How To Stay Motivated Building A Business

Knowing how to stay motivated is not easy! If you have been in the online space for less then a week you probably have found this out. You get excited and dive headfirst into learning all the things. Then before you know it you are feeling at rock bottom.

You think you should be at a better place then you are or you are just plain worn out.

There is nothing worse than feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders and thinking of giving up your business. There are so many ups and downs. You wonder why, if, and how you will ever make it all work together.

You see so many success stories of people who are out there killing it in real-time. They look like they have it all together and getting their business up and running was easy for them.

Let me tell you that there are so many pieces you don’t see.

A thick lushes patch of grass had a lot of crap spread on it.

Those people went through a lot of struggles and difficulties to get to where they are. They sacrificed something to get to where they are. They invested a lot of blood sweat and tears to see that business grow.

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Not everything they did was perfect. They just kept going when others didn’t.

How to stay motivated when you trip and “sprain your business ankle?”

You will have some missteps. You don’t see all the work and TIME other people put in before their business took off. Not everyone shares about the three products that they tried to launch that did not take off. Or the webinars where no one showed up. The opt-in nobody wanted.

Those parts are not glamorous.

I made 3 opt-ins before I made one that did only ok. Then another 3 before I made the resource library. And that is going like gangbusters.

How To Stay Motivated While Building Your Online Business Or Blog From Home

Everybody Needs Motivation

Struggles don’t care if you are making nothing from your business or 50k a month. It doesn’t care if you have 150, 700k or 5.3m followers on your social accounts.

Struggles don’t care if you are white, black, caramel. They don’t care if you live in a penthouse or a small drafty country home.

You Have To Know Yourself

In order to stay motivated, you have to know yourself and how you work. What motivates you? What things don’t work to get your butt in gear? If you are not a self-motivated person what accountability pieces could you put into place to make you do something?

Could you plan an accountability post to share on your blog or social platforms? Your audience will help keep you accountable.

Maybe you could find someone in real life that will ACTUALLY check up on you. Or here is my favorite. Maybe you lose some $$. Make yourself pay for someone at the drive-through or you have to donate $5 every time you do not hit your goals. Know don’t get me wrong there can be exceptions like getting sick or something that happens out of your control. That’s Ok. Just remember it shouldn’t happen too often.

Sometimes You Just Need A Break And Sometimes You Need A New System

It is no secret that I struggle to keep up with social media. To be honest I would be totally fine if It just went away completely. BUT we all know that is not going to happen for a long time if ever. So, for now, this is where the world is at.

When I started to feel really unmotivated about scheduling social media posts I realized I needed to take a break. But also find a new system that worked for me. I grew the rabbitry on the back of social media without doing a ton of research. Why didn’t I feel like I could do that with the blog? I was flooded with too many people telling me what to do and not looking at what would work from my audience.

After taking several days off and found myself a little more refreshed I could come back and look at the whole thing with a clearer vision and make a plan that felt good for me.

There is a reason something is not flowing well for you. I have said this SO MANY TIMES but you are not the same as the person next to you. So don’t force-feed yourself with their content plan.

How To Stay Motivated By Fighting Back

To get rid of the heavyweight on your shoulders you have to do everything you can to fight back. Find out why you are feeling that way and what works to get rid of it. Some things work for different people and situations. You have to experiment and find out what helps you get out of the funk.

A fighter will keep working towards the end goal no matter how long it takes. A quiet resolve that never gives up.

A fighter doesn’t need to know all the answers and will try their best no matter what.
You have that burning desire to see your dreams happen. 
That is what it takes to succeed!

Don’t let yourself sit in misery feeling like you can’t get out of it. Try some of the ways below to help you feel just a little bit better.

Visit Your Stats To Stay Motivated

This type of motivation depends on your personality. Can you look for the good? Or will looking at your stats bring you down even farther? Whether it is website growth, gaining more likes on social media, or video views I can guarantee you that you are not where you were 6 months ago.

hint… you should be comparing your stats to that same month last year (April 2019 Compared to April 2018, not April 2019 Compared to December of 2018) not the month before. Seasons and user habits cause stats to rise and fall. Comparing a month where people are cooped up on their phones to a month where people are outside having fun will not match up.

Go to your google analytics dashboard, or Facebook insights and look back on your past dates. Look for the percentage in the green and the line traveling upward even if it is small. Be grateful for those people you have and look at each number as a living breathing human. Not just a number on your dashboard.

If the stats are lower then you want to see. Look at why. Is it because you had a viral post or feature that went live about that time last year?

If you are not doing the same collaboration or you don’t have a feature article coming out then your traffic is going to be lower.

Go back to those dates and see what the average daily traffic was for that month and subtract any traffic that is above the average number on that high day that you can explain from something different. That way you can see how your month is growing compared to last year.

