13 Awesome Small Bathroom Organization Hacks You Wish You Knew

Looking for small bathroom organization hacks that are ACTUALLY for a legit small bathroom? So many posts claim to be small but make me think, “must be nice”. Then keep on scrolling.

small bathroom organization hacks

I love our first home but believe it or not our master bathroom is the smaller of the two bathrooms. While it is a “full bath” you could take a shower and brush your teeth in the sink at the same time…

Ok maybe that’s a bit dramatic but you can literally stand in the middle and touch all four walls. 

In my continuous sourcing for ways to maximize the bathroom storage here is a resource of amazing storage options I have found. Plus some tips to keep in mind when trying to declutter the bathroom. 

This post is all about small bathroom organization hacks.

Top Organization Tips For A Small Bathroom

You need to start out on the right foot to be able to have a bathroom you love. It’s not enough to buy organizing boxes and pretty little drawer organziers. Use these small bathroom organization hacks to get you started.

Declutter Everything 

You can’t organize your bathroom when there is simply too much stuff to fit comfortably in that small space. If you haven’t used it in 8 months get rid of it. 

Don’t Have More Than One Backup

From hairbrushes to toothpaste don’t buy more than one backup. Beauty products collect dust and hygiene products do go bad after a while. If you haven’t used that brush in years or you have a weakness for the clearance aisle stop it. Your sanity is worth more than saving a few pennies.

Work With Your Natural Habits

Sometimes it makes sense to put things in a certain place in the bathroom cabinets. But if you naturally go to a place to grab something put it there. Because if you do that you are more likely to put it back. 

One Weeks Worth

When it comes to linens and extra towels you only need one week’s worth. MAAAAYBE a few extra days. It’s easy to think you need more than that but if you are so busy you can’t do a load of towels in a week then we need to have a talk. 

No More Than What You Can Use

When it comes to hair products only buy what you are using at the time. I have a weakness for good-smelling hair products but you can only try out one product at a time. So if you want to try a few different things pick one at the store and get another one next time if you don’t like the results. OR make yourself use up what is left before you buy another product.

Mesure Once And Never Return

If you measure your space before you buy anything to organize your under-the-sink cabinet you will have much better success and be far happier with your results. 

Use Wall Space 

This can be something that is easy to miss. the open wall space is right in front of your face and might seem like a hindrance. But it could also be a creative use for you when adding storage options for your small bathroom.

You will see some examples later but look for open shelves that you could put a few frosted Amazon jars on to store things like makeup brushes or Q-tips.

Reduce Visual Noise

This is a tough one when the bathroom is small. But things like labels add to the visual noise. Remove your soap from its bottle and put it in a dispenser instead of leaving the bold bright labeled bottle

Put things like wound healing creams in a small basket inside the medicine cabinet. Anything you can do to reduce visual clutter. You will be amazed at how one small thing makes a difference.

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Here is a collection of storage ideas you can use in a small bathroom to make the most of the space you have. From adding storage space to keeping that space organized.

Over The Toilet Cabinets

I LOVE these for a bathroom storage idea because when you have a small bathroom you really can’t put much on the floor so you have to go up to create space. 

These are great to put things like Q-tips, a splash of decor, extra hand towels, extra toilet paper, and even backup items. They are best used for the items you don’t go for daily.

 I will say that when it comes to small over the toilet storage space, fully open shelving is not going to help the bathroom look very clean. Bathrooms by nature have quite a bit of stuff in them so covering up some of it will help keep the bathroom look better.

White Bathroom Space Saver with 3 Fixed Shelves, Mainstays Over the Toilet Storage

over the toilet shelving unit

This over-the-toilet cabinet is perfect if you have very narrow space on either side of the toilet. The white gives it a nice clean fresh look that will go with any bathroom style.

Rustic Gray Bathroom Space Saver, Better Homes & Gardens over the Toilet Storage

small bathroom organization hacks

This one stole my heart at first but sadly it is too wide for our space and the larger square legs didn’t fit between the tank on the toilet and the wall.

