What Is A Sales Funnel

Have you ever heard of sales funnel? No? Well sit back and get comfy because you are about to get sales funnels explained, and I am about to change your life!

Ok, maybe that is a bit dramatic but they are still pretty awesome.

It’s easy to hear people say they are making thousands a month and feel depressed because you don’t see how it is possible. Who has time to work with everyone? I sure don’t.

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#1 they have multiple income streams. And #2 they have sales funnels in place.

With a simple website and selling products that you make or services that take your one on one attention. There is only so much you can do before you are maxed out.

Those people have systems in place to help them make money in ways that don’t take more time to create each product and the sales process happens even if they are not in contact with that person.

I want to introduce a new concept that might make total sense or you will have your mind blown. If you have not really looked into building a business or entrepreneurship you probably have not heard of this term before so I want to give you an example.

Sales Funnels happen to us every day.

Sales funnels are something that happens to us every day online and in person. We don’t even realize it.

We go to the grocery store and the lady behind that portable counter says ” would you like to try a sample?” as she hands it to you and offers you a coupon for a product in the store.

You pick up the product conveniently placed around the cart she is standing by.

And you put it in your cart.

You, my friend, have just been pulled into a sales funnel.

That sweet lady offered you a free sample, gave you an insensitive to buy the product (the coupon) and showed you right where the product was.

That is a short but effective sales funnel.

What is a sales funnel? A simple step by step guide to sales funnels and how to set one up for yourself. #salesfunnel #business #blogging

It does take time to get people to know, like, and trust you. BUT there are some people who are easliy sold to and if you are giving good content “free samples” then they will buy from you even if you have just met. Because you have proved yourself to them.

A sales funnel makes you money while you are not even online. I am going to walk you through what a sales funnel is and how you can lay one out for yourself.

Example of a sales funnel for people wanting to make money passively. Starting with your pool of content, to free opt-in, to easy yes or low priced item, to the commit of a higher priced item, to high end paying clients.

First, don’t be overwhelmed. You don’t need to have all of these steps. You can have just the first three.

Before you start creating any of your content you should start with the end in mind. Meaning your commit or your first paid product. You want your pool of content, opt-in, and easy yes to lead people to the commit. If they are disjointed you will not be getting people to buy your higher priced products because it doesn’t make sense to them.

Here is what I mean…

With my blog being about business and intentional living, if I had an opt-in that was tips for easy gluten-free meals, then a meal planning paid offer as my easy yes and my commit is a coaching package. That doesn’t flow together, does it?

I am going to walk you through starting with the free content because that makes it easier to understand. But I want you to flip it and at least think about what your paid offer would be. Before you start creating your opt-ins and pool of content.

The Start Of Your Sales Funnel – The Pool

Your pool of content is the starting point of all sales funnels. It is that free sample the lady offered you at the store. Your pools is free content that people can read, listen to, or watch without giving you anything. Not even an email address.

This like blog posts, podcasts, youtube videos, informative pages on your site, or resourse pages.

Step Two Of Your Sales Funnel – The Opt-In

To have an opt-in you need an email service provider. There are several out there and everyone has an opinion of which one is best or which you should use. I have tried many different providers and I am currently using Active Campaign. They are really affordable and have a great deliverability rate to the INBOX which is key.

I also found THIS BLOG POST that shows a test comparison of the top email providers that has gone over a few years and the progression in each. So I highly encourage you to read it.

Your email list is how you will nurture your audience without the distraction of notifications and other posts on social. If you want more info on why you need an email list this post will help you out.

Now on to what your opt-in is. They should be simple and a quick win for your readers. They might get the freebie but if they open it up and see that there is a lot they have to do then they will not act on your information.

I made this mistake with my first opt-in that is now retired.

If your site visitors are impressed with you and want to stay in touch with you. Your opt-in is a simple incentive to get them to want to stay in contact with you and get on your email list.

They are willing to give you their email address in exchange for a tool, checklist, a simple e-book, how to guides, or some kind of content that is so valuable they can’t say no. Remember, simple quick wins for our reader is best. You can create these PDFs in word or Canva is a very popular free tool.

The Easy Yes

Some people call this a tripwire. Is super cheap and goes along with that opt-in you gave them. You want the price to be under $27 but I think under $10 is even better. Its so low they really can’t say no.

It could be something like a bundle of ebooks. A planner, a small e-course to educate them further. It could be anything and the more creative the better. Just make sure if flows from the opt-in to the commit or higher priced product.

The Final Piece To Your Sales Funnel – The Commit

These are the people who are committed to you and will want everything you have to offer. This part of the sales funnel is the next step up in price and also makes sense from the point of view of the easy yes offer. They need to look at this offer and think “Absolutely, I need that!”

This is not something you get them to buy right away. It is often a few months after they have been on your list.

As people come in through the pool or the free content in your sales funnel and slowly come to the end of the sales funnel the number of people willing to buy your high-end products will get smaller. Don’t expect everyone who opts-in to your free offer to make it to the end of your funnel and buy your high end paid products. That is just not going to happen.

But if you get your sale funnel converting well the larger the crowd you put into the top of the funnel the more people you have coming out the other end.

It takes time to grow an audience. If you have a sales funnel in place your income will grow and increase as your audience does.

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