Rabbits Do NOT Need A Companion Rabbit [here’s why]

So, do rabbits need a companion?

Head’s up unpopular opinion alert. My short answer to the question is no. Buuut hear me out before you think I am a horrible person.

This is based on observation at shows and live events as well as my 18 years of experience raising rabbits.

Rabbits Are Not Herd Animals

(Keep in mind I am US based)

When you look at the rabbits in the wild you never see a group of rabbits together. The only reason you will see more than one at a time is if it is a momma with babies. Wild rabbits are loners.

My baby rabbits that are in the same litter have to be separated by 12 weeks and no later or they start getting fussy with each other.

A great example was just last year a buck had to stay with is mom until he was 11 almost 12 weeks old and you could just see the behavior turn more wild with every passing day.

My Top Rabbit Must Haves

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Pros For Keeping A Single Rabbit

They Will Be More Friendly To You: When you give the rabbit another animal buddy they are going to withdraw from you. When they don’t have another animal giving them the attention they have no reason to want it from you.

And if you have a rabbit as a pet I am pretty sure you are wanting it to at least want to come up and see you right? No body wants a pet that doesn’t want anything to do with them.

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No I am not saying there is no exceptions to the rule. There are some rabbits that have gotten along. But on the whole that is not the norm.

Tips To Make It Work If You Feel Your Rabbit Need A Companion

  • Hands down both animals must be fixed. No, if, and, or buts. You have hormones flying and it just won’t work unless you take them out of the picture.
  • The Closer The Age The Better – Rabbits are rut dwellers which is probably why I like them so much. with that said they don’t want their life changed up and adding a new rabbit to the picture is a total world changer.

Every single litter that has been left together for too long OR they were left with their mom longer than ideal they became less friendly and or started squabbling with each other.

The more focused they are on each other the less focused and friendly they will be with you.

Whichever you feel necessary to do. You do you. You can take my advice or leave it. It’s totally up to you.

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