31+ Unique Leather Gift Ideas For Any Occasion

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Trying to find the perfect leather gift isn’t always easy. It can also feel really scary because there are so many styles and any leather give is an investment. — But you can do it I promise.

Whether it’s your third year anniversary and you are trying to give a meaningful gift you can afford (which can be though if money is a little tight) or your spouse loves unique things and you want to get them something that will last, leather gifts are great. — Something made of real leather is a timeless gift that will stay with her forever.

I am going to give you lots of great leather gift ideas later but how about some gift-giving advice first? Cool?

Think About Their Personal Style To Find The Perfect Present

Leather gifts can be really different. There is classy and reserved all the way to western and bold. — Look at their usual style and see if you can figure that out. Fellas if you’re not sure as her sister or another female friend of hers to help.

  • A leather belt or earrings can be flashy and more Western.
  • Whereas a leather journal or leather bag can be classy and reserved.
  • Does she tend to like soft leather or handmade leather goods?

Start Early

Whether you are looking for the perfect leather anniversary gift or you are simply looking to give a gift that will last. Start early and think about it for a while.

Watch what she stops to look at. Does she stop and look at bags, journals, or something else? Could you find a leather version of that as a gift?

A Word About Vegan Leather

Vegan leather is fake leather. If you want a nice gift that lasts a very long time don’t do this kind of leather. It peels and often breaks within a year or two of consistent use. –  So unless the specific item is something the person really wants or your budget needs to go the more affordable route it’s going to look cheap.

What Is Full Grain Leather?

I had to look up what some of these leather terms mean. I had a good idea but wasn’t totally sure. Here is what Mission Mercantile has to say about leather quality.

Full-grain leather simply means that the hair is removed and the hide goes immediately into the tanning process. … The leather has not been sanded or buffed to remove any marks. The entire thickness of the skin is used. Highest quality products like furniture, footwear and luggage tout full grain. Read More About Leather Quality Here

3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

For a wedding anniversary gift, I would personally say go with something that has the option to add a personal touch. Something like initials or an anniversary date of some kind. — Here are my top leather gift recommendations for that. They are beautiful and customizable.

Personalized Leather Bracelet

Long Leather Triple Wrap Bracelet – ($13- $21 Depending on size and customization) This one is great if you want one that is customizable.

Check it out >

Personalized Leather Journal Notebook

Refillable, Antique A5 Notebook Cover, Genuine Leather Travel Journal, Rustic Leather Diary – ($48-$55 Depending on size and personalization)

leather notebook cover with snap

Budget Friedly Gifts

Here are some gift ideas that will fit almost any budget. You don’t have to go poor quality even though you are on a tight budget.

Leather Sunglass Case

Leather Glasses Case — Handmade The leather pouch wraps so you can fit almost any size of glasses in the cage which is HARD to find.

Check it out >

Leather Luggage Tag

Pack of 3 luggage tags. The maximum insert size is 2.9″ L × 2.2″ W (Outer Dimensions: 4.5″ L ×2.9″ W) – 1-year warranty. – A great option for a budget-friendly gift.

Leather Bookmark

This handmade bookmark is not only a practical accessory but also a thoughtful gesture that will elevate her reading experience.

Check it out >

Looking for the perfect gift for your book lover? Look no further than a leather Bookmark. Crafted from high-quality leather, this bookmark is designed to last. The durability of the leather ensures that it will withstand regular use. – With its simple yet elegant design, the Leather Simple Bookmark is not only functional but also adds a touch of sophistication to any book or planner. Its handmade design, use of high-quality leather, and functionality make it the ideal gift for any avid reader.

Leather Keychains

  • Handwriting Custom Keychain Genuine Leather Keychain Embossed Keychain gift personalized Keychain Home gift New house gift Keychain – See On Etsy($13 – $21 Depending on customization)
  • Personalized slim leather keychain, key fob, custom keychain, leather initial keychain, quick shipping anniversary gift – See On Etsy – ($4 – $15 Depending on customization)

Leather Jewelry

Here is some beautiful leather jewelry that is still classy and affordable.

