How To Start A Blog Online – & have people waiting to read your stuff

You want to know how to start a blog online, but where do you start?

What do you really need to get started? Do you have to have loads of blog posts ready before you hit publish? What tools do you need? Where should you put your content? All those questions and more coming your way friend.

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Tech is over your head and making all of these choices is more than a little overwhelming. What about traffic and social media?

Take a deep breath and calm those rumbling thoughts of yours. I’ve got you covered.

This post is laid out so you can start building an audience and have people waiting to read what you have to share before your site is even up and running.

Thought Work To Start A Blog

Before you jump into setting up your site there is some thought work that needs to happen. You probably have many topics you want to write about and some probably are not in the same niche (the topic of conversation) and that is ok. But you need to find a way to tie all of your topic ideas together so they make sense.

What I want you to do is write out of all the topics you would like to write about. Then chose the top 3 that you like the most and is something you as a person love to talk about. Something that you catch yourself going on and on about if you get asked a question about the topic. If you don’t like something then it does not make sense to write about it.

An example is me writing about food or recipes. I don’t enjoy cooking and I only do it so I don’t eat food out of a box. And I never argue when my husband offers to pick up food on the way home.

So how are we going to tie all of your ideas together? There are a few key things that will do this for you.


The top three-five topic ideas you came up with will be your post categories. Of those three topics come up with three to five post ideas that fit under each of those categories. You will end up with subcategories as well. For example, if you choose recipes/food as one category you will have subcategories like main dishes, desserts, sides, drinks and so on as subcategories.

Here, let me give you a visual picture.

Think of your whole blog as a bridge. You post categories are the pillars of the bridge and the subcategories are the bricks.

Then this next section is the pathway you walk on. ( I talk about that in the next section.)

bridge as an example of how to narrow your niche with supporting topic


Now let’s make your pathway. Your tag line is a sentence that is (hopefully) 10 words or less. And is often displayed at the top of your website header under your blog name.

Looking at these topics you will start with what is the over-arching theme that seems to surface? How could you sum what people will find on your blog in one relatively short sentence?


Now I am no branding expert so take this for what it is worth. But the brand is how your person feels when they think of you and your business. It includes everything from your colors and fonts, to the words you use on your site.

Think of the person you are writing to. What attracts them? What makes them feel comfortable and want to stay around. Use that information when you start your blog online.

Bring People On The Journey Through Social Media

Yep, you are going to start one social account for your new blog before your blog is even up. This is called creating buzz. You want to get people excited to come and visit your site before it is even up and running. You want them to be banging on your virtual door to read your stuff.

You need to share things like what is coming. How the creation process is going. Ask them questions about what they wish other blogs or sites had.

This will give you content ideas and you will have an audience before it even starts.

There are many options for social platforms so here are some things I want you to consider before you create your account

  1. What platform do you like most.
  2. Is your ideal reader on that platform or is it starting to die out?
  3. What is the goal of that platform?

The top three are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (Pinterest is not a social platform) for most bloggers. Facebook will drive more traffic of the three once your site is up but if your audience is between 24-35 you will have a better shot with Instagram to grow.

people on their phone

Write Your First 5 Pieces Of Content To Start A Blog

Before you launch and tell people that your site is up and running (just say you are starting one before this) I want you to have a minimum of 5 posts scheduled for people to read you do not want to get people excited and they only find one post. This will leave them disappointed and probably not come back for more.

Pro Tip: Once you have those first five up and running start working ahead on posts. If you get sick or something happens and you can’t write more posts then you will have a few posts ready to go. This will save you a lot of stress.

Getting On A Search Engine

By this, I mean choosing a second platform that some think of as a social platform but are really search engines. Know which two I am talking about. If you guessed Pinterest or YouTube you would be correct.

With these platforms, you can be more strategic and drive people directly to your site. If you have a little more time to invest I would recommend you do both.

If you need to choose one I would say go with Pinterest. It is still the number one traffic driver for any blogger who puts effort into it. Plus you will start to see more results far sooner than YouTube.

Setting Up A Routine

Being consistent is the best thing for your blog and to gain traction. Start with one post a week and if you can do more then increase it. Set the goal that you will post every Tuesday for a month before you decide to up the anty. The reason writing more often is the more content you have out in the world the faster you will be able to see what your readers will like. And it is a numbers game. You need a lot of posts to help people find you.

When you are writing your posts make sure to schedule out promotional posts on social media telling people it is live, and give a short description of the post. Publishing a blog post will not get you traffic. You have to tell people about your blog.

woman writing in a note book

Themes To Start Your Blog

You can start with a free theme and you will be perfectly fine but you are EXTREMELY limited when it comes to making the theme look the way you want it too.

If you have the budget I HIGHLY recommend you start with Genesis Framework. (it is not as expensive as you might think.) Think of it like the frame on your house and your site theme is the siding that makes your house look pretty. The Framework helps your site run smoothly and is designed to be more search-friendly. Genesis framework comes with a very basic theme and is fine to get you started.

If you are looking for something a little more fancy and beautiful these from Restored316 are amazing, They are easy to set up and they give step by step instructions on how to make your blog look just like the theme once you make the purchase.They also have a very supportive Facebook group where you can ask any questions if you have trouble and you get answers pretty quickly.

Blogging takes time and effort. You might feel like you are not getting anywhere but I want you to stick with it.

When you feel like giving up I want you to think back to why you started in the first place. You why will get you through the toughest times. Because let’s be honest, even bloggers with thousands of visitors every month will tell you they have days they want to quit.

Just tell yourself you can quit, but no on a bad day.

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