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How To Reach Your Goals As A Stay At Home Wife


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Have no idea how to reach your goals? Feel like you never get closer to your dreams?

That is not a fun place to be and it can cause a sense of anxiety. You know you were meant for more but you don’t know how to take action.

Take a deep breath and we are going to work through this together.

Life is crazy and your days get filled with seemingly important to-do’s that you THINK need to be done. You are working so hard and by the time you get to the end of the day, you can’t really say what we accomplished. You are exhausted and you know you were not lazy but you have no idea what you did.

Sound like you?

The problem is you are not doing the tasks that will move you closer to your goals. You need to give those important tasks your attention FIRST before they get pushed down the list of todo’s

To get anywhere you have to know exactly what it is that needs to be done.

The first step…

Get Clear On What You Want

Maybe your goals are small and maybe they are bigger. It really doesn’t matter what they are as long as you know what you are reaching for.

So what goals do you have? Do you want to have your house in better shape? Maybe you have a home improvement list that is longer than your arm… Or you may just what to have a home that is less chaotic. That’s ok too.

What about spending more time as a family or building a business that will bring an extra side income for your family? What about paying off debt or saving for a new car?

What will you want when you’re 80?

This was a question that is asked by the powersheets goal planner from cultivate what matters. The things we want now often look a lot different when we are old and looking at the end of our life. I want to be looking back on my life and be able to say I spent my time in the right places.

These are the big-picture goals that you need to be spending your time on. The power sheets goal planner is worth its weight in gold. There are six-month goal planners and starting in October there are yearly goal panners that normally sell out by the end of January. Visit the shop by clicking the image below.

Not the little fires that pop up without warning.

I know I know… Easier said than done, right?

Evaluate What You Do Every Day

Once you get clear on what you want. You need to assess what you do every day. Stay at home wives are the most underestimated creatures I know.

The world thinks you sit at home watching TV in your messy bun and yoga pants. When really you are slaying the world.

Think about your average day… I know what day is average right? Think about what you do on a regular basis. To reach your goals you have to fit the tasks in somewhere. Is there something you might have to quit for the time being?

Or maybe you will have to give up something fun you do on a regular basis to reach your goals. It’s up to you how serious you want to get.

Reach Your Goals By Breaking Them Down

Start by breaking each big goal down to smaller tasks and I mean REALLY small. If you want to get a better idea read this post about planning projects.

Be careful not to do too much at once. My favorite goal planner helps you walk through this process.

Break down each month’s tasks into weekly tasks.

And then those weekly tasks into small tasks that can be done each day.

Those big tasks don’t seem so scary, do they?

Do The Important Not Urgent

As a stay at home wife, there are sssooo many things pulling for your attention. You can get detracted by what seems important but if you step back and look they are not as important as it seems.

To make steps closer to your dreams and goals we need to make choices about what is important and what falls into the urgent but not important category.

Let me explain…

As women who want to make everyone happy and put an enormous amount of pressure on ourselves to make Pinterest worthy meals and be Instagram ready.

These are tasks that have a due date of seemingly right now. But could be simplified or not done at all. 

Making a fancy dinner that has an hour of steps and prep-work.

When you are working to build a business or working towards a goal that will make your family’s life better. Sometimes you have to call in back up. Your family will still be fed if you order pizza or take out. If eating out is not an option then have a frozen pizza or hamburger patties ready to pull out of the freezer when time ran out. 

It is ok if dinner is not a beautiful feast trust me. 

I will step on some toes with this next one.

Entertaining your kids every waking moment.

Now before you click away and ignore me, hear me out. You are not doing your kids a favor by entertaining them every second they are in the same building as you.

Teach them to find things to do and not just sit around the house saying they are bored.

Have snacks they can get themselves if they are hungry. Find things you can have around that they know are available to them so they won’t come and pester you while you are busy.

Social Media

Be careful with this one. If you are a blogger or business owner you might think you are promoting your business but you end up looking at what a friend had for dinner.

It is easy to start mindlessly scrolling and not get anywhere for your business.

Make sure that the tasks you are doing in social are going to bring more eyes back to your site, build an audience, that eventually lead to sales. Likes and popularity don’t pay the bills.

Stay true to your big-picture goals and the next time you are tempted to do one of those little fire tasks. Take a look at your big-picture goals and ask yourself how much time away from those goals will that take you.

Be strategic about your timing and the tasks you do and you will live a life with purpose.

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