How To Choose Your Blog Topic

Trying to narrow your niche(topic) is one of the hardest things to do. You want to help everyone with all of their struggles. There are so many different business ideas you would love to do.

Trust me, I know the struggle is real. You want to do so much and have only so much time in a day.

Then there are those topics that speak to your heart and you feel like you are going to bust if you don’t get them out. I have had the question “how do you decide what to write?” asked more than a few times.

The answer to this struggle is niching down to your ideal person. Not just one topic. We are multifaceted people so we can’t expect to box ourselves in and not feel stuck or unfulfilled. Plus your readers are not interested in only one thing. So why expect your readers to only want to read about one thing either.

Have An Over-Arching Theme

Now hear me out. Before you go writing about travel, food, home decor, business, money management, and all the things.

You need to have an overarching theme to all of those topics. This is much easier if you are building a personal brand. I can talk about business, intentional living, and farm animals because that sums me up into three categories. BUT I also keep those topics centered around being intentional with your choices and doing everything with a purpose.

To do this you can not hide behind a logo. You have to be willing to be the face of your business.

To Narrow, Your Niche Think Of It Like A Bridge

They are not all the same hight because the bottom of the river is not flat. It varies in depth causing some pillars of the bridge to be different. But they all have the same purpose.

To support the whole structure.

Your theme is the walkway and the post categories are the pillars. What to go one deeper? Sure I know you do.

You can also have sub-categories that help organize your 3-5 pillar categories. Look at these as the bricks that form the pillars.

bridge as an example of how to narrow your niche with supporting topic

I hope that makes sense to you.

Talking to too many will cause you to reach no one

If you have been in the online space for any length of time you have probably heard that before but it is still true. If you ignore it you will miss out big time.

You want to be creating content the connects with your readers… You want to write in a way that the reader says “ YES SHE GETS ME!”. You can not reach someone with that kind of connection when you are speaking to the hundreds that read your blog every day.

Very simply write like you are talking to one person. The person you know like the back of your hand. The close friend

You Are Not Excluding Others If You Narrow Your Niche

This is hard to get passed at first but you are not going to lose readers because you are narrowing your focus. Your readers are smarter then you think. They will self associate with what you talk about. Even if it is just one small part of your life or topic that is similar to theirs. They will feel connected to you.

Questions To Narrow Your Niche & Find Your Avatar

Finding your ideal customer or avatar will not seem easy at first. It takes time and you will get clearer the more you work on it. As you grow and change your ideal customer will change with you.

Below are some questions you can ask yourself to help make that person more clear in your mind. The top group of characteristics of your avatar is pretty generic. They are things that will help you picture that person.

The questions below the line are a little more niche-specific but I dare say more important than the first group.

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Marital status.
  • Number of kids
  • Personal qualities.
  • Things they value in life
  • Living situation (rent, own a home, city, or country)
  • Things they don’t like
  • Religious or political views.
  • Where do they like to shop?
  • Do they prefer quality pieces or do they shop the clearance rack because they love a good deal?
  • Do they like the arts or could they careless?

This is where you get to the heart of what she (or he) feels about the topics you teach on.

  • What thing (related to the topics you want to write about) frustrates them the most?
  • What motivates them to start doing something that is hard for them?
  • Is it something they are open about or do they hide their feelings about that topic?
  • What is their personality like on a deep level? Are they bold, or quiet? Smart, silly, a deep thinker? (I have a full list of over 600 personality traits in the knowledge library to help you out with this.)

Remember that narrowing your niche will take time and work. It will hit you ate the most out of the blue moments. You can be listening to someone else talk about how they feel and you are like “Yes! That is who I want to talk to.)

Work through these questions and start to make them something you do at least twice a year if not more. Once you get clear on who you serve this will also help you see if you are getting off track.

If something feels off then its time to change. Learn to follow your gut, it might surprise you how often you are right.

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