6 Amazingly Simple Tips To Start A Backyard Farm Business With No Money Down

When you are first getting started building your backyard farm business it can be scary to spend money on something that is not bringing you any return on your work.

While I totally understand the hesitation and don’t want you to spend money un-nessisaraly I would encourage you to look at it as an investment into your future self instead of a waste of money.

YOu can’t get something for nothing and it’s the same in starting a business. I will encourage you to learn to loosen those purse strings even for a small amount.

Every time I invest in my business it grows so much faster than the times when I try to do things the free way or go without learning the skills I need to do the next step in business.

Be Strategic In What YOu Choose To INvest IN

Be careful what you choose to spend money on when it comes to marketing your backyard farm. I see so many people spend money on things like T-shirts with their farm or rabbitry name on them. And that’s fine when you attend local shows. But make sure there are things like your website or your social media handles on the shirt as well. People are busy when you are out in public and they are not going to remember a t-shirt logo.

Something better is to have business cards that you can leave for people to grab even if you are not at your station.

Think easy for people to do when you choose what to spend your money on.

Starting with free online tools is completely fine and I encourage you to do that (more on why later) but sometimes the paid less expensive tools are worth their price in gold to save us time, stress, and even give you a leg up. 

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Start Free Then Upgrade

Once you do one google search or stop at one personas ad you will start to see sssssooooo much you could spend your money on come across your feed. You will start to find people you like to follow and you can feel like you need to do the exact same things they do in order to succeed.

But let me tell you, EVERY business is different.

Its ok to start with the tools that your favorite coach or influencer is using. But don’t assume that will make or break your backyard farm business. Tis the content that you put out that matters.

When you have a small amount of income coming in that you want to invest back into the business. Use the money to help you get more done in less time. That should be the lense in which you evaluate an expense.

backyard farm business office with a candle and note book

If A Tool Doesnt Meet Your Needs Change It, But test it first

Some tools you might try and and it just wont work for you or the things you need for your business. IF its not working don’t stick with it because its popular. Look for something better as soon as you start to feel held back by a tool.

An email service I tried had a big problem I did not find out until I was inside the tool using it. The email option forms they gave would not update with any changes you made after it was embedded into a post. So if I wanted to change the color or text I had to manually go in and replace the old code with the new one.

That would not work for a blogger who has hundreds of blog posts.

But I jumped right in and had all of my email automatons set up within a few days of long hard work and within a month I found a different provider that fixed everything I didn’t like.

That was a lot of time wasted if I had just played around with the tool first I would not have had to take another few days to change services again.

end table with a note book and pencil holders

Ask For Tools As Gifts

This can be a hard one because we are often afraid to tell family and friends what we are doing until our new business becomes a success because we don’t want to disappoint them or have the feeling of them doubt our efforts.

Be brave and ask for site hosting, your social media scheduling tool, a tripod, or a ring light for your birthday or Christmas gift.

More and more people are just giving cash because it is easier and people can buy what they want. 

Courses are another thing that people can buy you as a gift.

Make Your Wish List

It can be easy to spend that few dollars on something you have been dreamingto have because its shinny or seems like what everyone else uses to be successful. But in reality that thing that seems important might not move your business forward or help you do your new job better.

… cough cough … Lightroom presets….. cough cough.

Make a list of every tool, product, or course you want to buy and why. Put reason besides that wished-for thing and what it will do for you. Will it make your life easier, will it help you grow, or is it just something you want to try? Any of those reasons is ok but you have to be ok with the results of what you choose to ask for.

desktop monitor in a rustic style office

Look For Deals

If you LIKE A TOOL and decide to start using a paid version, check to see if they have an annual plan where you can get a discount if you pay for the year in full. Many tools will give you a nice discount if you pay for the year. Make sure you like it though before paying a lot of money fora tool you arenit sure you like.

There are also a lot of holidays when tools will run sales. Starting as early as the week before thanskgiving-cybor monday is the best week to find deals on digital tools/

Use Apps That Give YOu Rewards

Use apps like fetch were you can scan purchase receipts of any kind and get a minimum of 25 points per receipt you scan. You can use the points to get gift cards to places like Amazon and use them for equipment for your business or backyard farm. A $10 gift card is 10,000 points but if you scan every receipt it will add up quicker than you think.

