Conformation And Calm Temperament Is Our Constant Focus

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What I don’t do…

French lops are the gentle giants of the rabbit world, while many breeders just want bigger, that can leave you with animals that have undesirable qualities.

The french lop rabbits that stay here in the rabbitry as future parents are only chosen if they have good confirmation and no signs of undesirable traits such as sore hocks and bad teeth.

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I get it: finding the right animal breeder can feel… like a coin toss.

(maybe you have been disappointed before)

That’s why I do things differently… I want you to feel educated about the breed and know exactly what you are getting into. 

In a world where people who are NOT in the trenches raising rabbits are telling you what you should do, it can leave you with a bad-mannered animal, a destroyed home, and losing them sooner than you should.

I don’t believe in telling you what you want to hear but in telling you what is best for the rabbit.

What French Lops Need

French lops are a great breed but they do have a few special habits that you need to know.


While french lops are calm and make a good pet for younger kids because of their size they still don’t like sudden moves or loud noises… Staying calm when handling them is best.

Not Carried

French lops like to sit next to you on a solid surface rather than being carried around like a baby. They are afraid of being dropped and no matter how strong you are they aren’t going to like being held while standing.


Like any animal, rules and boundaries are a GOOD THING. Letting them free roam whenever they choose will leave you with an ill-mannered rabbit.

French Lop Rabbit Pricing

Adult rabbits are not for sale.

French lop doe laying on a table

All french lops come with a full pedigree and are showable unless otherwise stated.

Both Jr Does’ (female rabbits) and Jr Bucks (male rabbits) under 12 weeks old are priced at $150

We now have a paid waiting list.

To get on the list you simply pay your deposit ahead of time through Paypal or Venmo. Please reach out via email or direct message over social.

After the deposit is paid I will send you a link to fill out a form to tell me what you are looking for in a rabbit. Sex, color, unrelated breeding pair extra…

How To Get On The Waiting List

A $75 non-refundable deposit is required to get your name on the waiting list. If for any reason I CAN NOT get you a rabbit your deposit will be fully refunded.

Your $75 counts towards the total $150 for the rabbit. The remaining $75 is due at the time of pickup for your french lop rabbit.

Want to get on the paid waiting list? Email [email protected] or DM the Facebook page.

Like email better than social media?

Stay up to date on what is happening in the rabbitry through email

Wanting a French lop for a pet?

I have heard of people having success with does after they are spayed but I do not have any experience with this.

In general, bucks make the best pets. If a doe does not have a litter about once a year. She can get a bit grumpy due to hormones.

What you get when you buy a french lop.

  • Your french lop rabbit
  • An official rabbit pedigree.
  • Rabbit FAQ guide.
  • 3-5 days of rabbit feed for your to mix with what you plan to feed your rabbit to help with the transition.

Available Rabbits

Any rabbits that are available will get posted here on this web page and shared on my Facebook and Instagram, and an email notification sent out to our rabbitry email list as well.

Check our upcoming litter section below for our litter schedule for the new year!!

#2 – French Lop Solid Blue Steel Doe – sold

This doe is very sweet and active. Good starter doe if you are looking to start raising french lops. Her mom raised the whole litter on her own without any help from me so “hopefully” she will be the same way.

Upcoming French Lop Litters – 2023

There are already 11 spots filled on the waiting list for 2023 so you are welcome to place a deposit to get on the paid waiting list to hold your spot. The waiting list will be capped at 15 people until we start having our first litters born.

Make sure to get on the email notification list or follow our Facebook page to stay up on what’s happening in the rabbitry.

Our first 2-3 ladies will be bred the first week of March! Putting the litters being born in mid-April and the babies will be ready to leave in mid-June!

Our Planned French Lop Pairs To Be Bred In March

Ava (broken Cream) x Copper (solid Orange)

Maggie (broken Gold tipped steel) x Jet Black (solid Gold Tipped Steel)

Anya (Solid Gold tipped steel) x Cooper (solid Chestnut)

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How The Process Of Getting a french lop Works?

From Deposit To Pickup Day

  • After you reach out through email or DM on social and ask to place a deposit I will send you the info and options to send the deposit through Paypal or Venmo.
  • VERY IMPORTANT STEP: Once the payment comes through I will send you a super-secret link to a form that only paid members of the waiting list will receive. You will be asked a few easy please questions (what color or sex or french lop you are looking for as well as multiple contact options so you don’t miss a thing) that put your answers in my system and hold your place on the waiting list.
  • After a litter is born and I know the sex of the rabbits around 3 weeks old and I will start messaging the people on the paid waiting list about the available rabbits in the order they joined the waiting list.
  • Once the rabbit is chosen I will send you a link to schedule the pickup date to be set on or after your chosen rabbit is 8 weeks old. (This makes choosing a pickup time so much easier for us both)
  • The remaining amount is due at pick-up. **no personal checks**
  • Communication will be done through the same messaging platform you reach out to me on so we can keep all of our conversations in the same place.
  • About 3 days’ worth of feed will be provided for you at pickup as well as the rabbit’s pedigree. If you will be staying over somewhere for more than a day let me know and I will provide more.

Our French Lop Rabbits In Their new Homes

Pictures sent through DM or message updates.


Do you take rabbits to re-home?

  • It is my responsibility to care for the animals I own well. If you are looking to re-home a rabbit you got from us I will help connect you to someone who might be interested but I do not have the space to take back a rabbit.

Do you work with transportation?

  • I do work with animal transport but they must come to my home to pick up the rabbit. I can not meet a transporter on a Sunday due to them possibly being delayed. We are in church Sunday morning and evening so it’s too difficult to get them to meet in such a short window of time.

Do you meet buyers?

  • Sorry no, I do not meet buyers. You must pick up or arrange for transportation or pick up the rabbit yourself.

Rabbitry “Office Hours”

Time with family is important so I will only be checking emails and Facebook messages during the hours listed below.

Message The Facebook Business Page Here

Or send an email to [email protected]

Weekdays: 09 AM – 5 PM | Sat: 1 PM – 5 PM

Location: 35 minutes southeast of Dayton Ohio