When you hear the term “holiday season” what feeling comes up inside. Are you excited or do you get stressed? What causes that feeling?

There can be many different reasons that we feel stressed for the holidays. It could just be the sheer number of to-dos that need to be done. Or all of the places you have to be. I have said this before but I am a planner, so much so that I get stressed when I don’t know what is going on from day to day.

What I find is that if we are prepared the best we can be for what is to come we can respond to the issues that come up without warning. We can not know everything that will happen, that is just part of life. If you have a something like a planner or some method of keeping track of your to-do’s, you can refer back to it when things feel out of control.

Here are some tips to help you manage both life and business.

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The Mindset

As women, our minds will always have a five-lane highway during rush-hour running through them. That is what you have to concur. Know how your mind works and manage your life so it gives you peace mind. See what others do and tweak it so that works for YOU. There is no right way to manage your life and business.

Planning ahead will help keep your emotions calm and help keep you prepared so you know how to respond to what life throughs at you. Whether it is financial, time, or to-do’s that have your stomach in knots. Having your to-dos on paper or in a place that you will go back to will free up your mind from having to remember every little detail.

Start Early

For both Thanksgiving & Christmas you should start by October setting dates and tasks to be completed by certain times. For more on time management and planners I love to use, check out this post.


Manage Your Business With Less Stress

Set Expectations

Whether you are a soloprenure or have a team you need to set expectations for both you, your employees, and your customers. Think about things like:
When will you be online?
When can the expect responses to emails?
When will blog updates come out?

Inform everyone who needs to know and stick to those times. Don’t feel bad if you let a non-urgent question sit in your inbox for a few days. Do check in maybe once a day to make sure that there is not something urgent that could effect sales or something of that nature. Otherwise make sure to enjoy yourself and take time off.

Pre Schedule

There are so many things you can preschedule to go out when you are not even online. Blog posts, social media posts, emails can all go out. Below is a list of popular services that are not too expensive and will help you save so much time…

Social Media Schedulers

•Post Planner
•Facebook has their own in-house scheduler.

Email Services – (some links are affiliates)

•Mail Chimp
•Active Champaign
•Convert Kit

Have a canned response that is set to go out every time someone emails you with a short explanation and the time/date you will be back into work. This will enable you to have the space to check emails when you want but not feel pressured to check them and respond within 24hrs. Or as soon as the notification comes through on your phone. Which I do not recommend.

Turn those notifications off!

Short and sweet.


Remember It Will Be Ok.

We get stressed and worked up about things not going our way but if we take a step back and ask our self “what is the worst that could happen?” It is really not that bad. Will our followers completely leave us if we have a techy glitch? Not likely. Will our family disown us because we forgot a part of the meal? No of course not. Just remind your self again and again that the worst that could happen is always fixable.

Do you have something that helps keep you calm? Share with us how you make it all happen in the comments below.


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