Before jumping into homesteading and purchasing animals, doing research is a must.

No good business person starts a project without a little research, and neither should a homesteader. To be able to make a profit at selling anything, it would make the task a whole lot easier if you were not trying to sell something that ten other people were trying to sell in your area.

You need to make sure there is a need for something before you try to sell it, whether it is a product or livestock. A successful business gives the answer to a problem or fills a need. Sometimes you might have to show people that they need it. However, the need still has to be there.

For example; becoming a well-known breeder of Arabian horses or German shepherds would be a huge task considering they are some of the most popular breeds in the U.S. today with potently hundreds of breeders in each state.

Can it be done? Sure, but not without many hours of work and years of making connections and learning their “game” or field. You would have to prove yourself and your animals value to the equestrian or canine circuit to make a financially successful business out of it.

Whether you are just starting out or are considering adding a new species of livestock to your farm or homestead. Take the time to research what is common in your area. If you want to raise that species of livestock, consider finding a breed that is less common or come up with a different avenue of sale. It just takes a little creativity.

Look through breed lists and find three to five different breeds that interest you and why. Also, list the ways that the animal can be useful (jobs it could do) and what avenues of sale you could approach.

Let’s use the example of starting to breed German shepherds.

There are many options for “marketing” this breed. They are great for home protection and also make great family dogs. German shepherds are also herding dogs, you would be able to appeal to the herdsman in your area.

If you decide to go with the best quality you can afford, you could also appeal to the show circuit as well. You could have the options of starting the basic training for the puppies bought from you for a fee.

There are many ways you can generate income from each animal you can bring onto your homestead. It just takes a little creativity.

You just need to plan ahead and consider your options before you jump in.

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