Essential Tips To Create A Rabbitry Logo

Choosing a rabbitry logo can feel like a daunting task. You are choosing a core piece of your rabbitry branding that will likely go on almost everything. 

In your first 3 years of your rabbitry, I would encourage you not to spend too much time or money on it because you are still getting a feel for how you want to present yourself as a rabbitry business. 

When I was starting to take my online presents seriously I paid to have someone professionally design one for me through Upwork and it was ok. The guy did great. But I was still learning about my brand and how I wanted to show up online.

And when push comes to shove it’s how you respond and react to the customer that causes them to remember you. Not your logo. Until you become as large as Nike, Twitter, or Facebook don’t sweat the small stuff. K?

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This post is all about how to choose and create a rabbitry logo.

How Do You Want To Present Yourself Online

I want you to think about how you want your rabbitry logo to make you FEEL when you look at it. What do you want your potential buyers to think when they see your logo on whatever you put it on.

What words do you want to come to mind when people look at it. 

Think words like elegant, feminine, approachable, classy, modern, beautiful…

Any descriptive words that cause you to think of a picture or a setting in your mind. 

Pro Tip: Flowery Isn’t Always Profesional

While cute flowery logos are pretty. They don’t put off a professional rabbit raiser vibe in my opinion. When you are looking through rabbit logo templates or other farm-style logos choosing more clean design elements are better if you want to come across more than a backyard breeder.

If you want to learn more about running a successful rabbitry business make sure to read this post.

Places To Buy Rabbitry Logos

For anything in my business, Etsy is THE COOLEST place to find branding elements. It doesn’t disappoint with rabbit logo designs and templates either. If you are not tech-savvy there are Etsy shops that will make their already made-up design ready for your rabbitry with all the right info. 

Premade Logos Starting At $15

Logo Number One:
This logo is classic with a bit of a farmhouse vibe but not too feminine. There are multiple breeds (no lop breeds) so it would work for most rabbit raisers. – See On Etsy

Logo Number Two:
This one is a bit more feminine, has one rabbit in the middle, and is defiantly aimed more towards the female rabbit raiser. – See On Etsy

Rabbitry Document Kit

This kit is VERY feminine and not ink-friendly if you plan to print out your business cards or material.  Editable Logo Rabbitry Package Templates, Branding Kit, Logo, Pedigree, Business Card, Invoice, Bill of Sale, Birth Certificate, Adoption – See On Etsy

Obviously, you can step outside the rabbitry-specific ones and look into the farm logos and find a lot of options. 

tinyanchorstudioco has a package to get a nice logo all the way up to a full branding package all at a very good price. Check out their listing here.

Check out more logo options on Etsy here.

Tools To DIY Your Logo

Canva – this tool is the go-to for any kind of design in the online space. Any templates you buy are going likely be for canva or photoshop. And since their free plan gives you a lot to work with there is no need to pay. 

However, if you want a logo with a transparent background you will have to upgrade to the premium plan which is only $12.99 a month. I have done this multiple times and canceled before the next billing cycle. If you want to try that out and design multiple logos yourself this is the way to go. Make sure to do it in a month that you have time to make the logos and pay around with it.

Designevo is a free option but when I look through the templates and logos you can make for free they definitely aren’t all that impressive. Mostly 2 dimensional and kind of stale if you ask me. 

But they are free and a perfect place to go if you need a logo fast for your rabbitry and want to get something for now and not have to think too hard about it.

Rabbitry Logo Variations You Should Have

You are going to run into a few different scenarios with your logo that you should consider.

  • A large logo for things like headers.
  • A small square or circular logo for things like watermarks and corner identifiers.
  • A black copy as well as a white copy of each variation. Sometimes colors just don’t look good on certain designs.

If you are looking for some rabbitry logo ideas here are a few that will get you started. These were all created with Canva templates.

rabbitry logo examples

I hope this helps you find the perfect rabbitry logo to get your online rabbit business started presenting itself well.

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