Take A Break

Sometimes you have to walk away so you can come back refreshed and motivated. Stressed work is not your best work.

If you can’t call it quits for the day because you have limited work time or you have a project due. I want you to at least step away from your computer for 15 minutes. Take a walk or just step outside and get some fresh air, it will improve your blood flow and help your brain refresh.

Set a timer for 15 minutes and look up funny memes or dog images on Pinterest! This is is one of my favorites.

Listen To Others To Find Motivation

When you are feeling down or like giving up on your business. You should listen to inspiration to help you stay motivated. Whether that is YouTube Videos, Podcasts, Facebook Lives from a teacher you love. Find something that will set your heart back on fire for what you are dong.

Listen To Others To Help You Stay Motivated

Here are some of my favorite podcasts:

These are links to their websites but you can find all of them on iTunes, Stitcher, or GooglePlay

  1. The Goal Digger Podcast – The older episodes are going to have a lot more “how to” info and the newer ones past the 150 mark are going to be more inspirational and interviews with other people. I go back and listen to this podcast whenever I am starting to feel inadequate or need to do more.
  2. She’s Building Her Empire – A massively tactical podcast no matter the topic.
  3. Smart Passive Income
  4. Online Marketing Made Easy
  5. Do It Scared
  6. The Gary Vee Audio Experience (If you can overlook the swearing)

Set Processes For Everything

Sometimes we are feeling unmotivated because our minds are going crazy with everything that we think needs to be done. So we get overwhelmed. You might need to stop and write down what is going on in your head and clear the junk.

Having a reason or a process for doing something will help you stay motivated when times are crazy and you are struggling to keep your head above water.

I feel like “setting a process” has become this mystical scary thing that people get tripped up on.

A process is simply the why and how of what you do.

All you have to do is lay out the steps for each part of your business.

It might seem like a waste of time at first but once you start writing out what you do and why. You will start to have a clear picture of your business and you won’t feel so scattered.

Make Sure You Are Going After Your Goals

Sometimes we can go after things that we see OTHER people doing in business and before we know it we are down the rabbit hole of another thing we have to get done. When really it is not our dream to do said task. Before you jump into something new, make sure it is something you want to do…

It’s ok to dip your toe in the water if you are self-aware enough to understand when you are no longer enjoying the process and it is time to stop while you are ahead.

On the flip side, you might be doing something that another person wants you to do and it’s not what you want.

This is my FAVORITE planner that helps me break down my life-size goals all the way down to my goals for this week.

Write Down Big Goals Into Small Bit Size Chunks

In short, you look at the big picture and break that big task down into steps. Then take those steps and break those down even further.

Using the example of reading 1 book a month you don’t look at this big task as,

I have to read 12 books this year!

Then start of January 1 strong. No, you break it down. 12 books in one year means you have to read 1 book each month. If the book has 12 chapters then you have to read 4 chapters each week.

If each chapter is 25 pages long give or take. Then you need to read 20 pages each weekday or about 15 pages over a 7 day period.

If you want to go more in-depth this post about planning a project will help you immensely.

Go Back To Your Why In The First Place

If you have lost your motivation you need to go back to the reason you got started in the first place. Why did you start your blog or business?

Was it to make a better life for your self or your family? To have opportunities to be more generous?

It is also good to note that your motivation will change over time. It’s ok to have personal what seem like “selfish” goals to begin with. Then once you reach your personal goals you will start to have bigger more meaningful goals.

Reward Yourself

Have yourself a reward for reaching the goals. OR a reason to it them. For example, I really want to get help with social media. I have a financial goal I want to reach in order to higher someone to help with that.

Maybe you want to start something new. So you set a goal to reach a certain amount of traffic, followers, or subscribers before you can start that new thing.

Make sense?

It Does Not Last Forever

If you are doing everything you can to pull your heart back up to a happy place and it just doesn’t seem to be working. Know that those feelings of struggle won’t last forever. Sometimes the only thing you can do is keep going. Put one foot in front of the other.

Your fresh start will come and you will have a new love for your business. Trust that you will feel that spark in your heart once again and give your self the grace to just step away if you need to. If you keep going through those tough times you will make it to the other side.

When that happens. That is how you know you are doing something great.

Sit On Your Idea For Awhile

If you get some great ideas, write them down and sit on them for a while.

It is so easy to see what is working for other people and let those ideas take you away from your goals. You want to do EVERYTHING! But let me be the first to tell you that you just can’t do it. You might last a while but in the end, you will break. It may not be next month or next year but you will give out at some point if you try to do it all.

sit on your idea to stay motivated

I heard this from so many bloggers in the EBA community and did not want to listen. Until I was getting so worn out and I was still trying to do more.

Then I realized I was losing the love for what I was doing. Something had to give.

Yes, you CAN do it all. But SHOULD you do it all, is the real question.

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