Can Rabbits Eat Oregano, Uses Of Oregano In Your Rabbitry

Fresh oregano is great to have on hand in a rabbitry because of its ability to help expel intestinal gas and has a very high level of antibiotics in it.

Oregano is one of my favorite herbs to have because I can cook with what I don’t use in the rabbitry. And two, it is a stronger antibiotic than some prescription antibiotics. So if you need something kicked out fast. Go for the oregano.

So to answer your question can rabbits eat oregano? Yes…. but like anything it should not be consumed in high quantities daily to where the rabbit does not eat the amount of healthy foods it should. While there are a lot of health benefits to rabbits eating oregano it does not contain the nutritional value a rabbit needs like the commercial rabbit pellets do.

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Note: Keep in mind I am not a veterinarian. I am sharing my own learning about herbs for rabbits and also how I have used it myself with my own animals.

Oregano is a great herb for any level of experience with herbs. It is easy to grow and has strong healing properties. Just make sure to check the growing section before you go plant this herb were you may not want it.

Oregano Benefits For Rabbits

Here are the most common uses and medicinal properties of the herb.

  • Antibacterial
  • Antibiotic
  • Antispasmodic
  • Digestive aid
  • Expectorant

You can feed the herb to your rabbits if they have an upper respiratory infection or bacterial infection. You will be able to hear rattling when the animal is breathing if this is the case.

I would still make sure to remove the animal from the same area as your other rabbits to avoid spreading. Even if they did not get it from traveling.

Sometimes the fluctuation of the weather can cause rabbits to essentially “get a cold.” unfortunately getting rabbits over sniffles is very difficult if almost impossible.

Best Situations To Use Oregano With Your Animals

Oregano has high amounts of antibacterial properties which would be extremely helpful in emergencies. The herb can be given internally, dried, or fresh. I like to keep some fresh and dry what is left in the fall to have some through the winter.

It can also be made into a poultice or tea at the first sign of infection which works great if you are trying to heal a wound. But for rabbits, you will see the best results and have the easiest time trying to feed it to them fresh.

Oregano has antispasmodic properties that aid in calming animals who have a fear of something such as car rides or other objects. It would also be helpful to calm a coughing spasm. However, I do like lavender for this type of issue instead.

The herb also expels internal parasites and is a natural insect repellent. If your rabbit is not acting normally and you suspect your rabbit is having issues in its digestive tract you can feed oregano to get them moving again.

You can use the oils but be sure to dilute the oil before using it on a rabbit.

Make sure you don’t put the herb in too hot of water or in any other preparation you are making. The extreme heat will take out most of the beneficial properties.

oregano growing in the garden

How Often Can Rabbit Eat Oregano

When it comes to feeding your rabbit oregano, or any other safe herbs moderation is key.

Oregano should not make up the majority of what your rabbit eats, but can be offered as a treat if you choose to do so. The general rule you can offer 1-2 stems of oregano with leaves per day. 

Since rabbits have such sensitive gastrointestinal systems, introducing new foods like oregano should always be done with caution. Start by offering only a very small amount the first time you give it to them and slowly increase the portion size over time if they appear comfortable with it.

Remember to also make sure that they receive their daily serving of pellets and fresh water at all times. Oregano should only be offered in moderation to ensure overall health of your rabbit.

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How Much To Feed For A Sick Rabbit

If you know your rabbit has some kind of infection or digestive issue that you are trying to get rid of quickly then try to get the rabbit to eat at least 5 inches (or one tablespoon) of the fresh herb per 5 pounds of weight.

Then keep feeding the same amount one to two times per day until you see a difference.

oregano in the garden

How To Feed Oregano to Rabbits

Make sure the plant is healthy: It is important to make sure that you only use fresh and fully green oregano for your rabbits as wilted, yellowed, or insect-eaten plants can have bacteria or parasites that can cause sickness in the rabbits.

Before feeding the oregano to your rabbits, inspect it to check for any insects or slugs that might cause digestive issues. Once clear of pests, wash the oregano with cool water to get rid of any dirt and potential pesticides.

After this process has been completed, you can then proceed with feeding your rabbit a small amount of oregano as occasional treat since it is not required in their diet.

Fresh herb is going to be best: Fresh herb will have the most medicinal value so if you are trying to heal your rabbit of an illness then fresh herb is best. 

Dried herb: Is going to be the last option if that is all you have. Dried oregano for cooking will not have much use in it at all. Herbs from places that sell herbs for use are going to be the best place to get it. 

Tea: You can make a tea and use a syringe to feed it to your rabbit but don’t try this until you have seen if the rabbit will eat fresh herbs.

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When Not To Feed Oregano

When it is breeding season I always make sure to keep the does on their regular daily diet and don’t change it up. There are so many little things that can cause a doe to not deliver. You don’t want to feed an herbal plant and be the cause of it without knowing.

But oregano is at the top of the list of herbs not to feed to rabbits that are pregnant because it can stimulate the uterus.  

Where To Buy Oregano

You can buy the dried herb for a reasonable price on Amazon if you don’t want to grow it yourself. If you keep the herb in an airtight container it will keep for at least a year. I always make sure to get organic herbs for rabbits to make sure that I don’t run the risk of them eating chemicals and causing other health issues unintentionally.

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Growing Oregano

Oregano is a perennial and VERY easy to grow so make sure you want it where to plant it. Even a small sprig of roots will come back into a plant if given the chance. It can turn into a ground cover and grow extremely fast. 

I would find a corner of the yard you don’t care about to put the oregano plant in and just let it grow if you want to do that. Don’t put it in a flower bed that you are trying to keep looking nice.

a large patch of oregano

Oregano does well in all light settings and grows like a ground cover. Meaning it will grow up and once it hits 12″ or so it will fall over and start to root itself from that fallen sprout.

Don’t be afraid of trying the herbs you hear of often. It is really hard to mess up or cause harm to your rabbits with these simple herbs.

Just make sure to not feed any herbs to pregnant or nursing does.

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