Shop anywhere. Snap every receipt. Earn FREE gift cards! 🎉 Sign up for Fetch and get 2,000 points when you snap your first receipt. Sign Up Here

It may not seem like much but if you want to grow your business with little down you wahve to get scrappy.

What should YOu have When You First Get Started

Above all else, you need somewhere to show your expertise and build trust with your audience. In your fist year its ok to just use one social platform. But if you get through one year and know you are going to stick with your new business, create a place you own.

A place you own is not a social platform where you are at the mercy of the algorithm. Create a website even if you have to use the free version of wordpress for a while.

When you re ready you can move to a self hosted website and start growing an email list.

I know hosting can feel expensive when you add up the total but it is one of the lowest monthly costs of any part of your business. It will pay off in dividends as your business and name grows.

Recomended Tools I Use And Love

A Way To Accept Digital Payment

Venmo – Sign Up Here

I use to only use PayPal to take deposits for the rabbits but I got several questions asking if I had Venmo and once I started looking into it I decided to have it as a second payment option. Another great thing about them is they don’t charge you a processing fee.

Pay attention to the tolls your customers use or ask about. You want to make things as seamless as possible. Youa regoing to be more likely to get sales that way.

Site Hosting

Unless you are planning on building a blog that gets thousands of visitors a day you don’t need extremely expensive hosting. Blue host is a great host to get started with. If you want a more advanced host I am currently using Namehero and they are a great option. There support is great.

Email Marketing Tools

If you are needing a free emailing tool I would start with MailerLite. They are free and have an insane amount of features and you get to use all of them and have an email list of up to 1000 subscribers before you start paying.

Social Media Schedulers

Plann – For social media scheduling – Get $10 off you first month.

I use plan to publish all of my social content. You can schedule up to 30 social postsa month for free and their tools is very easy to use and has a welcoming vibe too it. I know, I know… not the reason to choose a business tool but I also believe that if you are going to use a tool regularly you have to love using it.

But I’m not done yet. The data reports tool is second to none in my opinion for the free and the paid version.


Education is going to help you grow your business faster than you realize. I know that is going to be one of the hardest things to swallow but I promise you that the more you learn the more you will see results in your business.

Here are the educational resources I found the most helpful.

D2S Money and momentum – Check It Out

I have taken THOUGHSENDS of dollars in online business education and the core coriculem in this membership is everything you need. If you take even a few months in this membership you will be a whole new business owner.

I am not normaly a woohoo type of person but this membership is what every person needs if you are feeling stressed about all the different things you think you have to do to get your business started. It will help you simplify and build a business that fees right to you. Not what OTHER PEOPLE say you need.

The Productive And Profitable Backyard Farmers Club Membership – Learn More

I wouldn’t be doing you a service if I didn’t share my own business educationresourses that are targeted to backyard farmers. In this membership I help you tackle time, money, and business. While sharing everything I have learned in growing my multiple four figure rabbitry to help you create a country lifestyle that doesn’t leave you broke and burnt out.

Freebies that serve and sell – Sign Up For Free

You need to be strategic about who you get on your email list and know what ot creat for them to want to join. This free masterclass will help you learn exactly what you need.

Email Marketing Fairy – Check it out

The email marketing fairy was a great way to kickstart making an income from email marketing. I learn best by example and this ebook has a tone of email examples.

Love your list + free lesson preview – Check it out

This course is very much an investment but also teaches you about copy writing not just email. It is a very big course and takes some time to get through. It was worth every penny.

Order in which I would invest in new business as it was growing.

  • Site hosting.
  • Education
  • Email service provider
  • Scheduler for Pinterest

Like I said before make sure that the tool or thing you want to purchase will make a difference in your business. When you are first starting out there is little money (sometimes no money) to go around and you have to be very intentional with where you use what you have and that’s ok. 

But if you want to grow faster you have tobe willing to invest in your new business.

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