Where To Sell Rabbits And Get FAST Results

You need to know where to sell rabbits because you have a litter of rabbits that are not as small and cute as they once were. Or you are no longer interested in keeping the ones you have. 

While I think we should think things through and not be irresponsible I am not going to waste my time and yours shaming you about it like some would. Deal? You have a problem and let’s fix it.

There are two things you need to think about when deciding where you are going to sell your rabbits. 

Speed and money.

How fast do you want or need them gone? And how much or little are you willing to sell them for? 

I am going to give you several options of places to sell your rabbits but also give you the pros and cons of each. As well as what you can expect from using the platform. 

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This post is all about where to sell rabbits and what to expect with each platform you use.

Know The Price Range For Your Rabbit

Know what people are asking on that platform before you choose to list it. If you are asking $100 for a mixed breed rabbit people are going to laugh and keep scrolling. 

But if a nicely bred rabbit that has a pedigree and you take nice clean pictures of the rabbit. NOT IN STILL SITTING IN THE CAGE. You will be able to get more for it.

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Places To Sell Rabbits Fast With Little Time Investment

There are easy bulletin board style places like Petfinder, Craigs List, eBay Classifieds, or an actual bulletin board ( I would only recommend this if you live in a city. Its pointless in a small town or if you live in the country)

Then you have places like a Facebook group dedicated to selling animals. 

If you plan on selling rabbits long-term say as a business. Then definitely consider starting a Facebook page or even a website if you want to have a sustainable and profitable rabbitry.

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Selling Rabbits On Petfinder

Petfinder is not a bad place to start if you are just selling rabbits as a one-time thing. They tend to come up at the top of all search rankings which is great for selling your animals quickly.

If you have purebred rabbits they will likely stand out amongst the rest of the rabbits because a lot of the rabbits are mixed. 

However, the people looking on this site are typically people looking for a pet. They aren’t going to appreciate posed pictures (the way rabbits sit for showing), pedigrees, and confirmation like a person who is showing would. 

While you can do all of those things and put pedigree info and bloodlines in the description that should be more of an afterthought and put at the bottom.

All in all, I would give Petfinder a 4 out of 5 for selling quickly and getting the best price for your rabbits it is a one-time thing.

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Craigslist was the place I got my start, believe it or not. They are a great place to sell rabbits one time if you need to but I wouldn’t recommend it long-term.

People on that site are looking for deals and are not likely to be willing to spend a large amount on good-quality animals. Occasionally people who know the value of a quality rabbit will find their way onto the site but it’s not as common anymore.

Another warning is that there are a lot of spambots on that website now. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, almost immediately you will get texts and sometimes even phone calls saying that they want to buy your thing. Asking if it’s for sale. And then sometimes offering five to six times what you are selling it for.

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Then they will say they are sending someone to pick it up and so on that is a spammer. If anyone asks you to click a link to verify that you are a real person don’t do it. I’ve gotten into several “fun arguments” with spinners over the link clicking just to have a little fun. It’s amazing how worked up they get about you not being willing to click the link.

Aaaaanyway…. with that said they are a great way to sell something quickly if you’re willing to list it for a lower price in order to sell it. However, you don’t really know where the rabbit is going. So if you’re concerned about it getting to a good home this is probably not the best option.

Note that you could always list something for the price you want for it and if people buy great, if not, not sweat.

Craigslist is a little lower when it comes to where to sell rabbits. It’s got a 2.5 because of the spam you have to sort through and the fact that you might have to lower the price of your rabbits to sell them quickly.

another home office with a laptop on the table and a cup of coffee.

eBay Classifieds

eBay classifieds is not very well known but is another place for you to be able to list your animal. I actually found my dog on eBay classifieds and he’s the best.

You are more likely to find a little bit better clientele here rather than on Craigslist. But it could take a little bit more time to sell them.

eBay gets a 3.5 for higher pricing but the drawback is the smaller crowd you have to work with.

How To Sell Rabbits To Pet Stores

Let me just say first this is not going to get you very much money. They are often $20 or less at the pet stores so the stores are not going to give you all of that. You can hope to get maybe half of the sales price in-store if you are lucky.

The fastest way to find out if you can sell rabbits to a pet store is to ask store management. Don’t bother with general floor workers. They don’t have the authority to buy store products. If there isn’t a manager there then ask what time is a good time to catch that person in the store and get a phone number that will get answered and you can call the store to see if that person is there ahead of time.

GIVE DETAILS do not just as short questions when you stop in or call the store. You won’t get the answers you are looking for. Ask short or stupid questions you will get short or stupid answers back.

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Bulletin Board

The good old-fashioned bulletin board got to love the old ways of doing things. The problem with this is not many people even go look at these things anymore. They could work if the bulletin board is on a commonly passed place where it will get a lot of eyeballs.

But honestly even then unless people make a habit of looking at it they probably won’t even notice.

Whatever you’re selling is going to have to be dirt cheap if you want to use a bulletin board. And it will likely take a while.

Bulletin boards are definitely at the bottom of the list at a 1.5. They are not going to get you a good price and are not going to be a fast seller. But if that is all you’ve got then do what you can.

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Facebook Group

Facebook groups are a great place to sell to people from all different walks of life and locations.

If you’re looking for a more pet-minded group you can find those. If you’re looking for people showing rabbits those groups are out there as well.

These groups are great for selling rabbits quickly but you are going to have to sort through a lot of comments and even messages that might be people just on looking rather than being serious about buying.