Tan Leather Wrap Bracelet

t | Braided Double Wrap Bracelet | Sparkle with Pearl Accents Leather Double Wrap Bracelet – See On Etsy – $24

This one is beautiful! I love the gems and style that it could bring to any outfit.

Check it out >

leather wrap bracelete

Sleek Personalized Bracelet

Great Anniversary Day Gift, Date Bracelet Custom Engraved Bracelet – ($46 – $51 Depending on size and customization)

leather bracelet for a anniversary gift

I realize this one says it is for a man but it is so clean and sleek I couldn’t pass it up. It also comes in 3 sizes so I think you could get the small and make it work.

Boho Necklace With Pearls

Dainty boho-chic pearl necklace – handmade with genuine leather and real freshwater pearls. – $29

Check it out >

leather pearl necklace

Leather ear Rings

Handmade Earrings, perfect for any fashion style. – about $20

folded earrings

Neutral Leaf Shaped Earrings

Tooled Leather Earrings – Cowgirl/Western Style Earring Jewelry, Teardrop style – See On Etsy – $13

Check it out >

leather ear rings

Leather Journal

Let me tell you some quick tips when looking for a leather journal.

Refillable is the best option. Because I know for myself if I feel like I have to be careful about what I put in the journal I probably won’t use it as much because I am trying to be really careful about what I write because I want to keep it for as long as possible.

Closeable. It should have a latch or a strap of some kind to keep it from opening in travel and the pages being damaged.

Personalized Leather Journal

Refillable Notebook Vintage A5 Notebook Cover, Genuine Leather – Rustic Diary – ($21-$55 Depending on size and personalization)

Check it out >

two leather notebooks custimizable

Personalized Leather Journal Notebook

This is a beautiful moleskine leather cover pocket with pen loop, several size options, Refillable, field notes cover leather – ($19-$45 Depending on size and personalization)

leather journal with a pen holder

Hand-bound Journal

Extra-large journal, Personalized gift for her. Great for an artists leather sketchbook – ($43 – $215 Depending on size and personalization)

Check it out >

leather notebook cover all size options

Leather Bags

Leather bags are a great gift for women. They go with anything and very usable for any life situation.

Limited Edition Leather Tote Bag

This beautiful bag has great color options and a large size and leather crossbody | Made in USA – ($108 – $215 Depending on size and customization)

Leather bag

Leather Duffle Bag

Personalized Large Weekend Bag, Vacation Holidays Travel Bag – See On Etsy($120 – $150 Depending on size and customization)

Check it out >

woman holding two leather travel bags

Leather Laptop Bags

  • Genuine Leather Tote Bag – Leather Purse, Leather Bag, Leather Tote, Leather Tote with Zipper Option, Personalized Women Bag Rachiba – See On Etsy($87- $140 Depending on size and customization)
  • Leather briefcase, leather bag, laptop messenger bag, satchel bag, – See On Etsy($122- $201 Depending on size and customization)
  • Personalized Handmade Vintage Leather Handbag Briefcase Messenger Bag – See On Etsy($125- $135 Depending on size and customization)

Tablet Cases

  • Leather iPad Case / iPad Sleeve for All Sizes of iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Pro / Custom Engrave Option – See On Etsy($44- $72 Depending on size and customization)
  • Leather Business Document Organizer, Portfolio Folder, iPad / Tablet Leather Case Portfolio – See On Etsy ($99- $119 Depending on size and customization)
  • Surface Pro Case / Leather Laptop Sleeve / Personalized Brown Leather Folio for Microsoft Surface Pro 8 Tablet Organizer / Surface Pro 8 – See On Etsy($180 – $220 Depending on size and customization)

Leather Gloves

Cashmere Lined Gloves

Looking for a practical gift? Look no further than these Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves. These gloves are the full of style and functionality, making them the perfect gift for any occasion.

