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How To Find Your Ideal Customer And Go Deep On What Matters

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Figuring out who your ideal customer is can feel harder than it is. But it doesn’t have to be. You just have to ask the right questions.

Alright, friends, this episode is something that I see that needs so much attention. And it took me were probably two and a half years to figure out who my ideal customer (avatar) is.

If you don’t know what an ideal customer is. It’s the person you’re talking to, no matter what kind of content you’re creating. You have an ideal customer, reader, or follower. Whether you are clear on them or not.

Maybe you write Instagram posts or some kind of social post. Maybe you write blog posts or you have a podcast or a YouTube channel, whatever that is, you need to know who you’re talking to.

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And we’ve all heard the basics, the surface level of this, but today I am going far deeper than that.

I want you to get super clear into the heart of who your person is. So before I jump into that, I am going to share some areas that knowing who your person is will help you and why you need it.

When you understand who you’re talking to, and what she or he needs, you’re going to be able to get your content written faster.

You’re going to know what you need to write. You’re going to see far more engagement on your content across the board. It’s going to be so much easier to know if this content is helping your ideal person. Or if this is just something that hit the top of your mind, and you’re like, Oh, this is kind of neat but should I share this or should I not?

And it’s going to result in far more sales and show up in your bank account. And that is essentially why we’re in business. We’re not here ti just run a blog, a website, or a social media platform. It either it takes money or time, so we have to, find a way to make an income, if it takes a few years to get there, that’s okay. But you have to get clear on that person and know and talk directly to their heart.

And so this is what we’re going to get into.

Going Deeper Then The Idea Customer Work Book

We have all seen those workbooks that just touched the surface. Even in some paid course workbooks that I’ve taken that are pretty expensive still don’t go deep enough.

As we see those questions, you know: what do they look like? Where do they like to shop? Where do they live? What’s their marital status? Do they have kids, all of those things? And that’s all well and good. But what does that even matter? We need to go through and ask ourselves, what does that tell us about them? What does that tell us about their mental state?

And so this is something that’s very, very important. So let’s go through those questions that we often see.

I’ve got five of them that I’m going to go through and try and help you think about what it would tell you about them.

Their physical appearance.

This one it’s more so you can picture them in really feel like you’re talking to a person. You picture them in your mind. No one wants to feel like you’re talking to a general crowd.

So when you picture them it is easier to think of their struggles. Or relatable points you can talk about.

Is she tall, or slender, or round, or does she have a womanly figure? What does that tell you about her? Are they tall? Most people have a few insecurities when they’re tall. Some people love it. There’s not too many that do or they would at least love to be a little less noticeable.

One thing that a tall person generally deals with is people constantly saying can you get me this off the top shelf, or some people feeling like they’re short they have say and can be rude about it and say give me this off the top shelf. Stuff like that.

When you know those little things, it tells you what they’re feeling inside and some of the things that they deal with.

If you are a clothing company, hight is something that is extremely important for you to know. Do they have a hard time finding long pants?

The trouble I ran into yesterday. It has gotten real up in here about winter. And so I was putting on leggings to under my skirt yesterday for shirts. Well, they had feet in them and I’m getting weird here guys, so men, sorry, but I couldn’t get the crotch of the leggings up to my own. And so when you’re tall, that is a problem that you deal with.

So you can use that in your marketing. What’s the struggle that you can pull out of the most basic information you know about them?

Where do they shop?

This one is I was kind of like Huh, what does this even matter? I am a person who doesn’t give a crap about what the brand name is on the back of the shirt if I love what it looks like, and I am very particular about the feel of the clothes.

So if I don’t like how it feels I don’t care if it was worth 1000 bucks, I ant gonna wear it.

So yeah, that was a hard one for me to understand. But when I took a step back and thought about where she would like to shop or I thought about the overall feel.

In answering this question, I went through and looked up a few brands, looked at their overall style, colors, and types of clothing. Then took another step back, looked at that style, and asked does she like those types of clothing?

Don’t think so much about the brand. As far as is she dedicated to this one brand. Most people aren’t, its pretty rare when someone is wanting to stick with one type of clothing or one brand.

Look at the brand and ask “does this describe her personality”? Something like J-crew is very high end and simple but bold colors. Almost office uniforms even though they have a few pairs of jeans.

I’m going to use my brand as an example.

My ideal person would like Gap, Old Navy, or Target. It does not have to be perfect. Just find something close

I’m still working on a little bit higher-end brand because she does like a hint of elegance.

Those brands as far as the way that they look are simple and laid back. There is still a touch of femininity but they’re not all out girly because I am far from that.

So think about the items that your person would like to wear? But again think, what does that tell you about her?

And think about where she would like to purchase.

Maybe she doesn’t have the money right now. Maybe her dream purchases come from a certain store.

Also, look out what does her clothing tell you about her lifestyle? And I’m going to go deeper on this in a minute.

