What Size Diffuser For The Bedroom? 5 Tips For Choosing The Best One

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Finding the right essential oil diffusers for small rooms or even a large space can feel like a bit of a crap shoot. If you are looking for an aromatherapy diffuser to help you go to sleep at night thankfully you can just keep it closer to your bedside if it’s not putting the oils into the air well enough. 

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Keep in mind that if you don’t sleep alone, make sure that your spouse is not annoyed by the smell of the essential oils in the bedroom. If they don’t like the smell of the oils you should probably consider getting a smaller one that would work just on your side of the bed and not be too annoying for anyone else.

How Essential Oil Diffusers Work

Essential oil diffusers work on the principle of turning essential oil and water into a fine mist or vapor that is then dispersed into the air. Different types of diffusers work in different ways, but they all have the same basic principle. The ultrasonic essential oil diffuser technology creates vibrations that break up the water and essential oil mixture, while others use heat or evaporation. Personally, I think the ultrasonic models will be a better choice because they are less likely to overheat the pure essential oils. 

When the mist is inhaled, it makes contact with the part of the brain that controls mood, resulting in a calming or uplifting effect depending on the type of oil used. 

However, the impact of a diffuser goes beyond inhalation, as a small amount of essential oil is also absorbed by the skin.

It’s essential to choose the right diffuser size based on your bedroom’s square footage and air freshening needs. 

A larger diffuser is suitable for larger spaces like a living room, while a smaller one can work for a bedroom. Some models also come with features like color-changing mood lights, timer settings, and intermittent settings.

I will give a list of the best essential oil diffusers for a bedroom at the end that has the features you should consider for a bedroom like dark mode and ones that are quiet.

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Types of Diffusers

There are several types of essential oil diffusers available in the market, and each one has unique features to offer.

Ultrasonic Diffuser

The most commonly used diffuser is the type with ultrasonic technology, which utilizes ultrasonic vibrations to create a fine mist of water and essential oils. This diffuser is known for its silent operation, and it is ideal for not only larger spaces due to its ability to output more volume of mist but also bedrooms since you don’t want one to be super noisy.

Evaporative Diffusers

Another type of diffuser is the evaporative diffuser which works by blowing air over a pad or filter soaked with essential oils, which in turn evaporates the oil into the air. They are compact and more portable than ultrasonic diffusers, but their efficiency can decrease if the room is large or if the temperature is hot.

Heated Diffuser

The third type is the heated diffuser, which uses heat to infuse the oils and release their fragrance into the air. This diffuser is ideal for those who want a stronger and more immediate fragrance, but it may compromise the therapeutic properties of the oils.

Nebulizing Diffuser

The nebulizer diffuser uses an atomizer to break down the oil into small particles and diffuses them into the air without the use of heat or water. It is the most effective and also the best way to enjoy the full therapeutic properties of the oil, buuuuut the noise level does not make it ideal for a bedroom. They can also be a bit more pricy than some of the other diffusers.

Choosing the right type of diffuser depends on personal preferences, room size, and the desired effect. Consider the heating element, noise level, and water usage, and choose wisely to create a pleasing and therapeutic environment.

woman putting essential oils in a diffuser.

Optimal Diffuser Placement

When it comes to diffusing essential oils, the placement of the diffuser can play an important role in how well it works. Proper placement is crucial for optimal coverage and diffusion of the aroma that you desire. Here are some tips to help you find the best placement for your diffuser:

1. Choose a central location: When placing your diffuser in a room, it’s important to select the right spot that will enable the aroma to spread evenly throughout the room. A central location will allow for the mist to spread evenly in all directions because most diffusers spray the mist straight up in the air which is ideal for complete coverage. The diffuser should also be placed on a stable, flat surface that is at least 3 feet from the floor because remember the mist will fall to the ground if you are not using one that creates a true vaper.

2. Be aware of the room size: The size of the room will also affect the effectiveness of your diffuser. For example, a larger bedroom may require a larger diffuser than a smaller bedroom. It’s important to make sure that the size of the diffuser matches the square footage of the room. Most diffusers will typically cover around 200-400 square feet. Some diffusers will say how much space they will cover but this isn’t common for most especially if they are at a lower price point.

3. Avoid placing near open windows or doors: The diffuser should be placed in an enclosed area where air is not circulating too much, such as near an open window or door. This can cause the mist to dissipate quickly, reducing the effective coverage of the diffuser.

4. Consider the purpose: Think about why you are using the diffuser. If you are using it for relaxation, try placing it on a bedside table or coffee table, close to where you will be sitting or lying down. If you want to use the diffuser as an air freshener, placing it near the source of the odor is the best option.

5. Experiment: Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with different placements to see what works best for you and your space. If you find that the aroma is too strong or too weak, try moving the diffuser to a different location until you find the perfect placement.

In conclusion, optimal diffuser placement is important for effective diffusion of essential oils. By following these simple tips, you can ensure that the aroma reaches all parts of your room and provides the relaxation and air-freshening benefits you desire.

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Ideal Diffuser Size for a Bedroom

Choosing the right diffuser size for your bedroom is crucial for creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. But you also want to be able to sleep with the diffuser going.

As a general rule of thumb, a diffuser should be able to cover the entire room with one or two sprays of mist. For a typical bedroom, it’s best to choose a diffuser that covers around 200-300 square feet.

