3 Reasons Why You Need To Empower Your Farm Business By Building A Brand

I want to shake your hand and give you a pat on the back for taking the time to learn about branding your farm business. 

This is one of those things that people know in the back of their minds is a good thing but they want to jump right into selling and promoting their business because it SEEMS like the fastest way to make money. 

carrots and linen cloth of someone taking farm business brand photos

And it can be. But when you jump right into the middle the sales will only last so long because they are not connected to you and have no idea what you stand for and why they should keep coming back to you.

It’s going to make a massive difference in your business dreams because it’s all about developing your brand so people know who you are and how to recommend you to others.

Word of mouth is the most POWERFUL way to market your business but it can’t happen if people are confused by your business. 

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What Is A Brand?

In marketing, a brand is so much more than just your fonts, colors, logo, or what you call your business.

 It starts with that, but it’s got a lot more to do with the feelings, words, and ideas evoke in your ideal audience.

 Jeff Bezos said it perfectly.

Quote: Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

That sums it all up so well. 

When it comes to branding and developing a brand, you’re going to want to “brand” or show more than your logo and colors. You need to show things like your voice, your personality, your beliefs about what you do, and so much more. 

Everything you do signals to others the way you want them to think of your farm business. Your brand is the voice or personality of your business. It should be portraying the way that you want the world, and especially your audience, to see you and think of you. 

THAT is how you brand yourself. The colors, fonts, and images are simply tools to help you do that. 

small chicks of a back yard farm business

Branding Involves Giving Your Business a Personality 

If you think of your business as a person, sometimes you may get confused between yourself and your business. 

Sometimes your company and you are one and the same, this happens a lot with life coaches, consultants, and those who use their name as their primary business name, and they consider their business one and the same. That’s perfectly fine to do it that way. 

I use my name for everything because I am just not good at naming stuff… But I also liked to have the flexibility of using my name so I didn’t feel tied to any one product or business model.

A family farm would be very closely in line with that.

For some business owners, this can be a hard call because you don’t want your business only to be associated with your name, you, and your personality. You want to build something that can be successful without you being involved someday. 

When it comes to choosing a name make sure that what you come up with is not commonly used and you are able to get the URL (web address) and social handles you may what to use. People can’t really do anything about using your own name which is another reason why being a personal brand is easier. But if you use an exact name as another successful business they could bring legal action. So it’s worth checking into before you get your heart set on a name.

In that case, you should design a personality to your business that is separate from yourself. The personality you choose should be attractive to your ideal customer. 

Choose a name that fits the personality you want to convey. Choose a design for your website and business that fits that personality, too. Think of how you want the business to communicate. 

It totally depends, of course, on your audience, what you do for them, and how you want them to feel about your business. 

What Does Branding Your Farm Business Do For You

Good Branding Creates Trust – This is one of the most essential factors in creating know like and trust with your customers. Your brand needs to be consistent, well put together, and look like you made an effort in your online marketing. 

Branding Improves Awareness

When you are consistent with your branding all the way around including the words you say, the ideas you promote, and the way in which you do it in terms of personality and tone, people will start to know your work the minute they see it. This improves awareness exponentially by increasing recognition. 

Branding Makes Marketing Simpler

I am all for simple. How about you? When you focus on branding, you will be able to be more consistent when you have branding worked out. You’ll know the type of content you want to promote, how it should look, how it should sound, and most importantly, how it should make your ideal audience feel. 

Branding Boosts Revenue Generation

Because branding can encourage your customers to have trust in your offers, you will end up making more money. Even though branding can seem like an added expense, it’s really an investment in your business because branding is woven throughout your entire business – from product creation to customer service. 

note books of someone planning a farm business brand

I hope this helps you see the importance of creating a brand for your farm business. It doesn’t have to take a long time to do and once you have the logistics figured out you are done. But also know that you are not married to it. If something about your brand doesn’t feel right you can change it. You will find what you love and what you don’t over time.

Just keep an open mind and always be looking to improve.

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