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Favorite Office Supplies & Must Have’s

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Oh heaven’s whether you work from home because of what this crazy year has brought along with it. Or you have your own business. Office supplies make your day just a little bit better.

And yes office supplies are my love language!!!! Touching the paper, looking inside a fresh new notebook and the smooth way a new pen moves across the paper. And let’s not forget hoarding sticky notes. 🙄

Small Farmers Productivity Kit

Time management tips, a daily planner page, and crock pot recipes to help you get out of the kitchen faster.

Starting with the most affordable all the way down to some pricier devices let me share some of THE best office supplies for small businesses and work from home gals.

The Best Office Supplies For Small Businesses Under $15

Post-it Notes, 4×6 inch, 5 Pads

These long 4×6 post-its are AMAZING! I feel myself get hives if my husband uses one for something random. Breath girl breath its only paper…

Post-it Super Sticky Notes, 3 in x 3 in, Assorted Pastel Colors, 15 Pads

If you are looking for planners that are a little more budget-friendly Blue Sky is another great option.

The Best Office Supplies For Small Businesses Under $25

Blankets are great for keeping a room feel cozy but its also great to have one in arms reach so you don’t get distracted while trying to get work done. You know if you walk out that door something else is going to pull you away.

Eddie Bauer | Flannel Collection | Throw Blanket-Reversible Sherpa Fleece Cover, Soft & Cozy, Perfect for Bed or Couch, Edgewood Red

MIULEE White Throw Blanket with Pom Pom Fringe, Flannel Fleece 50×60 Inches, 

Eren Condren Planner

It has gotten REALLY hard to find a planner with daily pages in them. But to stay fully organized and use your time well. Having time blocks will be really helpful.

I am currently using an Erin Condren Life Planner and really love the simplicity of it. It is very customizable in the sense that the blocks in the “dashboard” section of the planner are not labeled so you can use them however they make sense to you. I don’t know about you but it’s pretty rare for someone to have birthdays every month they need to send gifts to… Just sayen…

The paper is strong and the minding holds up well to lifes messes.

Here is a coupon you can use to get $10 off your first Erin Condren order. Once you create your account they will email you the coupon code so make sure to go back to your email and get that code.

Check out my gift guide for female entrepreneurs.

Windows Surface  Ok so I have two points to this. I LOVE my surface for travel and ease of use. BUT it does have a small screen which can be difficult for using it long hours. If you intend to work solely from this device then I would recommend a pro which would give you 2 more inches on your screen.

Large Screened Laptop – So like I said I love the surface for portability but it can be a hard screen to work on for long hours so I also have a large screened laptop to work from while I am at home. You don’t need the latest and greatest. If you are serious about blogging, YouTube, or podcasting you need a workhorse and that is what this guy will do.

All of these office supplies have you wishing you had an extra thousand bucks to spend? While buying new tools is fun and feels great for a while. The tools don’t make the business. Your knowledge and willingness to teach is what brings your people to you.

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