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What’s Inside?

  • 11 Pages of rabbit breeding, nesting, predelivery, hand feeding the kits info.
  • Monthly and quarterly goal planning page.
  • Show records, rabbit sales, and rabbit herd growth strategy pages.
  • Breeding planners and trackers.
  • Gestation Chart, medical history, rabbitry bills, and pudget pages.
  • And more!



No thanks, I don’t want help with my rabbits.

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Hey There!

I’m Leah

Your resident rabbit raiser and guide through all things rabbit raising.

Whether you are looking to raise rabbits on your homestead for fun, a meat source that doesn’t take up much space, or even for income generation. I’m here to help.

The info in this guide is backed by over 20+ years of rabbit-raising experience and I want to help you make this journey as smooth as possible.

If you want to breed rabbits, know exactly what to expect and when, and planners to help make your life easier. This Rabbit breeding and record book is just what you need.


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