The Ultimate List Of Rabbitry Supplies For Beginner and Advanced Rabbit Raisers

What rabbitry supplies do you need? What’s necessary and what’s not necessary?

Hold on to your bootstraps because I am about to take the bull by the horns.

Show rabbitry supplies

There are so many different rabbit supplies available for your rabbits and it’s hard to know what is necessary and what’s not.

Don’t be afraid to go to buy things from the dog or livestock/cattle department. Sometimes you can find better deals in different spots.

Whether you are a rabbit breeder or you simply have a few pet rabbits you will be able to find the rabbit supplies you need that are curated by a rabbit owner for rabbit owners. NOT what the pet market is trying to sell you that will in turn cause health issues for your rabbit. 

Creative Rabbitry Supplies To Make Your Life Easy

Here are some rabbitry supplies that will be a GAME CHANGER for your rabbitry. YOu won’t find them at livestock feed stores but they should be. Part of being a good rabbitry owner is being creative with things that might not be intended for raising rabbits.

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Medical Rabbit Care Supplies

These are my top items to have on hand for treating health issues quickly.

One thing you will find out is rabbits are VERY prone to infection no matter how small of an injury it is. So don’t feel bad about it. Just be ready to fix it. Having some kind of antibiotic on hand is a must.

  • Terramycin Pet Eye Health Ointment for Dog and Cat 1/8 Oz – See On Amazon

This is the best antibiotic I have used to help heal up infected eyes. It should fix the problem within two to three days. Even though the tube is small it lasts a while.

  • Vetericyn Plus All Animal Eye Wash. Pain-Free Solution for Abrasions and Irritations. 3 oz – See On Amazon

If you have a rabbit breed that is prone to eye weeping or are susceptible to allergies this stuff is great. It helps relieve pink eye, allergy symptoms, and calm irritations.

  • Bactine Max Pain Relieving Cleansing Spray, Maximum Strength First Aid Pain Relief + Antiseptic Spray – See On Amazon

Yep, this is for humans but it works great to spray on little scrapes and irritations that you find on your rabbits before they get infected.

  • A2Z-IRS01 Stainless Steel Iris Dissecting Scissors 4.5″, Straight, Fine Point – See On Amazon

These are great for grooming as well as if you have to trim fur around a wound they are so sharp and trim in the smallest places.

Herbs For Your Rabbitry

I am a huge fan of using herbs and essential oils whenever I can because they work. I am not a “be all-natural” for all-natural sake. I am going to use what gets the animal healed the quickest.

dried herbs for rabbitry supplies

Dried herbs are best for internal and essential oils work best on external issues. Here is a blog post you can read to learn more about herbs.

Dried Herbs

Personally, I love to get my herbs from Starwest Botanicals. They have all organic herbs and the main reason I prefer this is the rabbits can be very sensitive to chemicals we don’t even realize are there. Do you have to get organic herbs? No. But it’s not worth the risk.

  • Starwest Botanicals Organic Dried Lavender Flowers Extra Grade, 1 Pound – See On Amazon

Lavender will do almost anything you need and if you had to choose one herb to have. This would be it. Learn more about how to use lavender in your rabbitry here.

  • Starwest Botanicals Organic Rosemary Leaf Whole, 1 Pound Bag – See On Amazon

Rosemary is the best thing I have found to help rabbits with everything from bloat to soft stool. Just give a few tablespoons on your rabbit’s food for a day or so until you start to see the issue cleared up.

Essential Oils For Your Rabbitry Supplies

Essential oils for rabbits

Essential oils are for wounds o external use only only. DO NOT PUT IN THE RABBITS EYES.

  • Plant Therapy Lavender Essential Oil 100% Pure – See On Amazon

Lavender is literally a jack of all trades and is my go-to for any infection or exterior abrasion.

  • Plant Therapy Tea Tree Essential Oil 100% Pure – Seen On Amazon

Tea tree is a great second choice option if you have it on hand. It still does a lot and will help with infections.

Rabbitry Supplies For Grooming

There are so many things you could have on hand when it comes to grooming. Start slow and add to your tack box as you find you need something.

