Awesome Winter Farm Clothes For Ladies To Keep You Warm Doing Chores

Finding the right winter farm clothes for ladies that make you feel somewhat stylish while doing the job you need to be done can feel… well. Difficult.

I mean come on we don’t want to look like a man while doing our work and if you are meeting with customers showing up in oversized farm wear is not going to leave the best impression.

Farming jobs require durability, comfort, and mobility. With so many different unusual activities involved, it can be hard to find clothes that do the job.

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Clothes should both do the job you need them to do as well as look at least halfway ok while wearing them. Whether you need something while working with animals or running around your property, there are plenty of options available.

Farm clothes for ladies are not just about being practical, they should also look good and make you feel confident. Want to know why?

Because there is nothing more important than having good self-esteem. It will affect your decision-making and your ability to work hard and quickly to get more done on the farm.

In this blog post, you will find my favorite tough winter farm clothes for ladies that every stylish woman needs to have in her closet. This collection of farm wear will help you conquer the day and do whatever comes your way.

Chore Coats

Let’s start with the most obvious. Finding the right chore coat can be a real pain but also an expensive one. You might buy one but find something you wish was a bit different about it. 

It’s too short, not warm enough, and has very small pockets or all of the above. 

Well, search no more because I have found the BEST chore coat that meets all of these needs and more. 

Ridgecut Quilted Fleece Lined Barn Coat – Check It Out

It can stand up to being around cage wire that would rip the usual ski jacket to shreds. There are so many pockets you can carry a dozen eggs and still have your phone in your pocket to listen to your favorite podcast while doing chores. 

The torso is long thought to go past my 5’11” rear end and the arms are long enough to meet my wrists!!!

Did I mention it has a fleece lining and kept me warm in sub-zero temps with only one long-leave t-shirt and a sweatshirt on underneath? Ok, ok you get the point. I’m in love.

Here is a look at my favorite winter farm chore jacket for ladies.

Chore Boots For The Winter

This is a tough need to meet and let me tell you that my winter farm chore boot of choice is not what you might think. 

You need them to be warm enough to keep your toes from going numb in the snow. Water resistant, and also be able to stand up to the muck that raising animals brings. 

You also need a boot that has enough of a tread to keep you from falling on your butt in the snow when it is so cold the ground shifts underneath you. 

My boot of choice is… A duck hunting boot. 

Cabela’s Zoned Comfort Trac 1200-Gram Insulated Rubber Hunting Boots for Men – Check Them Out On Cabela’s

How they do in the cold

This past winter we had the coldest Christmas week that I can remember. So going out to feed the chickens AND take care of 4 rabbits and a doe and litter I was watching for someone in sub-zero temperatures was not fun. 

So I was all about staying warm and didn’t really care about the consequences… So I tried out my husband’s new-ish 1600G duck hunting boots. 

And my toes didn’t get cold at all in -10 degree weather with a wind chill of -30. 

How they do in the snow

My rabbits were in the sunroom in their show carriers for three days during this cold snap. Well on day 4 it was finally warming up enough for them to go back outside and both they and I were ready for them to be back out in their usual living area. 

Buuuut there was one problem. The snow was about two inches deep and so cold it had not packed down at all. I am already a nervous nelly when it comes to slick surfaces and I also had to pull my garden cart. The wheels would barely roll and I was practically dragging it the whole way.

But with the hunting boots on I NEVER SLIPPED ONCE! 

So that lead me to look for my own pair of boots that would do the same for me and also keep me out of my husband’s duck hunting boots. 

These are the ones I ended up with.

Why I went with Men’s Over Women’s

Men’s boots are typically wider than women’s boots and this left a little extra room for thicker socks to warn inside without actually getting them stuck on. There is nothing more annoying than a tight, wet, muddy boot that you have to pull off.

Thick Socks

Nice thick socks that are still breathable are difficult to find. I have tried A TON of different colors and styles.

If you are only wearing the socks around the house I love the two-layered ones that are basically two socks sewn together. However, they do not line up well all the time and can become a little annoying in boots.

My favorite for inside boots are thicker wool blend pair like these.

Keep in mind that there is a lot less give to these socks because of the wool.

Top Sock Picks

20% Wool Blend Sock

These are the best socks for warm feet and are still breathable. They are a little snuck so go one size up if you normally need the room. Check Them Out On Amazon

Double Layer Fireside Sock

These are great around-the-house socks. The double layer makes them a little difficult to put inside shoes. Check Them Out On Amazon

Winter Hats

I used to not be a hat wearer but I changed that tune once I found one that actually made me feel confident. AND did more than just a little bit of keeping me warm.

This fleece-lined hat is the best I have found and perfect for keeping you warm in even the worst winters.


Unless you are wearing bulky coveralls having on a nice pair of thick fleece-lined leggings is also a great add-on for keeping you warm while doing the farm chores.

I like to have two options for leggings. These are a great pair to add an extra layer of warmth but not too much. Not gonna lie I even wear these around the house under my jeans even if I am spending the day inside writing.

Thick fleece-lined leggings are ideal for colder days out on the farm. They provide extra warmth without being too bulky or uncomfortable. When you get fleeced-liked ones they start to get more like yoga paints but all in all they are still pretty nice and not too uncomfortable.

Since they are tight they will slide under jeans or work pants so you can stay warm but not feel like you are a stuffed sausage with layers that are all rotated and twisted under your outer layer.

Leggings also have the added benefit of being lightweight and breathable, which makes them great for long days of hard work.


Having a good pair of gloves is also important for keeping your hands warm while doing farm chores. I like to have a pair of leather gloves that at minimum are water repellent so you can water all the animals without having your fingers go numb.

Those fat-fingered snow-type gloves keep you warm but they don’t alow for getting latches or small more detailed tasks.

Top Glove Picks

Lamont Women’s Slip-On Warm Fleece-Lined

These are my favorite pick on amazon – Check Them Out

Lined Winter Premium Pigskin Leather Waterproof Work Gloves

This is a great second option if pink isn’t your color. The only reason these did not get in the first place is that they are saying only capable up to 32 degrees which seems low to me. (they might just be covering their butt) Check them out on amazon

Overall, the key to staying warm while doing farm chores in the winter is layering up with the right clothes and accessories. Make sure you have a good jacket, boots, hat, leggings, and gloves so that you can stay comfortable and safe while working outside in the cold.

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