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Welcome to the productive and profitable Backyard farmer’s Club vault!

Below you will find printables, spreadsheets, resource lists, and more to help you along on your small farm journey.

General Helpful Tools

A “Shopped For Me” database of farm tools and supplies that have only the best rating and hundreds or thousands of reviews from the top retailers. To help you find what you need without doing the research. (always being updated)

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These tools will help you with pricing gardening supplies and planning your garden.

Top Seed Dealers


Livestock Management

Top Hatcheries

  • Cackle Hatchery (Personally Buy From Every Time) Visit Site

They have great conformation and performed well at our local 4H and fair shows that had one of the largest turnouts in the state.

They have a more limited selection but also produce great quality birds. I do think they run a litter bit high on price.


Google Spread Sheets

Google sheets

Livestock Due Date Calculator

This spreadsheet will give you the due dates of horses, cattle, sheep, goats, dogs, rabbits, and the hatch date for chickens. All you have to do is put in the date bred and let the sheet do the rest.

Google sheets

Rabbit Due Date Calculator

Use this spreadsheet to figure out when your does are due next. Put in the date bread and it will tell you when to ad the nest box AND when the doe is due.

Time & Task Management

These tools will help you manage your time well and get more done so you can rest easy knowing all of the “have to’s” for the day are completed.


Making & Saving Money

These tools will help you generate income on your farm and plan your farm budget so you stay on track to meet your goals.


Money Management Spread Sheets

Google sheets

Expense & Income Tracker

Wish something would just do the math for you? Well, here it is! Get your monthly and yearly expenses totaled up for you. Make money on your small farm too? Great there is a tab for income and expense tracking too.