Here’s the deal

You don’t have infinity symbols in your bank account where the zeros should be….

If you’re ready to say goodbye to an empty bank account — hello to a homestead that brings you more joy and less heartache!

Step right up, your number has been called.

You’d love to earn money from your backyard farm buuuut….

….you can’t figure out how to get the word out without constantly saying “buy my stuff” … and the nuts-and-bolts of running a homestead business!? It’s beyond you.

cup of coffee on a note book

The truth is…

  • Posting cute pictures doesn’t cut it anymore.
  • Making money is one thing, but running a business is something a beast all on its own.
  • People need to see and hear about you and your products 7-11 times before they buy😯😯!!
  • And you don’t have time to waste posting 5 times a day on Instagram.

If you are ready to turn your money-sucking hobby into a business that flows WITH your country lifestyle…

Let’s set you up with a strategic plan that will get you paid to do the work you love.

Profitable Backyard Farmers Club

This is the place for you if you are:

  • Looking for someone to be in your back pocket to answer your homestead business strategy and growth questions on the fly.
  • Looking to clean up a hot mess homestead and bring some organization to the chaos.

Monthly Membership


$15 A month

Profitable Backyard Farm Playbook

A business system for homesteaders all in one ebook to help you turn your money-sucking hobby into a profitable business.

Get the same process I use to earn multiple four figures a year from my small backyard farm…

(If you have the profitable rabbitry playbook you don’t need this one… Unless you want it of course😜)

Ebook + Templates



Profitable Rabbitry Playbook

The exact process I took to earn multiple four figures a year from my small rabbitry.

The only business book written by a rabbitry owner for rabbit raisers.


Ebook + Templates



Yes! I’m In!

You could spend $1000 on a business foundations course — Oh, and another couple thousand on copywriting, email, and social media courses.

But those courses are not set up for someone wanting to make money from their homestead or backyard farm. 

Sure you can ask questions but nine times out of ten >> they don’t have a clue about the country lifestyle. 

Or you could give yourself permission to create a country lifestyle that pays for itself – with just one sale you could more than make your money back.

You could try to figure it out on your own…

But in the meantime:

Your garden Produce is rotting

Your goat herd is full of overgrown kids

And your bank account is leaking faster than sand falling from a timer