Top Reasons I Won’t Have An Indoor Pet Rabbit

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Having an indoor pet rabbit is becoming more and more popular and I wanted to touch on it so you can make an educated decision. This post is not meant to detract you from having an indoor rabbit. It is defiantly not for me but I also have 3 indoor dogs so that is PLENTY of critters in my house.

Also, keep in mind that when I say “indoor pet rabbit” I mean I won’t let mine live inside like my dogs. Sure I bring them in to play with them or when I need to do something with them. I just don’t let them have free rain around my home like a dog typically does.

Plus with me being tall I really hate having to watch my feet for small animals. Dogs learn to get out of the way but I doubt a rabbit would and they are quiet so I would probably never know they are there.

I just want you to be aware of what rabbits do naturally so you can decide if having an indoor rabbit is right for you.

Full disclosure I do not have rabbits in the house. For all of these reasons, I’m about to tell you.

Rabbits Chew!

This is one thing you’re not going to stop your indoor pet rabbit from doing. Their teeth grow continually and they have to keep them shaved down so they don’t get out of alignment or grow inward it even start to curl. Rabbits will chew on anything they can get their mouths on whether it is your table leg or you are a favorite decorative basket.

Indoor pet rabbits will also chew up your important papers or anything they can reach. They are ridiculously suborn and if they want to get at something they will.

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Male Rabbits Spray

Whether they are flirting with a female or showing off for other humans they will spray. It’s not like a cat where they back up to something lift their tail and mark their territory. If they’re feeling feisty they will just swing their behind with a trail of urine following it. I have seen this many times at a rabbit show where are some unlucky person was walking by at the wrong time.

The back walls of my hutches are speckled with evidence of a male being in that cage. You can have them fixed which should tame that. But if you wait too long and he has already started that habit it could be hard to break.

Rabbit Urine Is Strong

It is high in ammonia and is hard to clean up after if it gets on other things in the house you have to catch it while it’s still wet and before it dries. There are some things you are able to feed them to tame the smell

Rabbits naturally turd as they go.

If you decide you are ready to take on a house rabbit. Check out this post about the best rabbit breeds and their personalities to help you find the best pet.

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