How To Make Money With Affiliate Products Without Feeling Salesy

You have heard about affiliate products but what does that even mean? In short affiliate products are something that you talk about on places like your blog, podcast, social media and get a commission if someone buys what you are talking about.

It seems easy enough. But there is one key component that you have to remember. People don’t buy from people they don’t know or trust and you have to work to show up often and gain the trust of your audience.

When people trust you, you don’t have to sell. Because they trust what you say. But when you have that trust. Don’t ever break it because you might never get it back. People are far less forgiving on the internet.

Selling Vs Sharing Affiliate Products

Selling is saying “buy my skincare, here is my skincare you need my skincare,” that is what turns people off. You are telling them what they need to do and not letting them decide on their own if they want the product.

Now before you say you can’t “sell” or tell people about a product.

I have a question for you. Would tell your best friend about a sale at your favorite clothing store or a great deal you found at your local craft store? I am in love with Hobby Lobby in case you were wondering. 

My sister and I tell each other about things on sale all the time and we don’t apologize or sound timid about telling the price.

Either of us could choose to go take advantage of the sale or not. I am not insulted if my sister does not buy the product I told her about and she is not mad at me for telling her about it. 

The same goes for you telling your readers about a product that you love. Maybe it is a couple hundred dollar course or it is a tool that you love and it only costs a few dolors a month. 

Learn how to make money with affiliate sales without feeling like a sales person. Plus my favorite affiliate programs.

Look at your business as building friendships.

If you are giving them valuable information or small quick wins along the way nobody is going to slam the door and get angry. When you run your own business it doesn’t come free and people forget that sometimes. Girls got to pay the bills.

If you are saying to yourself “ok, I think I can do this” then start with something small like an affiliate offer. A tool you use or product you love. It doesn’t have to be expensive.

A perfect example is the Email Marketing Fairy. It is a bundle of email templates that I used to help me set up email funnels, my welcome sequins, and even 25 bonus templates to use when you just don’t have anything to say.

The best strategy to take when your audience is small is to not stress about making a huge income but rather to earn free months of tools you already use and love if that fits with your audience.

It will help you practice sharing about your favorite tools and not stress out if your followers liked the product.

Only Share What You Love

One thing to remember is to only share products you love. And I don’t mean products that you kinda sort of use and would change if you found a better price somewhere. Products that have you hooked.

This is the key to success with affiliate marketing. You have to treat these products as if they were your own and you are the creator.  

Chose 2-4 Affiliate Products To Get Started

Chose just a few to get started. Once you have found your footing around talking about products then you can look for a few more. If you go all in and sign up for 50 different programs you are not going to where to start.

Think about the problems you solve with your content and find products that have helped you around that area. For me, I talk a lot about time management in both business and home. So some of the tools that I talk about are:

The Living Well Planner

The Powersheets Goal Planner – You can find them in the cultivate what matters shop. They have the one year planners available from October – Jan (or until they sell out) and Then bring in 6-month undated planners.

Trelloing for traffic (a business management system in trello.

Affiliate programs you can sign up for.


This is a system that people use to “host” an affiliate program through for their company. They have links and banner ads so all you have to do is grab the code and put it on your site. There are thousands of merchants on there. Just type in a few names and see what you can find. If you have never heard of them. Don’t waste your time signing up.

The account is free to create so make sure to try it out HERE.

Ultimate Bundles

Is another awesome program that you can sign up for. You get a percentage of the sale if someone buys the bundle of education material through your link these products are often knowledge-based courses or ebooks That are offered at about 90% off!

Last years Genuis Bloggers Tool Kit what over $5k in products for $97 and some of the healthy living bundles can be as low as $27

Below is a list of the promotions coming up for the rest of the year. 
Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle
Healthy Meal Planning Bundle Flash Sale
Genius Blogger’s Toolkit
Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Flash Sale
Handmade with Love Super Bundle Flash Sale
Ultimate Healthy Living + Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle Flash Sale
Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Bundle

You can sign up through this Link and they will email you once you have been approved.

Amazon Affiliates

Another great program that you probably hear about is Amazon affiliates where you can earn a percentage of someone’s purchase. You find a product you want to link to and grab the affiliate products link in the bar that goals across your screen when you are on desktop.

You are allowed to add links to your social accounts as well as putting links and adds on your website. However, you can not link to a product through email 🙁

You do have to get a certain number of purchases within (I believe 180 days) So make sure you have at least 50 site visits per day to get those sales or they will not approve you after the trial period. 

If you don’t get approved you can reapply so don’t stress too much.

Tools & Courses You Use

Other great ways to earn income is to promote tools you use that have a referral program where you get a month free if you refer someone or some might even give a payout. Tools like my email service provider Convert Kit offer a great return if you refer someone to them. So make sure you check the tools and courses you use to see if they have that option. 

Affiliate Discloser

One last important detail to remember is that you have to by law say that your post or email has affiliate links in the U.S. I have text in trello saved or on the little sticky notes app on my desktop so I can grab it any time I need to.

It goes like this. 

 This post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase an item through my links I get a small percentage back at no extra cost to you. This helps pay for the upkeep of the site and enables me to keep bringing you amazing content.

I often have it just like that under the Pinterest image so it is obvious but does not distract from the post. You are more than welcome to take that copy above and use it in your posts. 

If you are not in the U.S. which I know some of you are not check with your locations rules and regs on this area.

Some think saying “this is my affiliate link” will turn people away but for me, if I know someone is an affiliate for something I often go find their link if I can and buy it through them if I don’t have a better offer through someone else because if they can get a little $$$ why not?

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