Tools you’ll need

Slicker Brushes: These are great for getting a large amount of brushing done. They don’t go as deep as the grooming rake but still do a good job. They are also great if you don’t want the hair flying everywhere as you brush the rabbit. The Button on this one is great for easy cleaning.
(One OR The Other, You Don’t Need Both Of TheseCombs)
Double-Sided Pet Brush:
The wider tooth side is best for detangling and removing foreign matter.
Steel Comb: I like this best because it easily fits into the back pocket. But it is pretty big if you have smaller rabbits.

Nail Clipper: Dog clippers work better because they are made stronger. Cat clippers are pretty wimpy.


Clippers are a lifesaver. HOWEVER, if you are showing then do not cut the fur unless it has time to grow back before your next show. You can not alter the natural look of the rabbit if you are showing. If you need to get close to a wound then these are great or if you have a woolen rabbit that needs a regular haircut.

oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Electric Quiet Hair Clippers Set for Dogs Cats Pets – See On Amazon

I have a set like this but there is one problem with them that I don’t love. I think because they are not plugged in to run they don’t have as much power. So they don’t shave off thick fur. They just get jammed. The second option I think should do better.

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12V Professional Dog Clippers for Grooming, Electric Sheep Shears Pet Grooming Clippers for Thick Coat Heavy Duty Animal Hair Fur Trimmers Shaver – See On Amazon

I think these clippers will do better because they are higher voltage and have a constant power source. The only drawback is you have to be close to an outlet or run a cord.

Advanced Grooming Rabbitry Supplies (Showing)

These are some things that are great if you are showing or have a reason for your rabbits to look really nice. But for everyday rabbits, it’s not necessary to use these tools.

Tools you’ll need

Grooming Stone: When you are grooming a rabbit for a show you do not want to take off too much of the fur so the coat does not appear to thin. This stone will only take the top layer of fur so the rabbit does not look too “fuzzy” if it is shedding.
Hanging Grooming Table: These hang on the outside of a cage! These things are so awesome if you are trying to travel light or even to have one out in the rabbitry and not have to carry the rabbit over to a table if you just want to check something quick. Just keep in mind you have to have enough weight inside the cage or whatever you hang this table on because if you have large rabbits they will flip the cage if they are big enough.
Air Blower: Rabbits should not have a bath but these are great to use if your rabbit is molting to blow the fur off. Or if you have wooled rabbits this is one of the key tools they use to groom them.

BRGCLG Grooming Case – Large – 18″ x 13″ x 6″ – See On Pointer Hill

These are great to keep all of your grooming supplies together and are better than a bag because all the dust and grime fall through the cracks. Keeping it clean and free of dust. There is a carpet piece on the top so you can groom your rabbits on that side as well. A great dual-purpose tool.

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GT1 Powder Coated Metal Grooming Table With Folding Metal Legs – See On Pointer Hill

These are a powder-coated metal grooming tables.  The grooming tables come complete with a folding metal stand.

Rabbitry Supplies For Tattooing And Pedigrees

For rabbits to be shown they must have an ID number tattooed in THEIR LEFT ear. Personally I like to have a pen tattooer because they are easier to touch up of the tattoo faids.

Tattoo Pen – BRE0027 “Rabbi Tatt 2” “Rabbit Tattooer” – See On Pointer Hill

Tattoo Clamp – BRE0022 Grand Champion Tattoo Deluxe Kit – See On Pointer Hill

Rabbit Pedigree Program

rabbit pedigree example

There are a few options for this because pedigrees are still made on the honor system. SO you have the breeder are responsible for making the pedigrees.

Evens Rabbit Register – Learn More

This is a pay once and your done program and the one I have used for over ten years and love it.

Rabbit Housing

rabbit sitting in a cage

Cage Supplies For Building Your Own

These cage supplies are for putting your own together. Not hutches.


J-Clips are the best way to hold wire together and do any kind of wire cage building. BUT they are something you DO NOT want to skimp on.

J-clip Pliers Heavy Duty cage building pliers – See On Amazon

To get the J-Clips to close up properly you need a good pair of these plyers. I bought a cheep pair at tractor supply and they bent after about 30 minutes of use.

Best Rabbit Cage Dealers

If you are looking for commercial rabbit cage dealers these are some great options. However, you do have to have a structure of some kind to give the rabbits shelter from the weather. Something like hanging cages in a lean-to or a barn.

Pointer Hill Cages And Pet Supplies

I have bought from Pointer Hill both at conventions and even done special orders from them and I am EXTREMELY happy with everything I get from them. The order came quickly and was exactly what I wanted. I made the order over the phone and the gentleman who helped me make sure I got what I wanted was a great.