Helpful Rabbitry Tools

1. The tote is the perfect size to pack just what you need for the rabbits at a show and keep it all organized.
2. Whether you are selling rabbits and need to have pedigrees on hand or you are trying to keep all of your show papers in order these binders are great options.
3. Bunji cords are a God send when you are on your own trying to get a lot of little things maneuvered around. They will help keep everything on your show cart and keep you from taking a lot of trips. Premium Bungee Cords Heavy Duty – 20 Piece in Storage Jar Includes 10″, 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 48″ Bungie Cord Bundle
4. The key to getting a good show cart is LARGE WHEELS!!! You are most often going to a fairgrounds kind of set up and small wheels will get thrown off by the smallest little pebble causing you to have to maneuver a huge load of rabbits.

But this does give you a large pool of people. And depending on the group that you’re selling in you should be able to ask a decent price for the rabbit.

Just be careful how you post in the Facebook group. Because if your Facebook post looks like a sales post you could get flagged by Facebook or even get the Facebook group itself flagged if this is done often enough.

Technically selling animals goes against facebooks rules in terms of use. So you have to be very strategic about how you post things as well as not putting too much information in the post and asking people to either comment or DM you. Also, make sure to check the Facebook group rules because many have come up with a system for you to post a sales post. If you don’t follow the rules they have the right to boot you out so make sure to look.

To find a group to sell your rabbits in search the breed plus your local area or state. You could also look for groups for selling rabbits or rehoming rabbits. Don’t forget to look for farm groups or supply groups.

Facebook groups are a 4 out of 5 for the speed and a large amount of eyeballs you can get on your post.

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Find A Cull Buyer

You may not like this one but it’s still an option. You can sell rabbits to a cull buyer which often turns them into food. This is often what is done if a rabbit should not be bred or has some genetic nonshowable issues. They have to be healthy (no sniffles or infections) to sell them to a cull buyer and they will pay you about .25 – .50 per pound. Its not much but if you are out of options its an idea.

You can look up rabbit shows in your area on the ARBA website or Facebook pages and show groups and often the cull buyer is at the show for a few hours in the morning until about 12-1 pm.

If You Want To Sell Rabbits Long Term

So let’s say you want to sell rabbits long-term. If you want to start a profitable rabbitry you need to find a way to create a home base for your rabbitry.

Selling with the other sales options is fine to get started but you need to be directing people back to a Facebook page or a website in order to build up know, like, and trust with people who might buy from you.

People have to figure out that you exist before they buy from you. So you have to balance places that already have a decent amount of traffic with building your own.

For your first year or two of raising rabbits a social account is okay however it’s not a good idea to stick with it long term because the social platforms become unpopular and sometimes even go away over time.

So having more than one contact option or waste for people to find you is putting your eggs in multiple baskets to keep your rabbitry running.

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Facebook Page

A Facebook page has worked very well for me for many years. The mindset of people on Facebook is a little bit more relaxed and you don’t have to be posting pictures of rabbits running free in your home and promoting an unrealistic view of the way rabbits live. (Can you tell I have a pet peeve about this)

If you are just starting out you can also link to the Facebook page in your sales post on other places to help get people over to it and realize that you have another place where they can come find you and check you out.

This helps build authority in the people’s minds. In other words, you look a little bit more legit than just posting a sales post on craigslist or some sort of sales ad.

But also a dead Facebook page will not do you any favors so make sure you’re willing to post at least once a week even in the off months when you have nothing ready to sell just yet. I talk about how to do this in my profitable rabbitry playbook. Helping you stay active in building trust with people even when you have nothing to sell.

A Facebook page is going to be my first choice for starting a home base for your rabbitry.

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Instagram Account

Instagram is an okay place to create know, like, and trust with an audience who may want to buy from you down the road. However, they are a little bit more particular about what the images look like and the mindset of the user is a little bit more pet-oriented instead of the farming mindset.

Be a little bit more willing to tolerate people having different opinions than you.

However, you do have a very large pool to work within and price is definitely going to be able to be a little bit higher than selling other places.

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Create a Website To Sell Rabbits

A website is going to be the icing on the cake. However, I would recommend that you wait until you think you were going to stick to this long term if you find yourself at the end of year 2 raising rabbits and you think you’re going to keep going then consider starting a free website.

This is going to help you again layer on the authority and look even more legit in other people’s eyes. (this was one of the common things I heard from people when I was still new and posting on places like craigslist. They loved to look at the website and see I had more behind me than just a post)

You are able to share far more information on a website than in a single post. This will also help you show up in a Google search which is the first place people tend to go when they are looking for animals to buy. So try your best to learn SEO and how to get your website found in search.

Where to sell your rabbits is going to depend on your goals. Do you want them to sell fast and just get them out of your hair? Or do you want a little bit better of a price for them and have control over where they go.

The slower pace and a little bit higher price will help make sure that they go to someone who will care for them rather than someone who is just an animal collector and really doesn’t need another animal.

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 Quick Tips For Selling Rabbits

  1. Look clean, neat, and professional. Appearance is everything when it comes to getting more money for your rabbit.
  2. Provide multiple options to contact you. More and more people are getting off of social so don’t expect everyone to want to message you in the way you have chosen.
  3. Be confident and if you aren’t willing to “make a deal” then say so.
  4. Treat it like a business, not a hobby.
  5. Provide as much info as possible. Don’t just say “my rabbit is for sale, buy it”.

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