How To Promote A Blog Post For Free

Wondering how to promote a blog post? I mean the EXACT steps you need to take to get people to read your blog?

Gone are the days of writing blog posts and getting a ton of organic traffic without putting in the effort. But before we dive into how to promote your new post there is another part to this that is VERY important.

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Find The Keywords That People Are SEARCHING For!

This is a huge mistake that I made and it took a long time to rectify. Your content has to be key-worded for topics people are actually typing in the search bar.

Before you keep reading this post head over the blog post about how to find out what people are looking for online and get your content found in search.

Ok if you read that post then you are ready to learn how to promote a blog post for free.

You have to tell your audience that you have a new piece of awesome content for them. So how do you tell people about it? You have to promote the heck out of it.

Don’t worry I don’t mean make an ad for your new content and to be honest I would not recommend it even if you did have the $$$ to do that. Want to know why?

Not all posts will hit it out of the park.😲 Gasp! I know right? So if we are putting money behind posts that our audience is like meeaaa… (which is ok). You would be wasting all of that money promoting a post that people don’t love.

If you don’t have all of these social platforms DO NOT feel like you have to go and start on that platform as well. Use the platforms you have and adapt the strategy to fit where you are. And if you don’t have any social platforms you promote your blog on then start with just one!

This will work if you have a blog, podcast, or video content you put out every week. I am listing the platforms in order of potential traffic. It does not mean one is more important then the other it just means the chances of people clicking off that platform and onto your content is a bit less on some.

#1 Promote On Pinterest

This is THE PLACE you should be on. Pinterest is for content creators and they are there to help you drive traffic. People on this platform are in a clicking mood. They know they are going there to find ideas and eventually leave to read more about the topic they searched.

People go to Pinterest to find one of three things.

  1. How to make something
  2. How to fix something or solve a problem
  3. To be entertained or see beautiful things like décor and images.

Your Pinterest Promotion Schedule should look something like this.

  • Pin to all related boards the day it goes live. Starting with the board that fits the best first. (you can do this manually or through the Pinterest preferred scheduler Tailwind.)
  • Share to Tailwind Tribes
  • Add to related group boards if you are a part of any. (not as necessary as it used to be)
  • Repin the same image about a month later.
  • Re-evaluate each month and create new pin images for your old posts.

#2 How To Promote A Blog Post On Facebook

Facebook is not nearly the traffic converter that it once was but it still runs in 2nd place next to Pinterest for most people. So I am not to the point if giving it up yet. Make sure to have a scheduler so you are not spending a lot of time posting and resharing. I love THIS SCHEDULER because they are also an Instagram scheduler which is great because the fewer tools you can use the better.

Your promotion for a new post should look something like this.

  • 1 post the day it goes live to your page, group, and yes even your personal profile. You might tweak the text a little for your personal schedulers your friends and family are your biggest supporters. It is hard at first but soon you will see that people are happy for you.
  • 1 post about three days later to your page and group.
  • 1 post 2 weeks after the post when live.
  • 1 post in your queue which is your reserve of posts that are always going out. That post probably wont go out again for several months once you get a good depth of content built up. This keeps your post from dying online.

#3 Email

If you are building an email list (if not you should be) then don’t forget to let your list know about it. You could put it in your p.s. Section of your weekly email and even do a roundup email of all your posts you published at the end of each month.

It takes some practice to learn how to promote a blog post the right way to your readers. Always start every email with a story and give value/tips and tricks. Before you ask them to click to the blog post.

#4 Twitter

Not many people are on here anymore but it is something that is easy to set and forget on autopilot and still brings connections.

Here is what you Twitter promotion should look like.

  • 3 tweets the day it goes lives spread out at all different times.
  • 2 more tweets through out that week.
  • 1-3 tweets on autopilot in your queue

#5 Instagram

There are several factors that will help you get traffic but on the whole, Instagram is not a huge traffic driver but is honestly tied with Twitter. If you don’t have the swipe up feature make sure to get a Linktree account so you can create a button that links to your blog feed page. That way you don’t have to constantly be changing the link to the latest post. If they click the button the latest post will be at the top of the list.

  • 1 post the day it goes live.
  • 1-3 instastories all from different points the week it goes live

You can choose to post again a few months later but if you don’t have the swipe up feature you can’t link directly to the post so the reader will have to go hunt for it. I ALWAYS have the link in the promotional post even though it is not clickable. If someone is intrigued enough they will copy and past the link to read the post.

That is the promotion schedule I follow for every post I put out and I see great results. Don’t let your content die and use schedulers to save you time and effort

My schedulers

  •  Pinterest – I use the in-house scheduler which you can schedule up to two weeks at a time. (you can also use Tailwind which is a great option and is a Pinterest certified partner. Try them free were.)

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