Peaceful Home: How To Make Your Country Home More Peaceful

Creating a peaceful home has far less to do with snake plants, natural light, and a neutral color palette than people think. 

Creating a peaceful space for your family is more about what ISN’T there. Human attitude and blank space are the keys to having a peaceful home. Far more than the colors you choose or how you decorate your home.

That’s how people who don’t seem to have much can be some of the calmest people we know.

Of course, I will share some of the physical things that help to create a calmer space and country home. But don’t feel like buying the right things is going to be what fixes the core problems.

Creating a calm space can help you to get started on your journey toward a more peaceful home and life.

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What Can Cause And UnPeacful Home

  There are a few things that can take the peace right out of a home. The two main elements are something that most people lack these days. What are they?   

Spirit Or Temperament: This is THE number one key to creating a peaceful environment. I don’t care if you don’t get a hold of anything else. Get this one.   

Our emotions are tied so closely to how we feel about life. If one person is constantly overreacting or acting out it is going to put the whole family on edge. Depending on the situation it will cause each person to escalate if not dealt with.  

Maybe acting calmly does not come naturally to you. If that is the case and you are mindful of it. Recognize it and work to change it.  

Un-Gratefulness: This could also be contentment and patience. This also takes work but if you are mindful of shifting your perspective and thinking better thoughts. You will make a huge impact on creating a calm environment.   

You don’t have to sit down and write 20 things you are grateful for because that can turn into a “do this cause I have to” action real quick.  

Clutter: Having a lot of stuff in a home, on the walls, or covering the flat surfaces will add to what your brain has to process. Remember what I said about less is more? This is where that falls in. It can feel like having more stuff will comfort us but that is not true.   

If I have learned anything in recent years as we slowly get our house designed and decorated the way we like it is having less will help you appreciate the things you do have. You can see them often and use them more. They are not getting hidden by all of the junk and unnecessary stuff.

Why Create Peaceful Home?

Whether you are spending all day in the garden, doing laundry, working, or taking care of the livestock. Having your home act as a getaway or retreat actually offers a lot of benefits. It will help with your mood, which will change your thinking, which will change the way you react to things. And even change your family relationships.

It may even cause you to try new things.

Also, having a peaceful home environment can help you to release stress and mental clutter.

I remember when my grandma would come down to visit and she would say how relaxing our home was. But the difference between the two was that there was far less junk everywhere and we didn’t fuss at each other. Whereas at her house it was the polar opposite.

How to Choose Which Room To Tackle First

If you live alone I would start with the room you spend the most time in.

If not then start with the space you spend the most time in. If you struggle with sticking to something or getting started then starting with a smaller space that doesn’t have as much work to be done might be another alternative. 

A room with a door and that offers various lighting options are also some things to consider when choosing which room to start working on creating a comfortable space.

Start to clear out the physical clutter and go from there. 

If you hate the carpet or the wall color, you may want to start with another space.

a peaceful home, living room end table with a lamp next to a couch.

Items That Help Create A Calm Physical Space

For your home to be a calming space should be personalized and unique to you.

But there are some common things to consider when creating your serene environment.

Lighting Matters. Bright overhead lights can be too much for relaxing. Be sure to have a lamp, floor lights, or candles available. Strategic lighting will help with creating a cozy living space.

Dimmer switches are THE BEST. After redoing our living room we redid the overhead lighting with 10 small recessed lights in our large family room and attached them to a dimmer switch. You can have lots of light when you need it to work on projects and you can dim the lighting for a cozier light when you want to relax.

Here is a picture of the lighting after we had just gotten it up.

While candles can get expensive and if you have dogs that get wound up on occasion. Well, candles may not be the safest thing all the time.

Aromatherapy and essential oils are great for helping to release mental overwhelm. 

Scented candles, a reed diffuser, or room spray are also great options unless you’re especially sensitive to smells.

Soft Textures: can add a calming element, so you might pick up a plush area rug or bedding and some cushy throw pillows (my personal favorite) and blankets.

Finally, be sure to add touches that are special and meaningful to you. But be careful not to add too many. You can clutter up a room quickly if there is too much setting around.

Perhaps a nice desk and chair are something that is important to you so that you can do your writing.

Add Fun And Unexpected Things To Your Home: Not nobody likes the same old same old. But if you can come up with unique things to do in your home that no one else does.

☕ If you’re a tea lover, you could set up a cart with a hot plate and an assortment of unique teas on hand.

This is one of my favorites. ➡➡ Celestial Seasonings Herbal Tea Cinnamon Apple Spice – 20 Bags Here is a two-pack that is much better priced.

This might be odd, but I like to have a Siduco book and a pen on the back of the toilet so people can have something to do while they are doing their business. 

Have magazines laying out on one table in the room. NOT all the tables. this adds to clutter. But if you have one with things to read laid out people are more likely to pick them up than if they are tucked away on a shelf.

Add Natural Materials: Bringing nature indoors will do wonders for your emotional health. Whether that is plants, pine cones, rock, or other organic type decor. If you live further south and have a decent amount of sun you could have a small indoor herb garden in your window ceil. 

Stop Living A Busy Life: You have control over your family schedule. You don’t “have to” do anything. Sports, 4-H, and after-school activities are not a requirement. Constantly rushing out of your home will cause your daily life to feel miserable. A home is meant to be slowly enjoyed. Have a family meeting and choose what’s important to you and stick to that. Realizing you can’t do everything.

The possibilities truly are endless.

Be Smart About Furniture And Organizers

There are some awesome things to help you organize your home and make the most of the space you have if you look.

Things like these combo benches are awesome for containing shoes and coats all year long.

This one is perfect if you have kids. — Prepac 60″ 24 Shoe Cubbies Wide Hall Tree, Drifted Gray – See On Amazon

This one is not quite as long but it has a door over the space under the bench which would cover anything you had under there. AND it would fit boots whereas the top one won’t.

You can make your busy country life into a peaceful one. It just takes mindful action.  Creating a calm and peace-filled home can give you peace of mind, leading you to be refreshed and renewed to face each day.

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