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How To Promote Your Rabbitry On Social Media

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To get more eyes on your rabbitry you have to go where the people are. Today that is on social media.

It might seem daunting or like something you would rather not do but if you want to make a good income you have to get eyes on your business. People can’t buy from you if they don’t know you exist.

This post is intended to help you get an idea of how to use each of the main platforms and how you can go about promoting your rabbitry on them.

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Social Media Is Not Easy

It is easy to see people with tens of thousands of followers and feel like they got lucky or they were just an overnight success. The truth is they worked really hard and put in the time for their work.

The saying it took 4-5 years to be an overnight success is not a joke. It takes small steps and lots of failers to reach big heights.

It’s a process and does not happen overnight.

You Need A Platform You Can Control

If you want a successful SUSTAINABLE business then you need a home base OFF of social. I know this is not what most people want to hear because social media is the sexy part of business.

It’s easy to create an account and slap-up profile image or header and soak in up the comments and likes. But that won’t pay the bills on its own.

You need somewhere YOU OWN to send your audience. Think of My Space and Friendster. They came in the heat of popularity and then faded away. In the past year, Facebook and Instagram have had issues or been inaccessible at least twice if not three times in the past 6 months. You CAN NOT depend on a platform to run your business. You have no control over it.

We are almost to the social part so bare with me.

It Can Be A Website Or Email List

When you have a website and or email list you have farm more monetization options. You also have other ways to get a hold of your followers and you can be found in Google or any other search tool.

You don’t have to do both but for a rabbitry, I would recommend starting a website then add email if you want to take your business to the next level.

These are places you own and have control over. To learn more about why you need an email list read this post.

If you want to learn more about my favorite email service provider Flodesk you can learn more about them here.

How Social Media Works Overall

On the whole, each platform wants you to be engaged on the platform and to engage with others. Which makes sense because they are a social platform. It shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Social Media Platforms Want People To Stay

They don’t want you to send people off the platform. Posts with links out to another site will likely not get seen as much as a post without it. So you might be thinking how do you get people to come to your site?

Here is the thing, you are given one link in your bio on most platforms. So it is best to make use of it. Think of TV and radio commercials. You don’t have a link to click but if you hear it enough it sticks in your mind and you will check the product out the next time you are ready to buy that thing.

That leads me to the next point.

Talk About Your Rabbitry Don’t Sell Your Rabbitry Business On Social Media

We have all ducked down a different aisle to avoid those tables with the cable TV or widow salesmen. Why is that? They immediately jump into a sales pitch and don’t let you come to a conclusion on your own.

You don’t want people to do that with you.

You need to talk ABOUT your rabbitry but don’t try to sell people on it.

When people are given the option and made aware of what you do but you are not saying “buy my thing, my thing is for sale, my thing comes in red” they don’t feel forced.

Think about what you like to see on social media and do that on your platform.

The Top Social Platforms For Your Rabbitry

Now keep in mind that these platforms work very differently. But all of them can do great things for your rabbitry and build awareness. You just have to know what to expect out of each.

Facebook For Your Rabbitry

The way people use Facebook has drastically changed. People used to interact with business pages and even click through to read blog posts or other things that were linked but not so much anymore.

If you focus on creating a page where people can come to have fun and enjoy what you post you are going to have better luck.

If you are entertaining your audience you will stay top of mind. Even if they don’t engage with what you post they are listening. It kind of sucks but you will see it work. You just have to be open to talking to a wall most of the time.

cell phone with a Facebook page on the screen.

Facebook Creator Page

Facebook has a new type of page called a creator page. You can find out more about the creator page here. The main way it works is for people who have a lot of friends who follow you already on your personal account. You can basically take all of your friends on your personal account and create a page with them pre “liking” it. Instead of starting from zero.

The one issue with that is you will run into a lot of unlikes at first because people see the post but they don’t really know what it is about. Because truthfully. They didn’t like the page on their own, to begin with. So you do what you think is best with that.

I think it would be best to only have people like the page that would be interested in what your page will be about.

I recently in the summer of 2020 went back to using Facebook for the rabbitry and I did make a creator page but only had the people like the page that I tought would be interested.

One other thing is it will make your creator page be YOUR PERSONAL ACCOUNT name. I feel like there is some confusion on Facebook when it comes to Facebook and personal brands. They don’t really understand that it is a page and they are not as likely to follow the page. So instead of leaving my new Facebook creator page Leah Lynch. I added the word blog on the end of my page name.

Facebook Business Pages

If you don’t feel comfortable making a creator page then you can create a business page right from your Facebook account. With that said a Facebook business page will help you gain clout with your audience, they are not huge traffic drivers.

You can share your blog posts, sales of digital products (not livestock), and events. Share funny things you find that your ideal reader would like to see.


Instagram is not going to be a great traffic driver. It will probably be worse than Facebook unless you have the swipe-up feature.

BUT it does take #1 right now as the best community builder. People are loving the integrity and simplicity of the platform and are more willing to engage with accounts then they are on Facebook on Facebook people just scroll and scroll

Instagram is more friendly to nice pretty photos so you do have to put a little more work into the photos. The mindset of people in IG is different when it comes to animals as well. So always keep the image clean neat.


If you are going to have a website or blog you need to put Pinterest on the top of your priority list. Especially if you don’t love social. Pinterest is a search engine. They do not work like a social media platform and they don’t want to be thought of as one.

If used correctly you can direct people back to your site through your pins. They are like mini links to your site with pictures for other people to pass around for you. Pretty awesome right?

The key thing to remember about Pinterest is that it takes time to gain traction on the platform but your posts will far outlast any Facebook post. I get traffic from pins years after I have posted them. Which is why it is my number one platform to keep happy.

Start With One

My last little bit of advice is to choose your top one or two platforms before adding more. If you end up with several platforms it will be VERY hard to stick to them. You will get burnt out faster then you realize and it is hard to build momentum when you spread yourself to thin.

It seems like you might be taking it too slow at first but being confident and consistent in what you are doing will go a long way.

Social Media Don’ts

  • It’s best to avoid all of the share threads and promotion threads after you get close to 100 followers or likes. Because it is a dangerous thing to build an audience of people who are only following you to be nice. You will get more return on your investment of time if you just focus on posting every day and engaging with your followers.
  • Don’t overthink EVERY LITTLE PIECE of content you are putting out. Dive in and get started. Watch to see what your audience reacts to and do more of what they love but still also sticks to your message.

Pick Posting Categories

If you chose topic categories this will help you know exactly what to post and if something doesn’t fit into those categories then don’t post it. Here are some topic examples.

  • About you (as the breeder and raiser)
  • Behind the scenes.
  • Your why behind what you do.
  • Tips and tutorials.
  • Benefits of buying from you.
  • Share about a product you have. (this is not selling this is sharing about what your product does.

Social media is your story to share with the world. If you are able to share your life and stories without hesitation or trying to attach a filter, you will come through far more authentically. This is your platform. Make it uniquely you.

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