Crafted from premium quality leather, these gloves not only look elegant but also provide exceptional durability. The cashmere and wool lining adds an extra layer of warmth and comfort, ensuring your loved ones stay cozy during the colder months.- Available in a range of sizes and colors.

Two Other Greate Options

  • Genuine Sheepskin Leather Gloves For Women, Winter Warm Touchscreen Texting Cashmere Lined – See On Amazon
  • Warm Fleece Lining Touchscreen Texting Driving Winter Womens Leather Gloves – See On Amazon

Leather Wallet

Men’s Tooled Leather Wallet

I love the leather details on this wallet. – Beautiful gift for spouse.

Check it out >

Slim & Compact: At 6.75” x 3.5”, this mens rodeo wallet has space for all your necessities. These cowboy leather wallets for men fit 8 total cards and have 2 long side pockets and a sleeve for convenient access to your checkbook or cash.

Full Grain Leather Wallet for Men

Measuring just 4.5 x 3.2 inches when folded, our leather men’s wallet is slim enough to slip into your jeans or front pocket without adding bulk.

Ariat Rodeo Wallet USA Flag Leather Patch Medium Brown One Size

Measures: 6-1/2 x 3-1/2

Check it out >

Leather Gifts For Men

Here are some great gift ideas for men that are leather.

Toiletry Bag

Buffalo Leather Toiletry Bag : Vintage Travel Shaving & Dopp Kit : for Toiletries, Cosmetics & More : Spacious Interior & Waterproof Lining : Compact, Fits Easily in Luggage

 5″ H x 10″ L x 4.5″ W

Leather Mousepad

Italian Leather Mouse Pad for Home or Office Desktop

10.16 x 7.72 x 0.04 inches

This exquisite mousepad is made from high-quality, handmade split leather, ensuring durability and a luxurious feel. Not only is this mousepad a perfect gift for any occasion, but it also aligns with the traditional gift theme for the third wedding anniversary, which is leather. It combines elegance, practicality and affordability making it a great choice for couples celebrating their third anniversary.

Leather Valet Tray & Wireless Charging Station

Italian Leather Wireless Charging Station and Valet Tray

Made from luxurious Italian leather, this catch-all tray is designed to keep your everyday essentials organized while also providing wireless charging for your smartphone and other accessories.

Available in several colors and grain leather, the Valet Tray & Wireless Charging Station adds a touch of elegance to any space.

With its sleek design and high-quality materials, this valet tray is perfect for anyone who values both style and practicality. Say goodbye to messy countertops and low battery anxiety with the Courant Classics Catch Valet Tray & Wireless Charging Station.

Essential Tech Folio

The Essential Tech Folio is the perfect leather anniversary gift (or any occasion) for tech-savvy individuals who value organization and style. This sleek folio is designed to keep all your tech essentials in one place, with dedicated pockets and sleeves for items like your tablet, charger, phone, Bluetooth earphones, and even credit cards.

Here is a collection of different styles for a truly unique gift.

Tech Kit

(Tech Accessories Organizer Pouch, Zipper Closure Design, Stores Power Bank, Phone Charger, Cables & More

Leather iPad Portfolio with A4 Notepad Holder, Handmade Document Organizer


Check it out >

leather portfolio

Leatherology Medium Pouch

The Leatherology Medium Pouch is a versatile accessory that combines style and functionality. Crafted from genuine full-grain leather, this leather pouch is not only a fashionable choice but also durable.

Featuring interior pockets, this pouch provides ample space for organizing your essentials. Whether you need a makeup organizer or a place to store your pens and post-its in a home office, this medium pouch has got you covered. The secure metal zip closure ensures that your items stay safe and secure inside.

Available in a range of vibrant colors, from black leather to a soft pink there are plenty of options for any style.

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