Bass Equipment Co


Rabbit Carriers

Rabbits chew on EVERYTHING so these mesh pet carriers are NOT good for rabbits. You need something solid at the very least. But also keeping them off their waist is also important.

These are what is standard for the show rabbit world. Check out Pointer Hills page of rabbit transport carriers.

Show rabbit carriers in a truck and rabbitry supplies

Rabbitry Structure Alternatives

Not everyone has a barn or is willing to take over their garage with rabbits. To be honest I’m not. Rabbits are ok living outside and to be honest more healthy because of it.

Your local weather is going to have an effect on what you need to do. But the ideal temperature for rabbits is 50 degrees. Obviously, they can handle a range on either side of that. Espeshaly if you let them get used to it.

  1. DIY barn 
  2. Carport 
  3. Sheds 

This is the general idea of what my outdoor rabbitry setup looks like and it works beautifully. There are hooks at the top that hold tarps in the winter and during the rainy months. Back when I would let people come out to the rabbitry I could get so many compliments on it. Ther is ZERO SMELL!

My rabbitry housing

Feeding Supplies And Equipment

Rabbits LOVE to throw things. So You need something that will keep them from throwing the bowl or whatever you have their feed in.

Rabbit Feeders Supplies

Steel J Feeder

These have hooks that hang over the cage wire which works great for some rabbits. But if they are stubborn and a bigger breed this won’t be a problem to get off the wall. (They are meant to have you cut a hole in the cage wall and put the feeder in through the outside. BUT The hooks can easily be bent backward and the feeder hung from the inside of the hutch.)

Check It Out On Amazon

Large Hevey Crock

I love these for a few reasons because they are pretty heavy so that will slow them down from throwing it. This bowl also cant be chewed.

Check It Out On Amazon

Rubber Bowl

This is what I use with the large french lops and have never looked back. They are perfect for popping ice out in the winter and not having to spend time thawing water bottles.

Check It Out On Amazon

Rabbit Supplies For Raising Babies & Breeding

Everybody loves babies right? Here are the rabbit supplies rabbit breeders need to have one hand. So you are ready for any situation.

Nesting Box

Rabbits must have a nesting box to give birth to their babies. They will naturally start to nest when they are within a day or two of delivering. A box helps the babies stay warm and contained so mamma does not step on them accidentally.

Your doe can not move her babies like a cat. You have to do it if the babies are not where they should be. Read this post for more help on nesting boxes.

Other Rabbit Supplies

  • Straw – Best for filling the nest box
  • Pine bedding – This is a good alternative if the weather is really humid and the straw is drawing damp. Babies MUST stay dry.
  • Paper towels
  • Wire mesh – When you need to patch holes.
  • Cotton Swabs – To clean wounds, dirty eyes, and ears.
  • Quality pellets – Not from the pet rows at the store but a commercial feed. 
  • Plastic Bucket for toating water if needed.

Rabbitry Supplies For Personal Use

You need to be prepared to do the work it takes to run a rabbitry right? Here are some things that will help you comfortably get the job done. Summer or winter.

A strong Carhartt or Jean Jacket – Blog Post: Best Women’s Chore Coats On Amazon

Muck Boots – Blog Post: Are Muckboots Worth The Money

Warm Clothing – Hat (Blog Post Best Winter Hats On Amazon)

  • gloves
  • scarfs
  • warm boots
  • leggings

Litter Boxes

If I am being completely 100 I can not promote the use of them. And here is why. Litter boxes keep the rabbit close to and often sit in the “toilet” causing the bedding and litter to stick to their rump. 

Rabbits are heavy groomers and this causes them to ingest the litter. Rabbits DO NOT have a strong digestive system that tolerates passing that kind of material. This could lead to losing your rabbit. 

Secondly even using a litter box once and you cleaning it out will cause a rabbit to get waste in their fur. 

Get them a cage where the waste falls through the wire to the ground and away from them. This is SO important to your rabbit’s health and long life.

Books And Rabbitry Education

Stories Guide To Raising Rabbits – See On Amazon

Herbs for pets – See On Amazon

This post will help you be prepared with the right rabbitry supplies you need for your rabbitry at any stage of your rabbitry journey.

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