Setting your farm business foundations…

Is The MOST important thing you will ever do

Available Until 1/15/2024

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You can keep living the way you’ve living:

  • Feeling sick to your stomach when you need to buy chicken feed… AGAIN.
  • Wearing a path in the garden center concrete putting back that new type of tomato plant you want to try because you REALLY WANT to get these herbs… But then you go back to the tomatoes because they could do a lot more to feed your family than a few herbs will.
  • Keep dreaming of having a refrigerator full of homemade cheese and yogurt because you know you could never talk your spouse into paying for your dream dairy animal.

or you could….

  • Slide your debit card into the card reader without a tense muscle in your body because YOU KNOW your chickens are paying for themselves.
  • Get the gardening supplies you want because your homestead income stream is designed to sustain your homestead projects AND put money on your pocket.
  • Have your homestead dreams turn into reality because you don’t have a money-sucking hobby you run a profitable backyard farm business.
  • Have your homestead dreams turn into reality because you don’t have a money-sucking hobby you run a profitable backyard farm business.

This Program breaks down into 3 simple Categories.

If you can use the Google Maps App you can grow your own profitable backyard farm business.

Your Purpose

The Google Maps app doesn’t know how to get you somewhere if you don’t first give it the destination right? — It’s the same for your homestead business. You have to know where you are going and what you have time for before you can start on your journey.

Your Strategy

Then you have to decide how you are going to get to your destination. Walk, drive, or ride a bike. – Creating the RIGHT homestead business strategy will endure that you don’t create a lifestyle you can’t afford or one you hate.

Your Action Plan

Then you get your step-by-step directions. – Everyone’s trip looks different. Your action plan will walk you through the steps you need to take and help you see the turns that are coming down the road in the not-so-straight line of growing a business.

That’s why I created the

Productive & Profitable Small Farm Course

A business strategy AND time management course for homesteaders and backyard farmers who want to take their money-sucking hobby and turn it into a profitable business.

  • Want to make multiple four figures a year or more from your backyard farm? — Take my hand and let’s do it!
  • Want a simple side hustle that gives you extra cash for those candles you love and pays for your Colleen Rothchild beauty routine? We can do that too.

The level to which you build your homestead business is totally up to you. I’ve got you covered either way.

Here is what you get:

  • Access To 21 Core Video Modules – These lessons are the foundation of success for your backyard farm. They will help you create a lifestyle you want to live that doesn’t leave you broke and burnt out.
  • Templates And Workbooks – to help you get the work done faster.
  • Access To The Privet Facebook Community – Starting and growing a business is hard. This is THE ONLY place you get access to me to get my answers to your burning questions about growing your homestead business.
  • Continued access to all feature updates and added lessons, templates, and strategies.
  • Bonus for the January Launch for the FIRST 5 PEOPLE! A free written coaching session with me to be used in during the month of February 2024. — After you have made your course purchase I will reach out to you Via email with a questionnaire that will help me get an idea of your setup and your country’s lifestyle goals. In that same form, you will have space to ask me up to 5 of your top questions in that same questionnaire and I will respond through email with my answers to your questions.

YOu could:

  • Spend $$$$ on individual courses about copywriting, social media strategy, search engine optimization, business strategy, and content marketing.
  • Use up hours of your life researching how to run your backyard farm business.
  • Take years to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Or you could let me bury all that hassle in the backyard and give you a much more affordable and faster way to grow your homestead business.

Your investment for the Productive & Profitable Small Farm Course?

21 Lessons AND GROWING – $197

FREE Copy of the Profitable Backyard Farm Playbook – $27

Access to the privet Facebook community and group coaching from ME – $197

Templates and workbook library $57

(The cost to work one-on-one with Leah is $2,000 a month) – Let me show you how to start making money from your backyard farm at a fraction of the cost.

$478 VALUE

ONLY $197

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Not Helpful Guarantee

If you didn’t learn anything new and decide that the course is not for you within the first 30 days of signing up, you can send me an email with your proof of purchase and email used at check out and I will fully refund your sign-up cost.


How You Can Make Your Money Back

  • 2 rabbits sold at $100 each will cover the cost of the course.
  • 10 Chicken Sales at $20 each
  • 1 Goat @ $200