Neutral Fall Decor On A Budget


I don’t know about you but I LOVE neutral fall decor. It seems like most people count the days until pumpkin spice everything hits the shelves. When it comes to your home the fall decor can be a little brighter than we are used to.

So if bright and bold is not your thing then I’ve got you covered.

Fall is one of the easiest and more flexible seasons to decorate for. If you are creative you can use things you probably already have around your home both inside and out.

The other thing that I LOVE about neutral fall decor is that you can likely use most if not all the pieces in your home again and again. Which is great!

I love to decorate for Christmas and so I don’t like spending a ton of time and recourses on fall decorating BUT I do love how cozy it makes the house feel.

Before we get to the fun part I want to give you some tips for choosing the right decor first.

Pull Down Past Seasonal Decor

Before you jump in and start putting up your fall decorations make sure to go through your home and pull anything down that gives a spring or summer vibe.

I say this anytime I am talking about decor or design but you need to make sure everything in the room works together. You don’t want a visual battle going on.

See how the images below may not be “terrible” but they certainly don’t help you have a cohesive look.

They will detract from the decorations you are trying to put up.

Even if the flower color matches your fall decor. Picture tulips and daffodils next to fall leaves and seedpods… They just don’t go together and even detract from each other. Makes sense?

This neutral fall color collection works together a lot better.

None of these colors compete. The items don’t scream spring or warm weather. They are just enough to give the feeling of change and refinement.

What Words Make You Think Fall?

I am going to go one step further and ask you to get deep. What makes your brain think fall?

Its not necessarily orange, reds, or yellows. Its the things that show a season is changing.

Words Like:

  • Harvest
  • Crisp
  • Crunching Leaves
  • Cool Air
  • The comfort of a warm sweater.
  • A throw blanket.
  • Burlap and Straw
  • ScareCrow (which are meant to scare away birds from the garden not a fall decoration.)

These are things that start to come around in the season. They aren’t “fall decorations.”

Its not like Christmas where we have Christmas trees, Christmas gifts, Christmas wreath. Make sense?

Chose the items that trigger your mind to think fall.

neutral fall pumpkin with lady in a sweater.

Use The Decorations You Have

Before you buy anything, look at the things you have around your home, both indoors and out, that can double as decorations.

Trees drop gifts that you can use in your home decor. Squash-like butternut and spaghetti squash can be sat around as decor and then eaten later! No wasted money on decorations you are just going to throw away later!

If you raise livestock and have whole corn around you can fill containers with the corn or whole oats!

Here are some other ideas for things you can use in your neutral fall decor and you might have around your home.

  • Fabrics that are soft with warm and darker colors can also double as decorations. Plaids are the most common and easiest to find.
  • Leaves, nuts, apples, and pods are also dropped from trees that you could find in your own yard for free or along the walkway around town.
  • Straw is readily available in most locations even in cities. But make sure to check with local farmers of growers before you spend more then you need to on straw. Right now you should only pay $5-$6 a bail.
  • Corn is a very cheap decoration that is maybe $6 for 50 pounds. you can buy it at your local feed store and fill jars for decorations.

Move Things Around

Your brain starts to ignore what it already knows is there. If you change things up a bit you will give the room a whole new look.

To help make what you already have feel new and fresh. Don’t put your decor in the same place every year. Putting your old decor in new places and changing things around will make what you have feel fresh and new.


Containers make great neutral fall decor pieces. Find things like jars, wood boxes or crates, and baskets that are sitting around your home or you can find them cheap at your local second-hand store. Fill them with pinecones, corn, or leaves after fall.

Below is an example of items that do not scream fall on their own but you put them together and you have some wonderful fall decorations.

There is the plaid scarf, wooden box, the book that brings a sense of relaxation. Then the fall leafs and cup of coco that bring it all together.

plad blanket, leafs, cup of coco on a bench.

Fall Printables 

Printable decorations are another easy and free way to hang wall art around your home for the season. You just print them out and put them in a frame for easy display.

The Suburban Mom bog has a wonderful collection of free Thanksgiving printables you can get for this holiday season.

Here are some awesome neutral fall decorations.

Walmart has some awesome decor on their website every year.

Way to Celebrate Thanksgiving Cream Pumpkins Decoration, Set of 2

WinHome Pumpkin Spice Fall Halloween Home Decor Square Throw Pillow Case Cases Cover Cushion Covers Sofa Size 18×18 Inches Two Side

Here are two beautiful neutral fall wreaths.

Way to Celebrate Multicolor Harvest Mum, Pine Cone and Peony Thanksgiving Wreath, 24 in

Way to Celebrate Multicolor Harvest Neutral Thanksgiving Wreath, 19.69 in

Keep the decorations simple, they don’t have to be very expensive and the best decorations are the most natural. You can leave them out as you start to shift over to Christmas and even incorporate them into your decor.

Start with what you have and build on your collection. It might take time to figure out your favorite style but that is what makes designing your own home fun. 

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