When it comes to run time, a diffuser with an average run time of 6-8 hours would be ideal for a bedroom. For smaller tanks, it would need to have a low setting to last that long OR you would need to find one with a large water tank so it will last at full speed. This ensures that the aroma can last throughout the night, providing a calming and soothing experience.

Noise level and one that can work without a night light on would be ideal for a bedroom.

Design is important so that it complements the bedroom décor but should not be the deciding factor in which one you buy. Its more important that you choose one that helps you sleep well. However, a diffuser that blends well with the room’s aesthetics will help you be willing to keep using the diffuser more often if you are not frustrated with the look… Can you tell I am fussy about how my home blends well together?

Incorporating a diffuser into your bedroom routine can create an inviting atmosphere that promotes relaxation and promotes better sleep with the right natural oils. By following the general rule of thumb regarding coverage area and choosing a diffuser with a suitable run time and design, you can be able to use almost any aroma diffuser in your bedroom.

essential oil diffuser in the bedroom

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Diffuser Size

Choosing the right diffuser size for a bedroom requires taking into account several factors. The size of the room is one such factor to consider. A larger room demands a larger diffuser size to ensure complete coverage and dispersion of the essential oils.

Another essential factor to consider when selecting the size of a diffuser is its diffusion rate. The diffusion rate refers to the rate at which the essential oils dissipate into the air. Diffusers with a higher diffusion rate are better suited for larger spaces than smaller ones.

Run time is another crucial factor to consider when choosing the size of a diffuser. A larger diffuser typically has a more extended run time, making it ideal for a larger bedroom or living space. The diffuser’s run time also affects the frequency of refilling the water reservoir.

Clearing Up Diffuser Capacity Misconceptions

There is a common misconception that a diffuser’s capacity determines the size of the room it can cover. The truth is that a larger capacity does not always mean better area coverage. A diffuser’s capacity only pertains to the amount of water it can hold, and not its ability to disperse mist.

When it comes to diffuser capacity, it affects two critical factors: run time and mist strength. 

A larger capacity diffuser will have a longer run time than a smaller one. However, the mist strength may also decrease with the increasing capacity, affecting the overall aroma output and coverage.

Water and essential oil also play a significant role in a diffuser’s area coverage. When using a diffuser, it is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the recommended amounts of water and essential oil. Adding too much or too little of either can affect the diffuser’s overall effectiveness and coverage.

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Cleaning Your Essential Oil Diffuser

Cleaning your essential oil diffuser is essential for maintaining its optimal performance and preserving its longevity. Failure to maintain regular cleaning can lead to erosion and mineral buildup, which can affect the device’s functionality.

It’s recommended to perform routine maintenance, which includes cleaning the diffuser after every use. The cleaning steps to follow include emptying the remaining water in the device, wiping the inside with a clean cloth, and using a small amount of white vinegar to clean the reservoir. Rinse the reservoir thoroughly with water before using it again.

A more thorough cleaning process should be done once a month to prevent erosion and mineral buildup. This process involves soaking the diffuser’s parts in a solution of equal parts water and vinegar for about an hour. Afterward, rinse the parts thoroughly with water and wipe them dry with a clean cloth.

I made the mistake of not doing this with mine and any time I used it after a few months I would start sneezing so badly because it was defusing allergens into the air…. Ops. 

By maintaining routine cleaning and performing deep cleaning once per month, you’ll extend the life of your essential oil diffuser while also enjoying healthier, fragrant air. Remember to always read the manufacturer’s instructions for specific cleaning guidelines. 

The Best Diffusers for Your Bedroom

Diffusing essential oils can bring a calming and relaxing atmosphere to any space. When it comes to diffusing in a large area, choosing the right diffuser can be crucial to achieving complete coverage. 

Here are the top five best oil diffusers for large spaces and the specific criteria to consider when choosing the best diffuser for a large room:

Number one recommendation: Man it was hard to find one that hit all the key points. This seems to be the best option. It is ultrasonic and has an off mode for the light.

Essential Oil Diffuser Lamp, White Ceramic + Wood, Ultrasonic 180ml, Whispersoft, 4 Timers + 5 Light Settings, Auto Shut Off, Home + Office, Humidifier Air Purifier Aromatherapy

Ultrasonic no light diffuser

Large but still has a light: URPOWER 1000ml Essential Oil Diffuser: This large-capacity diffuser offers up to 20 hours on (low mist) continuous mist. It is perfect for larger living spaces but it doesn’t seem to have a no-light mode so if lights being on in the bedroom are an issue for you then I would not recommend this one. It also has a remote control so you could put it on the other side of the room.

URPOWER 1000ml Essential Oil Diffuser, cool mist humidifier

Small but very little light: InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser: It has adjustable mist output and mood lighting options. You can set the diffuser to intermittent mist (6-8 hrs working time) that diffuser mists and pauses every 30s, it goes for almost the whole night; Or set it to continuous mist (3-4 hrs working time) that keep misting until water runs out. It is a bit smaller but I like this one for a bedroom because it has very little light showing to not keep you awake at night.

InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser

In summary, choosing the best diffuser for a large room requires a close look at its design, function and capacity. Generally, diffusers with larger water reservoirs and stronger output are the most suitable for larger spaces. Essential oil diffusers enhance air quality and add a soothing feel to any space.

Remember to focus on the strength of dispersion even for smaller areas to get the best results. Pay attention to the light settings so you are not woken up by the light feature at night. A large ultrasonic diffuser will give you quieter sounds so you don’t have loud bussing at night.

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