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Are Muck Boots Worth The Investment

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It was pouring rain in our small little town. The school behind our family’s home had a convenient little cut out in the parking lot cement border that went around the parking lot. It also drained water in our direction causing a “mini pond” at the back of my parent’s yard.

After so much water the underground drain couldn’t handle anymore causing our own personal pond in my parent’s back yard…

A rainstorm of this size would leave my parent’s backyard full of water for days leaving me to wade through inches of water to do the daily feeding of the rabbits. Let’s not even get into checking on babies frequently. That is would take the mud paths to a whole other level.

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I had to have something better than close-toed shoes or leather boots.

I found these cute rubber boots that would go halfway up your lower leg that a local feed supply store. They would come in stock every summer for about 20 bucks.

My struggles were over. There was one minor problem… about every other summer those boots would start cracking. They were not meant for daily use in the hard weather summer and winter. Or working outside doing heavy chores.

I can only imagine how fast they would start to break down if I was wearing them out in the field or working with larger animals in them.

But they solve the problem for quite a few years.

Then my new husband introduced me to the real Muck Boots. WHAT!!! The best thing since sliced bread let me tell ya.

Logo 250x250

Then again I can’t eat sliced bread but you get the idea.

Buying Muck Boots

Before I share come of my favorites here are some things to think about before you buy.

Men’s are a bit wider then women’s but they leave room for thick socks in the winter.

You don’t want them to oversized because then they flop around and make it hard to walk. Trust me I can’t wear my husbands for very long without getting grumpy. Let’s not get into him making me were his winterized ones when we go hunting.

Have you tried to climb a tree stand later with boots that are to big!

My Favorite Muck Boots

These come up a bit higher on the leg (hence the name) for an average height woman above the calf but not quite to the knee. Since I am a bit taller these are my favorite BUT keep in mind that the taller the boot the less breathing room there is making them hold in the heat.

These are below the calf and will help keep your feet protected and a bit cooler.

These sell out FAST but they are prefect for every day walking to the garden and checking on the animals. I don’t think they are great if you are going to be slinging stuff around because you are going to end up with crud on your boots and there is nothing more annoying.

I also love that you can fold the top down over itself if you want them to be a bit lower.

Winter Muck Boots

These are a nice lower winter boots with the main goal of keeping your feet warm with GRIP bottoms. (Personally, I love the gray)

Now here is what I could say. DO NOT wear muck boots out into the snow that are not meant for it. Rubber and snow do not play well together.

Especially if you take them from the nice warm temps inside your house then but them in the snow. You will have a sheet of slick snow covering the bottom of your feet just waiting to take you down.

Girl Needs Her Pretty Boots

What kind of woman would I be it I didn’t show you some of these?

These are a cute slip-on ankle boot with a slight heal but solid. Great for wearing comfortable shoe BUT also looking a bit more put together. My personal favorite color is Taupe.

Wedge’s are coming back and these boots won’t leave you feeling left out.

I could pull out a few more but I will stop there… You’re welcome.

Are Much Boots Worth The Investment?

Now you might be wondering if they are really worth it. Ok well, let’s look into it. I was spending $20 plus tax every summer buying new rubber boots from the feed supply store. They didn’t give any support and would rub my feet.

Sure I can buy 7 pairs of those cheap boots for every one of those muck boots. BUT I couldn’t do heavy jobs in them and petty soon my feet were getting wet because of the cracks.

Most muck boots last up to 10 years plus. This is from personal experience and seeing what other people around me got out of their boots.

If you are going to buy work boots like the ever-popular Justin boots. You are going to spend about $90 for the more budget-friendly ones and they will last you about 5 years before they give out. And those are not waterproof.

So personal opinion… heck yes they are worth it.

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