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10 Simple Tips To Organize Your Life For The Stay At Home Wife

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If you only knew how to organize your life everything would be good right? Stay at home wives are some of the most productive people I know. Not because they have more time then the average bird to plan their day.

It’s because as a stay at home wife you spend so much time IN the day to day of life. This enables you to see what works and what doesn’t more often than others. As well as making the call for what is worth the time and what isn’t.

You don’t wake up knowing how to organize your life. Or suddenly become a pro after reading a book on organizing your life. It takes practice and you have to stick to it.

But you can do it if you have the desire to know how to organize your life.

But before we get into “how” I want to share some key things you need to remember about organizing.

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How You Organize Now Is Going to Change Down The Road

One thing I came to realize is sometimes the system you had worked for a while but eventually, it could stop working. Something in your life changed or the tools you use just don’t jive with your brain anymore.

And you know what? That’s ok. Be open to the idea of changing how you organize your life.

Life changes and the things we do will start to look different as well.

There might come a time when you are sticking to the system you set up but it just does not feel as natural as it used to. You will likely start to feel like the task is a lot more work than it used to be or you’re starting to have grouchy thoughts when it comes time to get that task onde. Who am I kidding… you wouldn’t do that😉

Rather than completely throwing out the whole system. Stop and ask yourself what it is that does not seem to flow? It could be the planner, time of day, or online tool you are using or not using.

paper in a trash can

Keep your eyes open for those times when you are sticking to the plan but you are not getting the results you want. Slow the pace when you go through a task and try to pinpoint where the snag is.

Figure Out How To Organize Your Life A little At A Time

You can’t jump in and bring peace to the crazy parts of your life all at once. You have to start with one area of your life and work your way through each of the areas that need a little help.

It’s like cleaning up a messy room. You will take a LOT more time if you just start randomly grabbing things that need put away. BUT if you start organizing one small section at a time. You won’t feel as overwhelmed and think about giving up.

If your life is feeling like a hot mess, start with one simple thing at a time. It could be your closet, or as small as the drawer you use most often in your kitchen.

Where To Start Organizing

Boy oh boy, where to start…

I say this over and over but it all depends on how your mind works. Are you easily overwhelmed? Then start with a very small part of your daily routine.

Or if you are a go-getter then work on the area that will help you feel the most at peace. It could be your kitchen, living room, home office, desk, closet… or your digital devices.

Or maybe it is something smaller like your purse or planning system.

Whatever the case make a list of all the areas you can think of you wish worked better. Start with ONE!!! My mom (God love her) is notorious for having multiple projects going at once. The problem with that is it stretches your mind so thin that you cant focus on one thing.

Start with one thing. Knock it out of the park. Then move on to the next.

Their Way May Not Be Your Way

Not all systems are going to work for you. Some you might love and others you might only use parts of and blend with something else to work better for you as a whole. Be willing to blend systems to work for you.

Oftentimes these new fandangled systems are so complicated it’s easy to forget what you are supposed to do? Using all your brainpower to simply remember the steps is not going to help you keep your life organized.

Keep it simple.

You might very well have to make up your own system. The longer I am in business the more I find I have to figure out the right system for me.

Write It All Down

I don’t care if it is just one thing. Write it down.

Once again for the people in the back. WRITE IT DOWN.

Getting anything that is running through your mind out will help you in so many ways. I heard it said that your mind is meant for coming up with ideas not holding on to them. Your tasks that pop into your mind are ideas.

When you write them down are less likely to forget things. You can sleep better because you don’t have the pressure of everything you have to do weighing on your mind.

Schedule Everything

Anything from a doctor’s appointment to sweeping the floor. If you don’t make the time it won’t get done.

Having a calendar with the hours marked in it is POWERFUL. It helps you see how much you have time for in your day. It will also keep you from being unrealistic about what you plan to get done in your day.

woman writing in her planner

I have tried several different planners but right now I am using the Erin Condren Planner With the hours marked and I am so happy with it. It is strategic BUT still simple. It’s not overly complicated which helps me stay consistent. If you are new to the EC planners you can get $10 off your first order using this link.

I am a do’er so getting lots done is not hard for me at all. BUT not doing the RIGHT thing can be difficult… goes back to scheduling even the smallest things to get you moving in the right direction.

Peaceful Home: How To Make Your Country Home More Peaceful

Declutter Regularly

If you have not touched it in 6 months and it is not a seasonal item (like sweaters or Christmas ornaments) then get rid of it. Things like clothing and kitchen items can (and should) be cleared out every six months.

For things like home decor, you can hang on to that for twelve months if you think you might use it. BUT if you start to barry that thing in the back of the closet. Then no my friend get rid of it.

Clearing Clutter: To Have A More Peaceful Country Life

cloths in two piles one with a discard label and one with a keep label

Everything Has A Home

There is going to be the stuff you use often and might even float around a bit. But everything you own needs to have a place it sits. Even if that is just on your side table.

When you are trying to decide where someting goes pause and think about where would make the most sence. What direction do you move when you are using this item. Is it going out the door? Or out to your animals?

What about cleaning, doing the dishes, or morning devotions. Find a place that makes the most sense for that item and make “that place” its home.

Women putting her cloths on a shelf

Stay Away From Bargains

This one is huge. Do not get something just because it is a deal. I will not say who but someone who does this. Whether it is food, home items or cloths if you don’t see a place in your mind’s eye for it. Then don’t buy it.

The food will go bad before you can eat it and if you don’t love the clothing item. We naturally grab for the things we love and if you don’t love said thing. You wont use it.

Another thing that goes here is buying crafting or hobby supplies even if you don’t have a project in mind. I like to crochet buuuttt I don’t buy random yarn scenes even if I love the yarn and it is on sale. The chances of finding more of that yarn if you run out is not very high. You are also stuck storing it until you have a project that will take just the amount you have. By then you might fall “out of love” with that color.

Keep Only What You Need.

This is similar to the last point, only keep what you need. Don’t keep six of the same thing, one back up will do. If you have so many backups you will never be able to find “what you need” at the moment.

neat kitchen

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Knowing how to organize your life is a process. It takes time to get good at it and find what works for you. Keep practicing and tweaking until you feel good about it.

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