Best Rabbitry Supplies You’ll Ever Need

There are so many different things available for your rabbits and to be honest, some of the pretty packaging and unique designs are for us, not the rabbits. Because they know we are suckers when it comes to buying things for our pets.

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Utility Supplies

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my utility cart and use it all the time in the rabbitry. Carrying food bags to the tack box, watering in the winter, helping with cleaning and so much more. I’m like a kid with a red wagon and I’m sure you will be too.

Sunnydaze Utility Steel Garden Cart, Outdoor Lawn Wagon with Removable Sides, Heavy-Duty 400 Pound Capacity

If you don’t have a barn or a way to cover your supplies this is an awesome alternative and currently what I am doing.

Suncast 83-gallon Waterproof Outdoor Storage Container


These are my top items to have on hand for treating health issues quickly.

This is an antibiotic that is wonderful to have on hand for your rabbits. If they are prone to eye issues this will help clear it up quickly. If it is not working then you need to look into eyelashes rubbing the eye.

Herbs For Your Rabbits Health

Rosemary is the best thing I have found to help rabbits with everything from bloat to Diarrhea. Just give a few tablespoons on your rabbit’s food for a day or so until you start to see the issue cleared up.

Lavender and another extremely useful hern to have in your rabbitry. If you want to learn how to use lavender read this post.

Anthony’s Organic French Lavender Petals, 5 oz, Extra Grade, Dried, Gluten Free & Non GMO

Rabbitry Grooming Supplies

Slicker brushes are great for getting a large amount of brushing done. The Button on this one is great for easy cleaning. Just don’t let it get to full before cleaning the brush.

The wider tooth side is best for detangling and removing foreign matter.

Nail Cutters


Dog clippers work better because they are made stronger. Cat clippers are pretty wimpy.

Clippers are a lifesaver. HOWEVER, if you are showing then do not cut the fur unless it has time to grow back before your next show. You can not alter the natural look of the rabbit if you are showing. If you need to get close to a wound then these are great or if you have a woolen rabbit that needs a regular hair cut.

Professional Pet Grooming Kit Rechargeable

Grooming Stone

When you are grooming a rabbit for a show you do not want to take off too much of the fur so the coat does not appear to thin. This stone will only take the top layer of fur so the rabbit does not look too “fuzzy” if it is shedding.

Rabbit Housing

J-Clips are the best way to hold wire together and do any kind of cage building. BUT they are something you DO NOT want to skimp on.


To get the J-Clips to close up properly you need a good pair of these plyers. I bought a cheep pair at tractor supply and they bent after about 30 minutes of use.

J-clip Pliers Heavy Duty cage building pliers

  1. DIY barn 
  2. Carport 
  3. Sheds 

Having a large breed finding the right size cage‘s is next door to impossible. So I have to make my own. This wire is perfect for flooring.

YARDGARD 309301A 24 inch by 25 foot 16 gauge, 1/2 inch by 1 inch mesh galvanized welded wire

I will say this until I am blue in the face. But don’t have a space in the cage where the rabbit has a place to sit in its waste. They will use a closed-in area as a toilet and cause its backside to get covered in poo. Not a fun thing to have to clean up. This hutch has a wire floor all the way across. Which is perfect.

Personally I don’t think rabbits need a litter box. The waste will fall to the ground or in the tray. So there is no need to create more work and using something to keep the waste closer to the rabbit. They naturally go in one spot anyway. If your rabbit is indoors and you feel the need to have one this is a great option. It keeps the rabbit off of the waste. DO NOT use one that does not keep the rabbit off of the waste and litter. It will cause so many different issues.

If you are looking for a rabbit cage in this post I share all of the things I look for in a cage.

Cage Cleaning


Feeding Supplies And Equipment

  1. Rubber bowls
  2. Water Bottles
  3. J Feeders

Pet Lodge Steel Small Animal Feeder with Lid Small Animal Feed Box

Rabbits LOVE to throw things. So You need something that will keep them from throwing the bowl. I love these for a few reasons because they are pretty heavy so that will slow them down from throwing it. This bowl also cant be chewed.

Locking Bowls

If you have a large breed or one that is just bound and determined to dump its food go for the locking bowl. This one holds 20oz.

Nesting Box

If you are raisng babies here are some things you need to keep on hand.

Rabbits must have a nesting box to give birth to their babies. They will naturally start to nest when they are within a day or two of delivering. A box helps the babies stay warm and contained so mamma does not step on them accidentally.

  • Straw and pine bedding
  • Paper towls
  • Heating pad to warm babies if they are born out of the nexting box.
  • Small basket or box to hold the babies if you need to move them.


You have to chose your rabbits toys carefully. Rabbits are VERY susceptible to abscesses and if a toy pokes them in the mouth they could develop an abscess.

Do not give your rabbit any toy that could be chewed to the point of having any sharp corners plastic pieces.

Your rabbitry can be as expecive your as affordable as you want to make it. Don’t go out and buy everything until you see what you will need.

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