How To Reach Your Goals Even When You Don’t Think You Can


How to reach your goals, find motivation, and make sure you set the right goals.

We are a couple of weeks into the new year and maybe you set a lot of goals or just a few.

Maybe you’re like me, you are taking an extremely slow this year for good reason. And I will give you an update on that later.

But maybe you are starting to feel a little defeated about the goals that you set.

And I will say that that is not uncommon for almost everyone unless you are some superhuman who is amazing at sticking to what you want to accomplish.

Now, I will admit I’m pretty pigheaded and stubborn, so if there’s something that I am working towards.

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There isn’t much that will blast me off of it. But to get to that point I have to want it so bad I can taste it. There isn’t going to be anything that’s going to get me off of it, but if I don’t know the benefit of it down deep in my heart, I’m not going to go after it. Like no matter how much my mind wants it and says that it’s a good idea unless it is something that I desperately want. Finding the motivation is difficult, and I think that’s a normal thing for any human being.

You have to want it so bad you can taste it.

A perfect example is my knowing that I should exercise more but I don’t feel the need that I need to lose weight. I’m perfectly happy with the size that I am, but I know with some physical issues that I have when I’m older, I’m going to appreciate it. If I keep more active and work to make myself stronger.

But when it comes to working on my business right now and pushing to get it to a certain level. It’s hard to take time out for something that will benefit me later down the road.

If find yourself in a similar situation then here is want I want you to do.

If you are struggling with one of your goals and want you to ask herself “is it something I want deep down in my heart.?” Is it something that I truly want in my deepest of beings or is this something that everyone else is working on and I feel like I should too.

Or am I seeing someone else do this on social media and it looks like something I should do? So many times we do things that seem like a good idea. It’s not to say that they’re bad, but maybe in this season of life we needed to focus on something else. Or our heart is not there yet.

It’s just like that with another person.

If you think that something would be good for another person. Even if you know that they would thrive in that you can’t force them to come to that decision. They have to get there on their own.

It’s the same with you. You have to be the one ready to take that step. You have to want it bad enough.

Is It A Heart goal?

So ask yourself if it is a heart. Goal or if it’s something that you just saw and you feel like it would be a good idea.

Focus On The Small Wins

Now, the first thing that I want you to really do, and this is your action step, is to focus on the small wins. So I’m just going to use a marathon as an example because it’s a good analogy.

p.s I am in no way interested in running a marathon but. It’s a good example nonetheless.

So let’s say that your goal was to run a marathon this year. Don’t focus on running something that is that big. If you’re going from couch to a marathon, your goal is not to run a marathon right now.

Your goal is to do something a little bit more actionable, a little bit smaller, to where it seems more in reach like running a 5K would it be much more achievable.

So if you are looking at this big goal and you are thinking, “this is so big, I don’t even know what possessed me to set this as an achievable goal.”

It’s doable. Anything that you want to get done or to do is doable, but you have to focus on the small things before you go after the big ones.

Maybe you are wanting to organize your house in let’s say maybe in the next three months because come on unless you’re a complete hoarder, we can get that done a little bit sooner than a year goal.

Break It Down

The idea is to. Choose something smaller and more in reach when it comes to organized organizing the house.

So one thing that I like to do when I am cleaning up or organizing a room that is slightly overwhelming is to break the room down into sections.

I have a back room that I consider to my center of operations, meaning that basically the house is run out of that room. All the linens are back there and seasonal stuff is back there, gifts, wrapping paper, all the things are kept back there. And so sometimes since it’s not a room that I use a lot. It can get out of hand sometimes.

The point is, is if you are trying to clean up an area that overwhelmed you. Take it a corner at a time. Don’t look at the whole room. Choose a bookshelf or choose one closet or choose one shelf in the closet. Don’t look at the big task as a whole. See what you can do to take a step back and break it down into smaller pieces.

The Next Step Is To Focus On The End Result

Now, a goal is the things you have to do to get that result. You when you’re running. Let’s just go back to the marathon thing. Your goal isn’t to run a marathon. It’s how healthy you feel and how good you feel about yourself as a result of that marathon.

Organizing your house isn’t your goal. It is who you feel after your house is organized. It is so much easier to get through day when your house is organized. So when you’re feeling like you want to give up. Focus on that end result or that end feeling not the big task ahead.

Keep A Clear Vision

When a goal takes a really long time to accomplish, it’s easy to lose sight. I recently heard a study that said humans need a goal refresh every 90 days. Or a Re-acquaintance as I would call it. So if you’re trying to do something new this year, don’t assume that you can write it here in January and you’ll do it for the rest of the year. You need to constantly remind yourself of what you’re trying to do.

So when your end goal or your the result is starting to become a little fuzzy, take a step back and reacquaint yourself with that vision and the purpose behind it.

If you need to get back to the heart of it. Ask yourself “why am I wanting to do this?”

There isn’t any one right way to live life. You have to know it in the deepest part of your heart what your end goal is.

Can You Reach Your Goal A Different Way?

In the last and final statement that I want you to think about is, is there another way that you could accomplish it?

So I’m going to go back to my example of working out. Sure, I would love to look like those workout girls on Instagram where they’ve got a six-pack and their arms are beautifully shaped. But in my season right now, doing what it would take to get there is not a heart goal for me.

When I able to get more help in the business or when I can delegate other things, then sure. Maybe I will decide then that it’s worth it, but right now I don’t feel like I need to.

but some things that I am doing instead of spending a ton of time working out is setting myself up on the counter instead of sitting on my desk chair. I am standing up while I am working or finding other ways that I can do things more actively.

So just finding ways that you can do things a little differently but still get the work done that seems more important to you.

So another type of working out or exercise that I prefer to do is working outside in the garden or doing something outside with the animals that I need to do that would actually make me work hard and my brain is distracted and I can’t don’t focus on the actual work out tasks that I’m all for it.

But when I have to just sit there with it and do x number of situps or push-ups or whatever, I’m out. I just don’t care enough. But when I can put earbuds in my ears and go on a walk, that’s more what I enjoy. And so, learn yourself learn what you love to do.

See how you can do it a little bit differently.

All right? I Just know you are not alone when it comes to trying to stick with your goals and questioning whether or not you chose the right ones.

Know that if it is a heart goal, something that you want deep down in the deepest part of your soul, you can do it. If you want it bad enough and that fire is lit under your butt. You can do it!

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