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Spring Cleaning Without The Overwhelm

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You are just dying to start spring cleaning right?

Spring is finally here! When the weather gets warm’ish do you get the bug to refresh your home like I do? Whether that means major cleaning or even swapping around the decor.

You’ve been cooped up all winter and your home probably doesn’t feel as fresh as you would like. I know for myself I get pretty lazy when it comes to the cold weather and all I want to do is hibernate.

I also have 3 dogs that put their nose art on my windows 3.9 seconds after I have wiped off their previous piece of artwork. So there’s that.

So the house starts to look a little rough sometimes. It can feel like I need to do all the things at once. Then I spend all my time going back and forth between jobs not really getting anywhere.

So before you jump in, set a plan and a focus for where you are going to start.

Check the weather before you start.

If you are going to take most of the day and get serious about cleaning then take a look at the weather. No seriously look to see what the weather is going to be. Is it sunny and warm but still cool? Or rainy and that nasty weather where you don’t feel motivated to do anything.

Another thing I love to do is get a glass of water and but a few drops of lemon or lime in the water. That is going to help keep you hydrated with a pep in your step.

Spring Cleaning With A Clear Mind

So are you ready to get on this task of spring cleaning?

To keep yourself from getting overwhelmed I want you to sit down and do a brain dump. Yes, yes if you have been around for a bit of time you will know that I love a good brain dump. But a clear mind is the key to getting a lot accomplished.

Wright to own all of the tasks that you have in mind to get done for your spring cleaning session. Once you have everything out of your mind you will be able to focus on one task at a time, keeping you from feeling like you should be doing 50 things at once.

Organize your list.

Now, remember when I asked you to check the weather? Are there things that require you to go outside or open the windows. What things could wait for a better day. Move those off to the side.

Here are some other factors for you to think about as before you start your work.

  • Are you a “do one room at a time person” or do you like to do all of one job at once? Ie the windows.
  • What about heavy stuff? Do you need to get help moving stuff around?
  • Or your schedule? Are you able to get it all done in one day or do you need to break things up?

Choose The One Thing

Once you’re everything down I want you to look at the list and choose what area to work on first whether that is cleaning a certain room or doing all of the dusting in one day. Maybe you were wanting to clear out the junk in a certain area of your house.

Choose that one area that has you the most stressed were concerned. Maybe you don’t have an area that you want to start with first then choose the area you use the most.

Now once you have that one space or task chosen I want you to order the list that you made from most important to the least important. That room you chose to start with is the most important so you should choose tasks that follow under that number one task.

You don’t have to rewrite the last if you don’t want to, but go down the list and put a 1, 2, 3 and so on, next to each task that needs to be done.

Choose One Thing If Time Is Short

So I am a bit obsessed with strategy across the board. But you can have one even when you are cleaning your house.

We have all been in that situation when time is short. Whether someone is coming sooner then we thought or you have a small amount of time available.

This post will help you with living in a clutter-free home.

Before you start cleaning without a plan. Stop and think. Where are they coming into first? The first few moments are the most important. Make a good first impression and the rest will fall into place.

Pro tip: Your mind fills in the pieces it does not see. So if what they see is picked up most often they will assume the rest of the rooms are picked up as well.

Walk the most likely path they will walk.

Start with the outside. Make sure the walkway is picked up and there is no trash around your property.

Next move into the entryway or the first room they will be in.

The kitchen is a room that has one of the biggest impressions. A bowl in the sink with milk sitting in it. No thanks. So make sure to give that room a once over.

If they will be in your home for a longer amount of time, make sure a bathroom is picked up and looks nice. Also, have Lysol in easy reach in case someone needs to use the bathroom and you need to do a quick spray because of an unplanned pit stop.

To make any room in your home feel warm and cozy check out this post.

Spring Clean 1 Room At A Time Vs 1 Task By Task

Everyone thinks differently and I want you to use the system that works best for you. But I want to show you why I like to deal with one room at a time Vs working by task.

What I mean by this is I like to pick, say, the living room and do everything in the living room that makes it feel nice and clean and fresh during the spring cleaning. Rather than going through the entire house and doing all of the picking up, dusting, sweeping, mopping and so on.

The reason for this is that when you look at a big job like dusting your entire house or mopping all of the floors. That seems like a huge job. Knowing that you have this huge job ahead of you will cause you to put it off and possibly never get started.

If your mind works better doing all of the dusting or moping at once then, by all means, do it that way. But I want you to know what your options are. As long as you get your tasks done, it doesn’t matter the order you do it. You have to know yourself and the way that you think.

How To Start Spring Cleaning

I’m not adding this section to say that you don’t know how to clean but to give you an idea of where to start. There are some people nowadays who really have no idea where to start so this section is for you if you don’t know how to start spring cleaning your home.

Before you can even start cleaning you have to remove any kind of junk or trash that is in the room. The less you have in the room the easier it’s going to be too clean and the more motivation you will have to get after the task at hand.

Now, you should have already done the brain dump and created the list of tasks that are important to you. Then put them in order of what makes your mind feel good about what you are working on.

If you are not aware, any kind of cleaning should be done from the top down. The reason why it’s because if you are taking a broom and dusting off the cobwebs from the ceiling after you have already swept the floor, crud that you knock off from the ceiling above will fall to the floor that you already swept. Great sadness…

So always work from the top down.

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