where eyelids (mainly in bucks) can roll in towards the eye. Unfortunately, this does not tend to show up until they are about 10 months to a year old. There are some breeders that will keep a rabbit that had great body type but has really bad eye issues. Making it hard for those who want to cut that out of their herd.

    That is the only issue that I would say is common in the breed.

    Rabbitry “Office Hours”

    Time with family is important so I will only be checking emails and Facebook messages during the hours listed below.

    Message The Facebook Business Page Here

    Or send an email to [email protected]

    Weekdays: 09AM – 5 PM | Weekends: 1 PM – 5 PM