Her Marital Status

This one I almost skimmed over because it can either affect you or it can not. It’s not really something that would affect every business. But here are some examples of where it would.

So let’s just say you were a high-end jewelry maker. If she’s going to spend a couple hundred dollars on a jewelry item, she may have to talk to her spouse about that. Or it might have to be a Christmas gift or something like that.

Well, your marketing message is going to be a whole lot different if your jewelry items are within 20 bucks and it can go in her clothing budget. Stuff like that is that’s what marital status information is going to help you decide.

So maybe if you’re a parenting blogger, this is like full-on you better know if she’s married or not. Because the couple better be on the same page.

But one other thing this would help you with is if you are going to do content around feeling supported by your spouse. Maybe she is trying to run a business and she is feeling like her spouse doesn’t support what she does something like that. Think about where it gets to the heart of the matter for your avatar.

Where Your Avatar Lives

So this one is another thing that not so much the building she lives in, but where she lives that matters. What does it tell you? And what can you pull from that to use to relate to her? So for me personally, I live in the country I am within 15 minutes of a small town but those small towns only have Walmart and Kroger.

They don’t have things like shopping malls or Kohl’s or Target or anything like that. They have just the bare necessities. Well, can you use that information to relate to her? Any of those little words or frustrations or things that you can use in your marketing, in your blog post or any other content.

Anything that you can do to touch your heart and go “oh, this girl gets me.” SO when they say “where does she live?” Don’t think so much about a certain city or zip code. More or less think of the house in the location or environment she lives in. What resources does she have close by? Or does she have to go a little ways to to get anything?

The Shows Your Ideal customer Watches

So think about what they have access to in the types of shows they like to watch. I am saying it until I am blue in the face. But what does that tell you about your avatar?

Does she like “who done it shows” like, certain detective shows like, I love Blue Bloods, that’s one of my favorites or NCIS?

Or maybe she doesn’t watch anything at all. Maybe all she likes to watch are documentaries. That is going to tell you about her mental state. Is she very educational? Or does she like to chill and relax every once in a while?

Alright, so I hope those examples of the questions that we see in those workbooks it helps you understand that A little bit more.

Go one step deeper with a workbook you have.

Go back and get one of those workbooks, we all probably have 50 of them around, if you’ve been in the online space at all.

Go back and dig it up, answer those questions. But then also take another sheet of paper off to the side of the one that you’re writing on, or if there’s space right underneath.

I want you to answer the question then ask, what does this tell me about her? What frustrations would this bring up? Or what is something that she has to deal with? It may not be a frustration to her, but it’s something that would help you connect with her.

What are your ideal customer’s characteristics?

What are her characteristics and just the single words that describe a personality? Is she laid back is she competent? Is she dedicated, is she indecisive is she naturally skeptical is she trusting is she caring? Is she guarded?

You can google this and see all the natural characteristics, there are hundreds of them. And you’re going to have a lot of words that come up.

Know that she’s not just one or two of those things. And honestly, it depends on the situation to how she’s going to feel. Knowing these things will help you decide things as small as your brand colors.

Finding Your Avatar Won’t Happen Over Night

Now, the one thing I want you to remember is this is not going to get clear for you overnight, or in the month. Maybe you have a good idea, but as you go and create content and get deep into this. You’re going to find more and more parts of her that come out.

And just remember to this isn’t perfection, this person, essentially you’re making up, it’s a figment of your imagination.

but the pieces that you pulled together will attract the right people you’re talking to one person, but it’s going to attract more people on either end of that.

People think that when you’re narrowing in on your person that it’s going to exclude others. But that’s not the case. There are so many people that will fall on either end of your avatar and relate to 50% of your ideal avatar or 20% of it, there isn’t a one size fits all. And most people talk to the person that they used to be.

Your ideal person only has to be one or two steps behind you and you bring them up to what you know and set them free on to the next person who can take them to the next level.

So take time to understand your avatar and just know that it’s going to take time. You are not going to know her extremely well right off the bat.

And the other thing that I want you to do and remember is that this person’s not going to stay the same. The type of marketer that you are is not going to stay the same either. So I want you to revisit this often, at least once a year or as often as you need to.

Personal Example

So the perfect example of this happening is with a rabbitry is that I started with ideally reaching people who wanted to show the rabbits and in case you’re not sure what that is. There are dog shows like AKC judges the dogs on the confirmation. What’s the same thing with rabbits? They are judged on their confirmation.

But now it’s shifting because I’ve become more known, and people are finding me on Google and the message is spreading and I am shifting more to the person who’s looking for a nice indoor pet.

Do I have them indoors? No. But my ideal customer is shifting. So I am re-vamping my messaging I am changing the “product offer” and I am making it a little bit more of a luxury experience. So that’s my personal example where things can shift and just remember that it takes time to figure this out.

So, go back, grab one of those workbooks. Ask yourself one step deeper. After you answer one of those personal questions, what does this tell me about my ideal customer?

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