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If you are tired of scrolling blog posts, websites, and confrontational social media posts for the rabbit information you need. Keep on reading.

Rabbitry Business/Management Coaching

Are you tired of:

That pit in your stomach when you think of the amount of money the rabbitry is taking out of your family budget?

Or hearing crickets when you post rabbits for sale?

It’s time to get your money-sucking hobby to pay for itself and turn it into a business.


45 min call



Practical Rabbit Care Advice

If you are wanting advice from an experienced rabbit raiser this is the place for you. I can help you with anything from figuring out what health issue is going on with your rabbit. To answering all your questions about raising rabbits BEFORE you bring rabbits home.


30 min call



How this works.

1. You choose the call that best fits your situation.

2. Once you get through checkout you will receive an email with a link to schedule your call with me.

3. Then once that is complete you will receive another email to join me on zoom at the time of your chosen appointment time.

4. We will chat about what YOU need help with within your rabbitry. Once the call is over you will receive a follow-up email within two business days including a summary of what we talked about and links to resources or recommendations I gave you during the call.

Topics I can not help you with.

These are topics I can’t help you with because I have not owned a rabbit in this situation. Do I have thoughts on them? Yes. But I never advise on something I have not had first-hand experience with.

  • Rabbit potty training.
  • Rabbit behavior AFTER a rabbit has been spayed or neutered. – I can still give you some thoughts on what it should fix if you are strugging with some rabbit behaviors.

Some Topics That We might Disagree On

Rabbits should have boundaries and not free roam your home. – When you let them go where ever they want a rabbit will start to think they have dominion (or are the boss) over a certain area. You could start to see all kinds of behavior issues as well as the destruction of your home.

Animals come second to humans. – Period the end.

Does it mean we can’t work together if we disagree on these issues? Of course not. We will mutually agree to disagree and not try to convince to come to the other side. Cool? Let’s do this.

Call Hours Available

Here are the days of the week you can expect to find call availability.

Tuesday – 10:00am-5:00pm EST

Thursday – 5:45 pm7:30 pm EST (Only Until Dec 1st, 2021 Then evening hours will be available the second week of January)

Friday – 2:00pm-5:00pm EST

Don’t see what you are looking for?

Email me at [email protected]