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Wondering if you have the time to build your dream backyard farm lifestyle?

Simplify your journey With the intentional backyard farm strategy guide and farmhouse planner bundle

Have you ever stood in your backyard, and wondered how to get started with the backyard farm or homestead you’ve dreamed of?

Thats no small task,

So many people find themselves full of confusion and overwhelm, not knowing where to begin or which direction to take when starting to create their dream country lifestyle.

That’s why I created something to help!

A video training and guidebook meant to clear the fog and help you create a plan to build the lifestyle YOU want. Imagine having a crystal-clear plan, understanding exactly what projects will get you closer to your vision without tipping the scales toward chaos.


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How It Helps You?

  • It simplifies the start-up process, making it less daunting for beginners and ensuring a smoother transition into backyard farming.
  • Provides a clear roadmap to achieving personal farm goals, leading to increased motivation and a sense of direction.
  • Helps you clean up an existing hot mess express and shows you how to tame the chaos.
  • Helps avoid common pitfalls and mistakes, saving time, resources, and unnecessary stress for homesteaders.

What’s Inside The Bundle?

  1. Setting your farm goals video lesson – So you can set a clear plan and know exactly what you are working towards.
  2. Learn how to evaluate your projects – So you make progress on your dream lifestyle without feeling overwhelmed.
  3. How to choose the right projects to get you started – So you can grow your backyard farm in a way that is sustainable.

Other details:

  1. The video lesson is linked in the PDF download so you don’t have to keep track of course log-ins!
  2. Ink-friendly quick notes so you can print out the key points of the lesson and keep them right in front of you!
  3. 15 pages of goal planning information for someone starting their backyard farm.

The Best Parts Of The Planner:

  1. Dream Project Evaluation Planner to help you make sure you are starting projects that get you to your dream lifestyle and not simply chasing shiny new things.
  2. Annual Projects At A Glance planner  – so you can have your projects for the year right in front of you on the fridge or on your desk and know what is coming down the line. Allowing you to start planning ahead.
  3. Different styles of project planners so YOU can start happening to your life plans instead of letting life happen to you.

Other Awesome Pages:

  1. Breeding planners
  2. Garden blueprint page
  3. Livestock due date pages
  4. Weekly meal planner
  5. Shopping lists
  6. 20+ other pages

Imagine having a clear plan laid out before you, knowing precisely what steps to take toward achieving your goals. Through our video lesson on setting farm goals, and learning how to evaluate and choose projects, I guide you step by step through the process.

And because I know life’s busy enough as it is, everything you need is neatly packaged in a downloadable PDF complete with ink-friendly quick notes.

Hey There!

I’m Leah

Ever found yourself daydreaming about a peaceful backyard farm, where the mornings are greeted by chickens and evenings spent tending to your small garden? But then, reality hits – where do you even start?

That was me, once upon a time. Overwhelmed by the endless should-dos and must-haves, I knew there had to be a simpler way to turn this dream lifestyle into reality without losing my mind or breaking the bank.

So, I rolled up my sleeves and dove headfirst into the world of small-scale farming. Through trial, error, and lessons learned, I discovered that starting a backyard farm isn’t about having it all at once.

It’s about setting realistic goals, choosing projects that fit your lifestyle, and growing at your own pace.

Get your planners and start creating peace in your life today!


ONLY $7!

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