How To Plan Your Day As A Stay At Home Wife

Wherever you find your self you need to learn how to plan your day in order to feel good about what you accomplished.

There are a few camps you could find yourself in.

One you have so much to do and you don’t know where to start. Or you want to have more meaning to your life but you don’t know how to make it happen.

You love those pretty notebooks and planners but they don’t tell you HOW to plan your day and get more done with the time you have. Before you get too excited I want you to realize it takes practice. You’re not going to be a pro at it overnight.

Simple is often better and you will have better follow through. Don’t complicate the process. Ok, are you ready to get to it?

Start With The Big Picture

You might be wondering why I am starting here.

Humans were created to have a purpose and something to work towards.

Proverbs 29:18 says this” Where there is no vision the people perish:”

And those big goals are going to be what drives you to keep moving. Because you are working towards something greater. Also in order to plan your day you have to know where you are going. You can’t work aimlessly towards something.

It Doesn’t have to be big.

What you are working towards does not have to be big. Maybe you want to organize a room or make it a goal to make yourself feel beautiful to YOU every morning.

Or maybe you want to start a blog to see where it goes. The size of your goals doesn’t have to be astronomical.

Think about what your life will look like next year, or in 2-3 years.

 Where do you live? What are you doing for income? How much money do you have in the bank? How do you spend time with your kids or spouse?  What do you do in your free time?  What are your hobbies?

Yes, everyone should have hobbies.

Now that you have an idea of what life you are working towards (if not that’s ok too, just keep thinking about it) you need to think about the steps you have to take to get to where you are going. Think about them like projects. If you need more help breaking down your goals read this post to help you out.

Choose three major things you want to see happen THIS YEAR. Be as specific as possible. Set dates in your calendar of when you want to see each action step of that goal completed this year.

What are your priorities AND how does your mind work.

These two things go hand in hand. My top priority is growing my business, but I can’t think straight if my house feels out of wack. So by working on something that is lower on the totem poll I am setting myself up for success in something that is higher up.

For me, I can’t work if my house is a train wreck. (I don’t let it get there) If I have had a stressful day and there are just a few things sitting out of place it makes me feel better to fix it then get to work. I realize that is not normal but maybe there is something else that you like to have in order. Or completed.

Before you can create a plan for your day you have to know what is important to you and set yourself up for a good day.

Write Out Your Tasks

Now before you assume this is your task list, hold the phone. This is another list just like your big dreams you are working towards.

Write out what has to get done around your house. It’s probably things like laundry, sweeping, dusting, taking the dog out.

Do you have a project you want to get done? write out what needs to be done with that as well.

Put The Plan Together

This is where you put the pieces together. Give your goals or projects a portion of your day first! This is how you will get to the end of your day and see progress and not just doing small things that won’t get you anywhere in life. Whether that is organizing something or working towards a bigger goal put that action step in your calendar first.

Take your list of tasks that need to get done every day and prioritize them by Must Do’s , Should Do’s, And Would like to’s.

If your brain works best-writing things down then you need to use a planner that has hours blocked in it. Erin Condren planner is and very clean and focused.

Side note to those who hate planners.

Now here is one thing I am going to say if you don’t like the idea of a planner or scheduling things. When you write down what needs to happen and give it a set time. You are able to get a realistic view of what can happen in a day.

It’s so easy to put 27 things in a 24hr day. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget sleep. With that said you should try to keep each grouping of tasks down to 3 tasks per must do, should do, and would like to.

Then start at the top and start knocking down the list.

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What To Do When Your “Plans” Don’t Go As Planned

I love a good plan and it is hard for me to let go when something goes wrong. But that is life y’all.

Plans will change and that’s ok. But having a plan or a guide for where you are at in your day will help you know where you left off and when you get the problem fix you can jump back in.

When you are feeling stressed and like life is spinning out of control sometimes you have to stop and refocus.

Plan your day with intention and spend your time where it matters most.

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