Vlog: 750LBS Of Feed, Lost, Not Able To Pay

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Video Transcription

Heading Out To The Feed Store

Alright, here we go. So I finally got, well, not finally, I’ve been calling the dealer that has the feed that I want to try with the rabbits and they finally got in enough! I don’t want to go down because it’s been almost an hour…

It’s about 48 minutes for me to drive there. And so I want to be able to get about 14 to 16 bags. So I was waiting to make sure they had enough because I want it to last. Because here’s my logic, the drive to the closest food dealer is about 15 minutes away.

So if I get enough feed for me to last at least 3 months it’s the same amount of trips in one, then I’m not costing myself anymore by doing so. So that there’s the logic, we’ll see if that works. 🙄

Finaly Back From Picking Up The Feed

So first things first, I found this feed dealer on the feed manufacturer’s website.

Maybe you don’t know this, but you can go on to feed manufacturer websites and search find a local dealer or something along those lines to where they will put up addresses and phone numbers of everybody buys and sells their type of feed.

Anyways. So I found this one dealer on the website with the address with the phone number. And then it did link you up to Google Maps, which is what I did to get there.

So I had the money in my bank account like in debit, like I would I plan to pay with the debit card….

So I get close to it. And the GPS takes me down to this field like off a very remote street. And it says “Your destination is on the left” and it was not on the left was a field. 😤

Well anyway, so I call the dealer to get help finding it. And it was easy enough to find it.

But I get there and there were a few Amish people around and I didn’t really think about it. And there were also a couple English dudes, too.

And the I realize I’m not seeing a card processor. 😫 I drove 40 minutes to get there. And I’m looking around like, oh, I don’t see one. And we’re in the middle of nowhere. I hope I can find an ATM.

Well, so mulling that thought over, kind of realizing I’m in a big pickle, hoping I could figure out a way not to have to just drive home and completely, like wasting the gas. And was like, I’m just going to ask because I’m stuck otherwise.

He Said What?

And so there is a door behind me… (I’m pretty tall and I know it.) I’m 511 and so in my boots there, you know I’m over six foot. This guy comes in the door and English dude, by the way. He’s like in his 50s and he probably comes to my shoulder if he was lucky…. Anyways, he says, Man, you’re so dadgum tall. 😑And I’m thinking like, Not today. Not today.

Mr. smart alec was behind a desk and I don’t think he worked there. But he was definitely comfortable there.

And he is like, “no Amish don’t take credit cards and something else or do this or that.” I’m like yeah, thank you. I know that. But I didn’t know this was Amish-owned. All I had was a website to go off of… But I’ve driven this far, it would be stupid of me not to ask.

He was one of those wanting to verbally spar no matter what. I was like, Okay, we’re gonna keep this collected… But long story short, the one guy that was the main worker there told me where the ATM was. It was this hole-in-the-wall gas station in my gosh.

Well, long story short, I ended up with 15 bags for $260. So I was like, I did two transactions to get that out and pay the fees too.

feed bags in the truck

But anyway, so yes, it was quite the Escapade. Not at all what I thought, but the moral of the story is, maybe do more than Google the address before you actually go somewhere.🙄 Especially if it’s out in the country. Um, instead of just taking the address off of the deal, the manufacturer website

Mixing Feed And Why I Changed

(Scene) Walking down the rabbitry with a path solved in the snow: Here’s a little trick I learned… if it starts to snow plow a path in your yard to all of your animal chore destinations to help make you not slip. And then also sprinkle salt on it.

(Scene) Opening The chicken coop door: Let’s see if they will come out today because yesterday, they legit didn’t come out at all. But then I also set them up with food and water. And so they were like, well, why the heck should we come out?

Me talking to the chickens: Are you going to come? So you’re like, No, thank you.

These guys did not come out at all for two days. Of course, then I’ve got them hooked up with food. So what reasons do they have to come out?

Talking To The Chickens: Yeah, you guys hungry? Are you gonna come out tomorrow are you just gonna hang out in here to,

Mixing The New Rabbit Feed With The Old

I’m in the middle of mixing the rabbit feed that I just got with the bag that I have left of the old stuff. And I kind of wanted to share why I am switching and what kind of things that I like to watch for in the rabbit feed.

So I’ve got three bags in here. This one is the new brand I’m switching to, this is the old brand. And then this is the bag, I’m mixing the feed in. Now I realized that it’s kind of hard for people to see the difference.

See all that extra white that’s in there, that’s old stuff that I don’t on top. And really, some of that white can be corn, it can be other ingredients. But you really don’t want to see that haphazard mess of the mixing.

And then another thing that I noticed is this one is far dustier than the new one. So I really think that this is going to do well.

It’s hard to know sometimes when you need to change a feed brand and sometimes it can be simple little things, or it can be as severe as like the whole herd is not eating what they should, (which that happened to me about two years ago.) The reason I’m trying to switch now is last year the litters were not nearly as successful as they could have been.

And the numbers didn’t lie either.

We had 35 babies from 2020 and then in 2021 We only did 18 So that’s significantly different. All I did was go through and count how many pedigrees I had made because that would tell me how many babies I’d sold. Even if the number is off by a little bit, even if it had been 20 That’s still a lot less when you consider that’s nearly a third or half of what it was. So I’m hoping this brand will change it looks a lot cleaner. And it looks a lot more like just well put together so hopefully, that will fix the problems.

The reason I’m starting now to switch is because we are two weeks into January in the first breeding should happen in about four-six weeks and so I want the does especially to be good and on this feed solidly without any changes or anything like that closer to breeding.

I know sometimes people I’m kind of think I go a little bit more serious or over the top when it comes to how strict I am about what the rabbits get and like the timing of changing things and stuff. But when I’m not careful I noticed the difference in the rabbits and so it’s worth it to notice what works for your herd and stick with that.

Shinanigans During Feeding Time

These little stinkers are in here looking for bunny popsicles. 💩😫

Supposed to drop 20 degrees we are in the 40s right now so hatches are battened.

Talking To Toby The Saint Bernard: Excuse me sir. What are you doing? You’re over there in the chicken run. Can you come out of there? Turn around go back to where you came.

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