Rabbit Show Supplies: What To Pack For A Show

Hey!!! Wondering what rabbit show supplies you need to take to the show? You are likely getting ready to head to your first or “first ish” rabbit show and you need to know what to pack.

It can seem overwhelming but you will eventually start to see the things you need and the things you don’t.

rabbit show equipment. a show table, travel cage, and a rabbit in a "cooped" rabbit show.

You will be moving a lot of stuff so don’t overpack. Or at the very least leave what you don’t need in the car. 

Don’t pack things you “might need” in the front keep it out of the way. If you are a total beginner make sure to read my complete beginner’s guide to rabbit showing.

Best Vehicles For Rabbit Showing

SUVs are the best option for transporting show rabbits. You are able to control the temperatures and keep the rabbits from getting overheated. 

The second would be a van. While not classy you have lots of room and are still controllable.

The third would be a truck with a cap on the back. The rabbits are out of the bad weather but you do have to make sure the day is not too hot. Make sure to get a cap where the side windows open for some ventilation.

Tips To Get Ready For A Show

  • Groom and check over your rabbits the day before.
  • Pack as much as you can in the car the day before. 
  • Only pack what is necessary. 
  • Read the show flyer or catalog before you pack to leave you know all the rules. 
two rabbits in cages at a cooped show

List Of Rabbit Show Supplies To Pack For A Rabbit Show

Here is a list of things to pack to take to a rabbit show. This will get you started on the right foot. But You will likely come up with things you need or don’t need as time goes on. 

For You The Rabbit Shower

  • Change of clothes – You will get hairy and you never know if a rabbit will take a leak on you. It’s no fun driving home in peed-on clothes. You can wear whatever you want to a rabbit show. While some look pretty rough and like they just rolled out of bed at least have fresh clothes on, a shower, and brushed hair. Jeans or strong paints and clothes that you won’t be too upset if they get damaged.
  • Jacket – Often rabbit shows happen during the finicky weather months. A warm jacket and even a rain jacket are advised. Most rabbit shows are in barns so there is no climate control.
  • Comfortable shoes – A change of shoes can be helpful. You are likely on concrete all day.
  • Ibuprofen or Tylenol
  • Food and snacks – A lot of shows have food you can buy. But that gets expensive and if you have food allergies you won’t have anything you can eat except chips and soda.
  • Drinks – Some water for you and the rabbits is recommended. Even if you don’t use it at the show you could have it while traveling. Sometimes it is a good idea to take your own water from home because if the city water is different from what your rabbits are used to that can make them not feel so good.
  • A list of rabbits you have entered in the show with their ID number and showing class. Make sure to double-check this while filling out the show entry forms because they WILL NOT accept a change mid-show. 
  • A book or something to entertain you while you wait.
  • Rabbit pedigrees if you plan to register or sell any of your rabbits.

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Rabbit Show Supplies And Equipment

  • Camping Chair – Most shows do allow them in the showroom but if the room gets tight they may ask all chairs to be removed. It’s not uncommon. 
  • Grooming table – A grooming table can be any table dedicated for your rabbits to sit on and groomed BUT they should not be bigger than 2 to 3 feet tops. Most rabbit grooming tables can only fit one rabbit at a time. You come in with something bigger and you are going to tick people off.
young rabbit sitting on a rabbit show grooming table

  • Travel Cages – Enough for the rabbits you are taking and maybe one or two extra if you plan to buy any. The travel cage show below is industry standard. They have lots of ventilation and keep the rabbit off their waste. Cage dealers are often at a show and you can buy them there or Amazon has FINALLY had someone come on had sold them there.
rabbit show supplies and travel cage

Rabbit Carrier/Transport Cage

I have had buyers purchase these and ship them to me when they are transporting rabbits and they are good-quality travel cages.

  • Bag or container for grooming equipment – Anything from an organizing toat to a special equipment briefcase like this.
  • Utility cart to transport your rabbits – If you are showing more than one or two rabbits you NEED A CART. It is the worst thing to try and carry rabbits and carriers. Especially if you have big rabbits. One with large wheels like this is recommended.
  • Bunjy cords to tie down the load – Check these out on amazon.
  • Zip ties
  • Pens – You will have to fill out your entry forms and show comment cards. 
  • Pad of paper
  • Clips to hold travel cages closed – Clips and hookes get lose all the time.
  • Paper towels – Best way to clean up waste. 
  • Cleaning spray – Rabbits pee on stuff and things get dirty. 
  • Hand wipes – To clean off your own hand and if you need to clean up messes.
  • Baby Wipes – These are better to use on the rabbit so they don’t ingest chemicals.
  • Tattoo kit – Your rabbits should be tattooed ahead of time but sometimes people need it if they forget to tattoo one. 

Tattooing Supplies

The pen is intended for humans but it does an AMAZING job compared to the rabbit tattoo pens I’ve had. And the judges don’t care how the ID number got there so long as it is permanent and readable.

  • Small hand broom and dustpan – This is helpful when the shows are overnight and the rabbits have to stay in their own cages. 
  • Small trashbags 
  • Pine bedding if the show is a “cooped” show meaning the rabbits have to go in the cages provided at the show.
  • Carpet Square – these are used to have something for the rabbit to sit on to either examine them or groom them. Domestic rabbits need to have a secure place to sit where they won’t slip. That will keep them from getting scared but also breaking a leg if they get jumpy.
  • Business cards – These are a great way for people to quickly grab your information whether they are looking for other people or to buy for themselves later.
  • Dry Erase Board – If you will have rabbits for sale at the show this is a great way to tell people what you have available. But you can also write out your website and or social media handles.

Rabbit Grooming Supplies

  • Meddle wide comb
  • Fine tooth comb
  • Bristle brush
  • Grooming stone – I like to use these to take off the top layer of shedding hair. You don’t want to brush the rabbit too much before a show and damage the hairs.
  • Nail Clippers – Nails should already be trimmed at home but just in case you see a snag or they need to be trimmed.
  • Blood Stop – People are moving about quickly and when rabbits pitch a fit sometimes nails get pulled. It’s best to have blood stop on hand. I like the gel best.


  • Travel cage cups
  • A smaller bottle that could fit under a small bathroom sink. I have learned this the hard way. While shows are often at fairgrounds it can be hard to find a water tap. Most bathrooms have very small sinks and if you have a big tall water bottle you wont get it under the spout.
  • Snacks like carrots or apples for the rabbits (take the seeds out of the apples). – Rabbits tend to not want to eat when they are in a different environment. While they will likely go back to eating at home the snacks will help.
  • Feed – If you will be gone for a few days make sure to take enough. But if you are going to be gone and back in the same day (8-10hrs) rabbits probably won’t eat much anyway so a very small amount will suffice. Often times the rabbits will throw the feed around and waste it so don’t leave it in their carrier the whole time.

Rabbit Show Supply Packing Tips 

Pack the things you won’t need right away at the show first. This way you can get the rabbits and the supplies you need out right away. (see my rabbit showers guidepost.

Make sure the rabbits can’t reach anything like bags or paper through the wire. They will rip it up.

If you have rabbit carriers that hold more than one rabbit try to pack the rabbits that will be in the same class together. When you are unloading your rabbits onto the show table this will make your life a whole lot easier. 

Make sure to have your cart packed last because that is what you are putting all of your stuff on. You don’t want to have your transportation buried under a whole bunch of stuff.

rabbits sitting in show pens on a show table

I hope this helps you be more prepared when getting ready to show rabbits. Make sure to choose an arrival time at least one hour before the show starts. The start time is often 9 am meaning that is when the judging starts. You want to have plenty of time to get a space and settle in.

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