Homfa Bathroom Wall Cabinet, over The Toilet Space Saver Storage Cabinet Kitchen Medicine Cabinet Double Door Cupboard with Adjustable Shelf and Towels Bar, White

Don’t have the space for legs or honestly don’t want to trust something standing over you while you are on the pot? I’ve got you covered. No pun intended.

over the toilet cabinet for small bathroom organization hacks

This closed bathroom shelf option is a great bathroom organization solution to the problem. It will keep the bathroom essentials covered and give you some extra space for your bathroom items.

Stackable Storage

Time for some vertical storage ideas to keep your stuff organized. Keep in mind that if you get something round you are losing space in the corners.

ClearSpace Water Bottle Organizer

Got several bottles of hair products? A water bottle organizer is a great way to get more bottles into a space and see what you have. Just make sure you have the lids for your products or they are not prone to leaking.

Stackable Water Bottle Rack, 4 Pack

This option is great when you have limited space. You can SEE everything you have when you look up and down vs front to back.

02/21/2024 09:01 pm GMT

Open Storage Bins Closet Organizers and Storage Shelves 4 Pack

These wire baskets could be used for anything from towel bar replacement to holding each person’s bathroom essentials to save counter space or to set out. You could even use them to hold the clothes for the following day.

STORi Audrey Stackable Cosmetic Organizer Drawers | Set of 2 | Clear | 4.5-Inches Tall

Often medicine cabinets have three shelves that are quite tall but that can also leave you with some lost space. These are great small containers to hold things like nail polish to get more in a vertical space.

Counter Top Organizers

I will give you a few ideas and product recommendations for this be careful with these types of bathroom organization ideas. They are very easy to overdo and make the bathroom feel cluttered. 

If you can swing it only do one countertop caddy to hold the items. Any more than that and you will start to make your bathroom feel messy.

2 Tier Bathroom Countertop Organizer, Wood Bathroom Counter Shelf Organizer, Bathroom Trays for Counter Standing Rack Cosmetic Holder

I love this unit because it is clean and fits the farmhouse vibe but has a sense of class as well. Remember not to completely fill it up. You need breathing room no matter what room you are organizing.

Bathroom Counter Organizer Rack With Toiletries Basket

This rack is a bit bigger and would be great to add a basket or two in order to help keep the times more concealed.

ProTip: DO NOT get the clear racks for makeup or other things that will sit on the countertop. That will make your counter look trashy and disorganized.

What To Do With Hair Tools

One of the hardest things to figure out what to do with is things like the hairdryer and curling iron. They aren’t the prettiest things but tucking them away in a draw with a lot of other things can become very aggravating. I started putting my hair dryers in a basket on the counter and that helped tremendously.

GRANNY SAYS Large Wicker Basket for Storage, Waterproof Storage Baskets, Gray Basket for Pantry Storage, 1-Pack

I have these in the kitchen with the baby bottles and drop wet ones in there daily and they are perfect.

02/22/2024 02:37 am GMT

These baskets could also work great for the back of the toilet to hold extra toilet paper or hand towels. They are a very versatile basket which is great.

Extra Storage Containers

Here is a collection of storage containers that are nice and would work well in a lot of different spaces.

Woven Storage Basket Decorative Natural Rope Basket Wooden Bead Decoration for Organizer Bin with Handles Living Room Home Decor, Jute, 16″ W × 13.8″L

5 Piece Set Wicker Basket, Woven Storage Baskets

This is a great basket set because they are different sized and MATCHING! This is huge to having a room that feels cohesive. mixing things up will cause a visual battle for your brain to process. Which is not something you need to have in a small bathroom.

StorageWorks Water Hyacinth Wicker Baskets with Built-in Handles, Hand Woven Baskets for Organizing, 8 ½”L x 9 ¾”W x 7 ½”H, 2-Pack

This set of cabinet organizers will be great for sliding products under a shelf and easily pulling them back out when needed.

Use these small bathroom organization hacks to help you make your bathroom an oasis. Remember not to overdo it and only put in the storage options you need.

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